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March 22, 2012

Laura asks…

i need to find a cheap decent 1 bedroom apartment in michigan around the down river area?Help?

Im looking for one bedroom b/c eventually i want to be on my own. im not far from it. im bout be living with a friend soon but i dont want to live with someone my entire life. I need help? suggestions?

i know what i need to do. but i cant find a 1 bedroom thats decent or what i could afford.

Administrator answers:

Go to and put in your wish list and it will find something for you. Good luck

Daniel asks…

Apartments in San Jose and Campbell area for rent?

Any cheap one bedroom apartments in SJ and campbell area or around for rent? Under 1000 per month please!

Administrator answers: is great because they visually show you where the apartments are on a map, and you can filter the results by max rent. They even give you $100 cash back if you sign a lease that states was your referrer.

Robert asks…

Any cheap apartments downtown Denver?

an old friend of mine lives above a laundrymat* downtown for really cheap. i just never thought to ask how much and we’ve lost touch otherwise id ask him. Mind you this isnt luxury. i dont want that. something cheap downtown Denver one bedroom. 500-700

Administrator answers:

Oh no way! You’ll be living in a dump, quite litterly if you do find something for $700 a month. I’m about 20 blocks from down town and cheap apartments are about $800-$1000 a month.

I’m sorry, I highly doubt you’d find anything in downtown that cheap and if you do, it’s going to be extremely run down.

Ok, I found this. You’d have to see how far away these are from down town but they are all in Denver. Prices around $400-$800

Linda asks…

Can two people share a one bedroom apartment if they both don’t share a room?

My friend and I want to get an apartment, but one bedrooms are cheaper. Would a landlord allow two people to rent a one bedroom apartment?

Administrator answers:

In most localities, one is allowed two people per bedroom per zoning law. Your locality may vary. I would advise calling your local zoning authority for exact information.

Donna asks…

Looking for a cheap apartment near disney or universal in orlando florida?

I’m looking for a nice one bedroom apartment near disney world or universal studios in orlando, but im not too sure which to look at can anyone point me in the right direction? Safety is my number one priority and also close to shopping etc.

Administrator answers:

Safety wise you should look in the 32837 or 32821 zip codes which is south Orlando, in the middle of Universal, Disney and SeaWorld

Less perfect places in this area would be 32811, 32839 (by universal)
or 34741, 34747 and 34744 (in kissimmee)

Chris asks…

Good cheap apartments in San Antonio?

What are some good cheap apartments in San Antonio TX? Preferably close to Lackland. I was hoping to find one for 500-600 a month one bedroom one bath nothing to fancy just not in a crime ridden complex.

Administrator answers:

A similar question was recently asked over in Travel. Check out this answer:;_ylt=Ag5IlYvgigGl8i9KIuPRzZLty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110306074438AAk3vrq

Sandy asks…

does anyone know of any cheap good apartments OR houses in El Monte, CAlifornia (right by the Hwy 10??????

Cheap one or two bedroom houses or apartments $1,500 or less, (don’t say they are not out there, i’ve found plenty, just not in el monte, CA) right off hwy 10 in EL MONTE, CALI
THANKSS!!!!!!!!!! i don’t live near there, so any help is much appreciated

Administrator answers:

El Monte is NOT a good, safe area. You really DON’T want to live there.

Please help us out with a better location of the school you will be going to. There is 479 sq. Mi. Comprising “Los Angeles” so to simply say Los Angeles could be anywhere.

Also CONSIDER not living in Los Angeles County. It is more expensive to live in L.A. County. Closer to your work at Ontario Airport in Riverside County will be a bit cheaper .

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