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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartment London

December 5, 2012

Susan asks…

Are there any boroughs in London that are “cheap” in price?

I know London is very expensive but is there anywhere that is less expensive and still safe/nice? I’m just looking for a studio apartment, nothing fancy.

Administrator answers:

West and North are quite exspensive (mainly West).
East and South are much cheaper (mainly South).

Hackney is the roughest place in East London and can be quite cheap.

In South London: Southwark, Lewisham, Lambeth and Croydon are the roughest places. They are also the roughest in the whole of London. But they tend to be quite cheap. Especially the council areas/states.

Thomas asks…

Residence to break into acting (movies) UK ?

So I’m looking for a cheap studio apartment in UK, but the problem is that I also need for this accomodation to be tactically positioned on a place where I can move around auditioning.
I’ve been googleing around and london seems to be the best place for acting but the living costs are extremely high. and which I cant apparently afford on a regular basis.

So, I’m looking for:

A good place (like studio apartment, or at least something where I can have my privacy) cheap enough to move around auditioning for movies.
I don’t really care for sight or neightbor or anything.
My first prioorities are privacy, time/money conservation and a flexible place to move around.

Anyone has any suggestions ?

Administrator answers:

First off, look at they do a houseshare/studio/bedsit list of residences – but NEVER give money before you are physically in the room as there can be scams.
Buy ‘The Stage’ newspaper, it lists loads of industry auditions and agents, etc. Invaluable source of UK casting information.
London has an excellent subway system so it doesn’t really matter where you are, you can travel to any of the six zones within one hour. The closer you get to the centre the more expensive (usually)
Good luck

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