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March 19, 2012

Joseph asks…

Why is the rent of a 4 bedroom apartment cheaper than a 3 bedroom apartment?

I live in bellingham WA and me and my friends are looking for a 3 bedroom apartment but noticed 4 bedroom ones are cheaper…is there a catch? I mean why?

Administrator answers:

Here are several reasons:

1. The place isn’t updated and is in a nice way, a sh*t hole.
2. The rooms are all rather small and couldn’t fit more than beds in there (no dresser, no desk, etc).
3. It’s in a bad neighborhood.
4. It’s in a loud area (train tracks, interstate, busy road, etc).
5. The owner is desperate and dying for money and is willing to take a hit just to get tenants.
6. It’s a slumlord and it’s a scam.

It could be one of those reasons, all of those reasons etc.

Lisa asks…

I need an apartment, for really cheap just a one bedroom, where sould i go?

Administrator answers: or…… What city are you in?

Jenny asks…

2 apartments, which one would YOU choose?

I am a student in Physical Therapy school right now. I can either have a huge furnished house that is pretty much on the beach for 650/month or an unfurnished apartment for 400/month. Both would be with 2 students from my school and all utilities are included. They are both about the same distance driving wise. I will be here for 2 more years, so this results in a difference of about $6,000 in the end. Which would you go for, the cheaper apartment (master bedroom btw) or the big expensive house on the beach, and why?

Administrator answers:

Since you’re a student, I assume you’re incurring debt. The wise thing would be to go for the cheaper unit and avoid unnecessary debt. Saving $250 a month is significant — you can certainly furnish an entire apartment with the savings. While your PT career may allow you to pay-off your loans, you don’t have the degree/certification yet.

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