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March 28, 2012

Linda asks…

Where are the cheapest areas in Washington, DC to live that are not dangerous or too far outside the city?

I am planning to relocate to Washington, DC this year and I have been searching for places to live, but I have encountered one problem – the rent in DC is absolutely too high! I thought New York was bad! Most places i have been seeing are charging like $1500 to $1700 for studios. I would need at least a 2 bedroom, but I am trying to avoid paying over $2000 for an apartment or small home rental. Where can I find reasonably priced housing in DC? I would prefer to live somewhere in the city that is not far from the metro, but if I have to go outside the city it will have to do – as long as I am close to the metro :-)

Administrator answers:

The first question is this. Will you be working near a metro line? Traffic in DC and surround areas are the 2nd worst in the country. If you are working within a metro line, then look in areas line rockville maryland, gaithersburg, md or in northern VA.

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