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May 6, 2012

David asks…

Oshawa 1 bedroom/bach apartment for rent!!?

I’m new in Oshawa, ON and I’m looking for a cheap one bedroom/bach apartment for rent! The cheapest that I could find online is 750/month! Can someone help me out here??
I’m driving there this Saturday to explore Oshawa….Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please note that I’m not looking for a roommate! I’m looking for a full apartment that could be a basement or an upper apt in a house!

Administrator answers:

Spend more time looking. I find that it’s best to go to Real Estate websites like and use their presets to fit your budget. If you spend enough time searching, you could likely find one for about $450-500 per month. If you want to find it faster, you could get a real estate agent to find an apartment in Oshawa to fit your budget. Oshawa is a great city. Hope you enjoy yourself there!

John asks…

how long would it take to dehumidify a 2 bedroom apartment?

I put a question on here about plaster beetles and steve j (thanks for answer) told me to get a dehumidifier but how long would it take to do a 2 bedroom apartment as they are not cheap to rent/buy and would I need to pu in every room??????? As I have never had to use one before I dont know anything about them. Please help me again!

Administrator answers:

You can also get non electric portable dehumidifiers for about £4.99 each…

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