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March 3, 2012

Mandy asks…

What is it like living in NYC?

I want to try and live in New York City in about 2-3 years. Yes, that’s a while from now but I want to start making realistic plans now on how I’m going to get there and what I’m going to do once I’m there. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what it’s really like in NYC from personal experiences so I can get a better idea of what to expect? I know hearing from someone else and seeing for yourself are 2 completely different things, but I want to hear as many opinions as possible. Also, which borough is the best/safest for someone to live in who has never been to New York before? What are the people like? What’s the city like? I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and have never lived in such a big city before. And how much would it cost to rent a 1 bedroom apartment? I know it’s expensive, but exactly around how much? I’m not rich so I can’t afford anything too fancy, but I also hear that the cheapest ones are pest infested. Can you tell me anything about that? And how are the jobs? Sorry I know these are a lot of questions, so please just tell me anything you can about NYC. The more the better :) Please and Thank you.

Also I’m a girl and am planning on going alone for now, in case anyone is wondering :)

Administrator answers:

Well live in NYC is AMAZING.NYC is the city never sleep,the centre of the world,is the best big kaleidoscope in the world.people are friendly and nobody have prejudices.
The most magical city in the world,the city that ALWAYS gives opportunities to EVERYBODY.
I don’t say these things only to flatter the city and because I’m a native new yorker.
I have traveled all over the world and I never seen other amazing extraordinary cities like New York

well you must send your resume everywhere to find’s not so difficult in NYC find jobs.
Usually people who do the barman or the waiter live in an apartment with other people cause it’s impossible that a person pay all by her/himself with these types of jobs.
So they must find someone to share expenses.

The poverty wage is $26,000.00 yearly, and if you desire affordable housing, public housing from the New York City Housing Authority would be the place, but if you apply there will be a long waiting list.

If you have an important qualification, you can have a consistent paycheck.and you can live alone in a flat.

Lizzie asks…

What are some pros and cons of living in Greenwich Village?

I’ve just been accepted into The Ailey School Independent Study Program, and I need somewhere to live in New York City. My dad’s best friend has a one-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village because he goes to NYC for business a lot. He’s offered to let me use it for $300 a month, and I know that’s really cheap! But I’ve only been in New York twice- is Greenwich Village a nice place to live? I’m also considering the East Village, but I know I’ll actually have to rent an apartment!

Also, how close are they to Joan Weill Center for Dance, located at 405 West 55th Street (at 9th Avenue) in Manhattan?
What do you mean by gay community? I’m not a homophobe, but I’d rather not see drag queens or guys making out every time I step outside.

Administrator answers:

Yeah it’s a great place to live. Half the people in New York would kill to live there, it has tons of shops, events, culture, history, etc. Plus it’s nicely located between Times Square and the Financial District. The only thing anyone would have a problem is the gay community, which you’d have to be pretty uptight to be bothered by. 55th and 9th is about 3 miles north (not far at all by NYC standards).

James asks…

how do you live life as a disabled person?

im 26 years old and ive been disabled since i was 21. used to be mobile and able to be athletic and do gymnastics and then i got injured and had to leave college and now i can barely walk and have chronic pain every day.
i have trouble moving or bending or getting up and down steps.i have pain all of the day
i have trouble managing and i havent moved out yet because of it and i havent been able to work. i didnt have a job before i got hurt because i was at school
i cant clean a home or hold shopping bags,push a shopping cart, walk more then a block, drive,do laundry or hold a frying pan.i am barely able to get out of bed some days.
i dont know if i will recover.but my life expectancy is about 98 years old before i got hurt. its genetics where my relatives live long.they dont age very fast so i have 85 yr old relatives that are very youthful and still active and walk much faster then me
i have trouble walking
i am crying in pain all day and im hoembound some days i cant get out of bed. i have trouble using the toilet, showing and dressing but i manage on my own, i want to keep my dignity and try to do things on my own. im afraid ill end up in a wheelchair, a doctor told me in a few years ill be in a wheelchair confined to one

how do i live life like this? go out into the world and start my adult life as a handicapped girl whos is pain all day crying? i live with my parents still and have never been independant and i still need to finish college but i cannot do that.i cant hold a book or walk without losing my balance or wobbling and walking very slow. it takes me a half hour to get up a few steps sometimes.i cant concentrate on schoolwork if im in pain, so theres no way im going back to college in this condition
school used to be rigorous, i would have to run down hallways and race up steps carring heavy books….

thats out of the question

my parents want me out, they will throw me onto the street if they have to and i dont belong at an institution, im a smart girl who was in an accident, but i didnt get any money because i could not sue
i dont want to spend 70 years in a nursing home
i am thinking i could get disability and move to a bad neighborhood where the rent is cheap in the projects where there are many drugdealers and men with guns and gangs and grafitti and rats. i can move in and be aquainted with my gangster neighbors who will think its odd that im the only upperclass white jewish girl in the entire building comples or projects. i live in nyc bronx so the projects here are very dangerous theres so many driveby shootings and drug infested bulidings in the projects, id be terrified and there robbingd snd muggings. id get raped or something, if they saw a pretty white girl in the building who cant run if they are in danger. id be subject to a mugging
ive had racist attacks on me in the past for being white, ive been beaten by african american men, yelled at by a few african american women a few times calling me a dirty white girl and other racist names
so i would not feel safe in a bad neighborhood thats drug and crime infested being the only white and non hispanic one there
i come from a family of all college and graduate school educated relatives and my parents are millionares , they have a pool and a housekeeper and a few cars. no one in my family has lived in poor conditions
so id be scared to go into that. my family wont give me any money, not even for food. so i need money. if i get food stamps thats 100 dollars a month since i have no children. disability checks would be about 700 dollars and rent could be about 500 dollars for a section 8 housing or projects
normally a regular one bedroom apartment here costs 2000 a month. but in the projects it might be 500-800

i need clothing too, toiletries,medicine,extra spending cash for have to take taxis because i cannot ride a bus or subway because of crowds and its not safe im at risk for being mugged
if i had a job and wasnt disabled id have a college career and id like to make 3-10 thousand dollars a month supporting myself but i cant do that right now
i come from a rich upbrining in a nice neighborhood that is like beverly hills, alot of spoiled kids grow up here with expensive stuff, pools in their backyard, rich people who are doctors live on my block
but theres no section 8 housing here, thats all down by the bad neighborhoods with drug infestings
i know that i need 400-600 dollars a month for food and groceries. the 100 dollar food stamps wont pay for anything. food pantries dont give out more then 10 items a week. usually its canned stuff
i need vitamins daily for my osteopenia,insnunrance does not cover vitamins.i need to shop for clothes about 5 times a year. id need about 10 thousand dollars a year to spend on clothes and shoes and accesories. if i shop and spend 2000 dollars ea time, i wear plus size clothes so they add up and are more expensive then skinny sized clothes
then i need extr
i cant walk with a cane. i have pain if i lean on anything with my arm. i am probably more severely disabled then you are.

i could not possibly get through even a class of college. who will carry my books for me? how do i make sure no students bump into me in a crowded hall. how will i get to a class
what if theres a fire
how will i study if i have pain

Administrator answers:

In teh US there is
vocational rehab–
there are online colleges
there area accommodations—they are starting to put textbooks on electronic readers whicha re much lighter and can hold software for all teh books so you don’t need to carry a lot
you could have door to door transport—

you can get academic accommodatiosn like extar time under section 504 of teh rehab act—as long as you go to a publically funded collge-

THEY CAN ALSO RELOCATE A CLASS SOMEWHERE ACCESSIBLE–where you can get dropped off right at teh door and it is teh first classroom–no stairs–no hallways

all colleges taht are not religious are also subject to the ADA

there is section 8 housing in some safe neighor hoods–my friends mother lives in one…

There are thrfit stores where you can get nice clothing at $5/piece

you can get 8 full outfits for $125–easily…reduce your shopping to 2x/year that is 250/year

if growing out of a size is an issue–you need to buy things a little big and use a belt–so you can wear them longer

you are not going to get any sympathy saying you spend 10k a year on clothing and accessories

there are food stamps

i can get sufficeint food for $150/month–not including food banks
and roommates

10,000 for clothes –you’ve got to be kidding

why 5x/a yer

if you need a motorized wheelchair-voc reahb may help with the expenses so you can work

i got my motorized chair for $250 off ebay–used

you need to look into paratransit instead of taxis

if you cannot work without a college degree-vocational rehab may even pay your tuition–to an online repuatable school

Michael asks…

Brooklyn’s Cost of Living?

Compared to other places in NYC, is Brooklyn one of the cheaper ones.

What are the cheapest sections of BK to live in, and how much would it be to rent a one bedroom apartment.

Administrator answers:

This depends on what area of Brooklyn you are in. Usually the cheaper apartments are in “poor” areas, usually higher crime rates. It could also be further away from the train/subway.

I have lived in NYC for almost two years. I have a one
bedroom for 1300 a month (this comes with heat). I am right next to the subway and the area is relatively safe.

I don’t know how apartments are running anymore, but DO NOT go through a broker. If you have to…okay but try to to to nyc craigs list and see if you can get something from there through a private party renter. Thats the way to go….i went through a broker…probably pay too much for the apartment and a paid sooooo many fees. (application fee and brokers fee).

I pay 1300 one bedroom…split rent with boyfriend.
Heat is included.

Electric – about 90 dollars in winter months and 170 in summer (air conditioning, which is a must). This includes my gas for cooking.

Cable – 170 …but i have the more expensive triple play package(phone, internet, and cable) PLUS DVR and HBO.

I dont keep track of my food expense but i know it ranks up there, especially when eating out.

I also agree with the above post…it is very expensive to live here and you most likely will need to split rent with somebody. Also subway costs are not that expensive…you can get a monthly unlimited ticket for $81.

Nancy asks…

Would I have enough to be on my own financially?

I moved from UPSTATE NY to FL… long story short there are ZERO jobs in FL where I live so I have an interview for a job back in NY. upstate NY is NOT nyc by any means and its a lot cheaper than the city. The salary is 32,000 with Enterprise. I haven’t done the interviews yet but I do have friends up in upstate NY. I’m wondering if I’d possibly make enough to live on my own in a one bedroom apartment.

I have friends in NY but nobody I am close enough with to ask to live with. Btw, I should also add my parents are leaving FL and going to TN so I have no choice but to leave FL.. I can’t stay here by any means.

Administrator answers:

I’m not familiar with Upstate NY, but there is a website that can help you determine the cost of living in different areas. Go to

and use the drop-down boxes to compare where you currently live and where you are looking at moving to. Also compare it to a city in TN where your parents are moving.

$32,000 is a good salary in smaller cities in TN.

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