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March 24, 2012

Robert asks…

How much is the rent for a livable one bedroom apartment in a cheaper part of Manhattan?

Or studio apartment… doesn’t matter.

Administrator answers:

The words “cheaper” and “Manhattan” do not belong in the same sentence. I think the “cheapest” rent in a ghetto area is about $800 per month. Living in the projects is the only affordable rent in NYC but your life is in danger everyday. I rented an apartment in the Far Rockaway section of Queens in 2006.

It was my first apartment after 12 years of waiting on the NYC Housing Authority list. After 3 months of loud noise at night, gangs, drugs, prostitution, etc in the projects, I moved out. I have not been able to find another apartment since leaving the projects in 2006. I am looking for a furnished room but rooms are also expensive here (between $150 and $180 per week). Besides, Mayor Bloomberg is cracking down on rented rooms throughout the city of New York. Have I said enough?

Susan asks…

Need help finding cheap apartments in Portland OR?

So I’ve been looking on sites, but they are all very expensive. I want something close to the pearl district because that is were my school will be located. Doesnt have to be exactly in the district because I know its expensive to live there. I’m looking for an apartment for 650 0r less. It’ll just be me. A one bedroom would be ideal, but studios are good too. I would like most utilites paid for. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Administrator answers:

Good luck with that.

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