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February 2, 2013

Linda asks…

im in pursuit of the american dream basically adn im 14 years old in england?

this sounds like ive watched too many scarface movies but i actually want to pursue the american dream in new york i want a high class job there whcih i will pursue in my home country interior designer would this be feasible please tell the truth it sounds crazy also is there anything i should know about new york apart from the obvious im not an idiot dont worry im familar with the 5 buroughs manhattan,brooklyn,the bronx queens and staten island i was told something weird that you shouldnt look i poples eyes as pople find that offensive this gives me the impression people arent very freindly is this true

Administrator answers:

First of all you are only 14 you have a long time before you could make it in New York. Second, there are 2 ways to live in New York very poor so that you can get government help or very rich. Middle class does not stand a chance in New York. You would end up in a shitty apartment barely making rent if you are middle class. The whole eye thing not necessarily true but don’t walk around acting like a giddy kid, you will be taken advantage of.

For the interior design thing. You have to think about this…… You will really have to make a name for yourself to make any money there. It would be better to start in a slower town and than move out there. Start in LA or Miami. They still have the money and the egos but it is a little slower paced and gives you the time to make a name for yourself in your field and get some base clientele. Commuting and working from location is another good idea with this field. Live somewhere cheap and market yourself to the whole country via commuting.

Ruth asks…

I want to move to New York City. Please give me your advice?

Administrator answers:


Find out how much an apartment in the area you want to live is costing. In Staten Island where I lived, a 1 bedroom apartment started around $875 a month. Food and gas aren’t cheap either.

Figure out how much 3 months of living there would cost you (rent, utilities, food, gas, emergencies) and then save that amount of money so that you can survive and have a place to live if you don’t get a job right away.

When you’re ready to start looking for an apartment, there are websites like and the local newspaper that can help you with finding an area and a place to live. Realtors are also good resources as they can tell you where the good neighborhoods are and fit you to an area you’d want to live in.

If you need a job, post your resume on sites such as and Http:// is also a good one.

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