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March 11, 2012

Charles asks…

How much is the cheapest one bedroom apartment and where in Canada can i get it?

Please list cities/provinces in Canada and the cost or suggest something cheaper.I’m looking at properties less than or not more than USD50,000.

Administrator answers:

Buy a piece of decent land.
Get a free mobile home off
Have it trucked in, fix it up, voila.

Steven asks…

Cheap Apartments in Johnson County, Kansas?

I’m going to be going to Johnson County Community College this coming Fall and I need to find a cheap/inexpensive (well, just the lowest rent possible), 2 bedroom apartment since I’m going to be out on my own and a student! I need to find one or two somewhat soon, so if anyone could help me, that’d be great! Thank you!

Administrator answers:

The cheapest and nicest you can get a 2 br is Charter House on 95th St. Near Quivira. It’s close to the college and cheap. YOu can always go to the college and walk around in the buildings and see the advertisements listed there for sharing homes or looking for roommates or cheap housing.

Your best bet is Charter house. I know many people who live there and you can be at the college in less than 10 min. From there. Parking is not an easy task at that school.

Mandy asks…

Any Websites For Cheap Apartments?

Moving out and need to find a two or one bedroom apartment get paid 7.50hr so has to be cheap. GF gets about 300 weekly and i get about 270 weekly.

Administrator answers:

Craigs List (watch out for scammers though)

Robert asks…

I can’t find cheap but nice 2 bedroom apartments in Allentown,Pa…and I need one by April 1st???

Administrator answers:

Go to and type in all of your criteria. Once you’ve got a list of choices, open a new browser window and go to On type in the name of the apartments and location and it will pull up reviews of present and past tenants. It will give you a good idea of how the apartments really are- some of the reviews seem phony or are just silly, but most of them will be helpful.

Doing this show you apartments you may not have considered in the past- they make not look “nice” from the outside, but they may be in a good area and have good reviews. I picked the apartments I live in now because they had awesome reviews on and I have been very satisfied with them thus far. They are a little bit older, and I probably would not have considered them just driving past. But I am really glad I did.

Just something to consider.

Sandra asks…

What is cheap for a one bedroom apartment?

i live in Houston, TX and trying to move to the bus line but don’t want to pay more the 650 is that possible

Administrator answers:

In Texas, you should be able to find a one bedroom at that price, and even a hundred or two below that if you go for an older, less updated place.

Mark asks…

Is $459 a month for a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom apartment cheap or expensive?

Hi, I’m a freshman in college, and I have never lived on my own before. Next year, 3 of my friends and I want to get a 4-bedroom apartment, and we found one that’s 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom for $459 per room. I have no idea if that is expensive or not. Can someone please help us figure this out?

Administrator answers:

If it’s in a safe, nice area, that would seem to be an OK price. If you can afford it, of course! It really depends on where you are if that is a reasonable price.

Look for rentals to compare, Google: apartments, Your City, State to see what a similar size and type apt goes for. If it’s around $1800 for a similar size, type and location apt, then that’s appropriate. Type = old building with no amenities is a different type than a new upscale apt building with a pool, security, etc.

You should let someone who knows about real estate or law, maybe your parent, professor, law student friend, look at the rental agreement to see how it’s set up, to find out what your responsibilities are if all of your roommates flake out and don’t pay the rent, or if you’re just renting your bedroom separately and will only be responsible for your rent. Also, if that is the case, see if there is anything about you approving if the landlord picks a new roommate if one of your friends moves out. You don’t want a perv as a roommate.

Be sure to have the rental agreement checked out, and check out the area. Go speak to neighbors to find out if it’s a good building and neighborhood. Many will want to tell you all the gossip and then you can make an informed decision.

Good luck in your adventure!

William asks…

Looking for a cheap but nice one bedroom apartment in La Jolla, San Diego. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:


Can you hear me lauging where your at?

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