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March 26, 2012

Donald asks…

Cheap apartments in Garland, Texas?

All the “Find Apartments” websites give you is the premium choices. I couldn’t find a Studio apartment for less than $360! My friend has a 2 bedroom for $300, so I know they exist.

I’m going to go apartment hunting, but I was hoping someone might help me out a bit.

Administrator answers:

Mission Spring Creek or The courtyard Apartments.

James asks…

Were can i find cheap Apartments North Hollywood or around North Hollywood?

I am a single 20 year old guy, and I’m currently looking for a single apartment. Or something similar (single, bachelors, studio) but arounf the $300 to $600 Dollar price. I dont mind if its not right in north hollywood, but something around it. If anyone knows of a place, please let me know. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Hey, I think the only way you are going to get that price is if you rent a room out of someones place. But I can give you a great place to search for all kinds of listings, its, in the Los Angeles area. Good Luck!!!

George asks…

Where are the cheapest apartments in Scotland?

I’m an American and I’d like to live there in the next few years. I’m just wondering how cheap a studio/flat can go for, maybe in Glasgow? Or are there cheaper places to be had?

Administrator answers:

Try looking on (in the scottish sections of it)

Thomas asks…

Does any1 know of cheap apartments near CSUN?

I need a studio or 1 bedroom apartment asap! it can be near Cal State Northridge or up to 20minutes away & I can afford up to 750 but lower would be nice:-)

Administrator answers:

You can try the Granada Hills area which is quite near to CSUN.


Joseph asks…

Cheap holiday/short-let apartments or hotels in London?

my friend is coming to London for two weeks – does anyone know of any nice but affordable studio apartments or hotels in central/west London? Most of the places I’ve seen would cost minimum £1000 for two weeks – too expensive! thanks

Administrator answers:

Try this website

Laura asks…

Nice cheap apartments in Tucson AZ?

My wife, our pug, and myself are looking for a small studio/1 Bedroom apartment in Tucson AZ. Furnished would be nice but not necessary. We’re looking to spend somewhere between $300-$600/month. We have never been there, and hope to find a place in a nice area. Can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

I found 22 rentals through when I searched the whole city. If you want specific areas, you can check those individually:

Michael asks…

Where to look for studio apartments in Chelsea Massachusetts?

It’s ghetto but really cheap…and girll I like money

Administrator answers:

Craigslist is very widely used in the Boston area. Here’s a link to the listings with the keyword “Chelsea:”
You can type in your maximum desired rent amount too so you can see only those that are in your range. Good luck!

William asks…

I am asking for a cheap studio or small apartment in Melbourne, Australia for a month starting in January 2007

Administrator answers:

Here is a apartment site. I used it to find my apartment while living in Melbourne. You can narrow your search by price, area, and bedrooms.


Mary asks…

Would this be an okay bed for a studio apartment?

Moving out soon. I don’t have any furniture to take with me. I am buying all new stuff. (well, new to me.) Since it’s cheaper to have a studio apartment I thought about a futon and I noticed Walmart seems to have some decent looking ones and really cheap too. Do you think Walmart would be a good choice or should I try some place different?

Administrator answers:

A futon is a futon. They’re all pretty much the same.

Look for the MATTRESS that is the most comfortable to you.

Or buy a day bed, and any twin size mattress you want.

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