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April 18, 2012

Michael asks…

Need some Immediate Help on renting a studio apartment, please !!!?

I can’t stay at my home any longer. my dad and mom are emotionally abusive and my bro is the same , no exception,
I am living in a time bomb manufacturing company. It’s that tense..

i wanna move out please help me
i live in Rockland county , it’s the south of new york ( 30 mins from the city )…
Can you tell me if any of these places are close to my county ?

catskills new
chautauqua new
elmira-corning new
hudson valley
long island
new york city
plattsburgh-adirondacks new
watertown new

p.s: i am asking only these places,because these are the only ones that are listed in Craig’s List !( they have cheap 1 bed room apt’s )

also p.s: i dn’t wann live in long island and new york city ( went to school there , it wass too depressing for me )

Administrator answers:

None of those are particularly close to Rockland County (but it really depends on where you live)….try, they will have rentals in many price ranges…check the Pennysaver- studios are generally cheap (er)…

Also- when you see a listing in a price range you can afford, mapquest from your current address to the new town.

Good luck!

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