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March 10, 2012

George asks…

Really cheap studios for rent?

Does anyone know where I can look for really cheap studio apartments in San Jose, CA? Preferably in East San Jose. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Also, the zip code that we would best like to be near is 95127.

Administrator answers:

U can have mine i live in VT its $650 everything included

ahhh haaahaha

Linda asks…

What are good websites for cheap apartment/loft/studio rentals?

I have looked at all the generic .com rental sites, and I have hope that there are independent/low key sources out there. Anything? thanks!

Administrator answers:

Each region has its own place where most rentals tend to be listed. In many areas, it’s now Craigslist, with the newspaper’s classified ads a distance second, used mainly for big apartment complexes. In other places, the underground/alternate newspaper has nearly all the rental listings. In still other spots, a city-dedicated website is where the listings seem to gather. In some areas, realtors handle rental listings.

So you’ll have to scout out where most of the rentals are advertised in the place you want to live.

Nancy asks…

how to find cheap studio or 1bedroom apartments price $100.00 to $250.00 in Salt Lake City, UT.?

I am a single mother with a small child, I have to move out of my place by July 15, 2010, have no other place to go other than a shelter,need a room for my daughter and I to live, in Salt Lake City, UT. I bring home $400.00 a month. If any one has a room to rent in their home or basement I would appriciate it very much, if there is a elderly man or women who needs to be taken care of and needs house cleaned and needs to be taken to the store and other arrands I would do this for you. You can e-mail me at

Administrator answers:


I have never seen anything this cheap in such a major city. You need to get in touch with the Utah human services department and see what they can offer you. Http:// Section 8, welfare, food stamps, etc.
You should also try and contact the Salvation Army and if you believe in a God, a house of worship related to that belief.

Mandy asks…

How much is the cheapest studio apartment in a safe Illinois/Chicago suburb?

What kind of pricing range should I expect? 670? Can I get something less than that?

I want to be somewhere safe for a single girl…Aurora and Elgin has some cheap places, but they’re in not so good areas.

My school is in Schaumburg, but I know that area is expensive…What are the other good suburbs near there that would have less expensive studios if any? THanks.

Administrator answers:

Have you tried Elhurst… A studio is like $700 or if you want something near public transportation, in Villa Park you can get a 1 bedroom appartment for $650 a month.

Sandy asks…

I am looking for a cheap studio apartment in Plano, TX for 3 months in the summer. Anybody know of a place?

Administrator answers:

Cheap and Plano dont go together. Maybe look somewhere in Addison its a little cheaper in some places and just south of Plano.

Mark asks…

Any cheap apartments in Manhattan anymore?

Hi, I’m looking to move to the city soon. I’d like to rent a small apartment/studio somewhere in Manhattan. Now the ideal place would be SoHo/St Marks, but I’ll keep dreaming. I don’t mind taking the subway, but I’d like to stay away from Washington Heights/Harlem, etc. Does anybody know of any areas with some cheap apartment rentals, anywhere in Manhattan is fine, aside from the “bad” areas.

Administrator answers:

Apartments in Manhattan tend to be some of the most expensive in the world, literally. Your best bet to find a cheap one would be to keep an eye out for one that is rent controlled. But the waiting lists will probably be quite long for one of those. It would be a lot cheaper to find a place in one of the outlying areas of New York such as Brooklyn or Queens.

Ruth asks…

Cheap modern furniture for a studio apartment. Where can I find it?

My boyfriend and I are moving in together in a week or so but we’ve been having trouble finding something small cheap and modern for our studio apartment (500 sq ft).

The most important thing right now is the sofa. I have no idea where to look for them. Help?


Administrator answers:


Very inexpensive but one of my favorite furniture stores! Great stuff!

Charles asks…

where are the studio apartments in houston?

nice studio a college student lookin for cheap nice studio apartments.

Administrator answers:

Try craigslist for SURE
I’ve found every job I have ever had, every job my husband has ever had, our dog, our apartment, furniture, etc. Etc..
That **** is crazy

William asks…

Cheapest studios/apartments in Connecticut with all utilities?

Looking for a studio or 1 BDR apartment, range from $500-700. Nothing fancy, but I need all utilities. What areas in the New Haven county are the cheapest? Don’t link me to sites, I’ve been to most of them, just tell me the town/cities where this price range is met.
Stop putting down links and I’m not lazy, I’m looking all over. Stop with the stupid bs.

Administrator answers:

There are going to be multiple ranges of prices in each town or city. You’re going to have to do some digging to find the pricing you want – asking someone on Answers to find it for you is pretty lazy, don’t you think?

Open a phone book, look under Apartments, and start calling. There, no link.

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