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April 21, 2012

Paul asks…

I am a 20 year old moving to chicago and need to know a good safe neighborhood for a cheap price.?

I am moving from milwaukee WI and wanting to relocate to Chicago.
I’m 20 years old and looking for a cheap 1 bedroom or studio apartment.

a good neighborhood, cause my transportation will be a bike and don’t plan on getting robbed walking/biking home every night ha.

500-800 a month would be a good price range. also a place close to bus routes/train line would be GREAT!

thanks guys

Administrator answers:

Housing is substantially more expensive in Chicago than Milwaukee.

It is unlikely that you will find a small apartment in a good neighborhood at that price.

Trendy neighborhoods catering to young adults cost way more!

Maybe you could look at some working class neighborhoods in the northwest side where a family has a room or basement for rent. Look at areas north of Belmont Avenue, west of about Western Avenue, going out to the city limits.

Chris asks…

is it possible to rent a small studio apartment in Amman for around 300JOD in July?

I will be heading to Amman in July and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or advice on renting a studio apartment on a short term basis. I don’t need fancy, I need cheap!
Many Thanks

Administrator answers:

I agree with the furst answer regarding the sites, however i recommend that you choose places in western amman rather than eastern amman. As you will find it more comfortable to reach different places.

Places in western amman such as:

Tla Al- Ali, Sweifieh, Abdoun , Dair Gbar, Shmesani, Dahiet Al Rasheed , Dabouk Al- Rabieh

regarding the prices. Usually a home area of 150m costs around 4k per year which is around 333 JOD per month, therefore i beleive you will be able to find a small studio appartment for 300 JOD or maybe less ..
Hope this helps ..

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