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March 13, 2012

John asks…

would it be possible for me to live in nyc and is it worth it?

do you believe i could make it in a decent neighborhood.. with a salary of around 50,000.. in a studio/1 bedroom apartment.. “comfortably”.. comfortably as in.. pay for groceries and a subway fare and other basic every day necessities? i’m not looking to live in anything super fancy.. just nice..

i know i would be paying way more for something that i could get way cheaper elsewhere. i don’t think the traffic or amount of people would really be an issue with me.. however i’ve never lived there.

just would like to hear from some current or fellow new yorkers and see if they can sway my decision.

thank you! =]

Administrator answers:

It can be done – remember that you don’t need a car so its not as expensive as it first seems. Its worth it if you want to live an exciting fast paced life. People here work hard and play hard!

Maria asks…

I need help, should i move to North carolina, Greensboro?

I am currently in greensboro, visiting my cousins. I was thinking about coming back down here in 2 weeks to stay. Once i get a job down here, i can afford to have my own apartment, its so cheap. I can get a condo/studio for $425, even a 2 bedroom apartment for the same price. My cousin doesn’t think i would move down here because she say i wouldn’t be happy, i think that if i do not make friends, ii might be lonely. but at the same time, i want my own and nyc is too expensive. I am by myself and i do not have a boyfriend or anything but i just wanted a change. I am scared because i do not have a car, but there are buses that run here. I just want to better my life, and be able to look forward to nothing but positive things. I like gong to clubs and stuff and i know North carolina, Greensboro is not New york but i still want to have fun. and eventually get a car but i have to do things 1 step at a time> Someone please help me!!!

Administrator answers:

Sure what’s to lose

Carol asks…

Cheaper nicer apartment in a not so nice neighborhood vs. a cheaper smaller apartment in a better but not…?

Good neighborhood I’m moving out of my parents home soon its getting to be time and I have a job and saving money and am going to cosmetology school so I can have a decent job etc but anyways the cheaper one has a bedroom a very small one but a bedroom and nice hardwood floors and I just love it its really nice but its an apartment place above a strip club and the neighborhood isnt nice the other place is a small studio and isnt as nice inside it costs 100 bucks more and still isnt in a great neighborhood but is in a better neighborhood than the other one I’m just moving out so its going to be very hard I understand I live in a big city but not like nyc our la or anything that major if that helps

Administrator answers:

What makes a nice neighborhood is a subjective thing just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Having said that,I agree that the apartment above the strip club is not a good idea because of the noise ,crowd that would patronize them,the very real potential for prostitution and you been accosted (whether you are male or female),and the potential for you being attacked . On the other hand,the second apartment is smaller,cost more and is not above a strip joint though I do not know if it is in a nicer neighborhood as I stated at the outset. You have already indicated that paying for it would be tough so it seems as if that is the defining factor.If you can afford the extra $ 100,then take the smaller apartment while you look for something new within your price range.That appears to be your only option at this point in time.

Chris asks…

is this book any good?

ok so im 12 and I’ve been writing this book tell me what you think!



I’d never really been much of a believer. All this ghost and monster crap , I always thought it was all just a big hoax. You can’t always believe what is on television. But this , this was something I would of never believed in my wildest dreams. How could something be so real but yet not one person believes you? I thought this as I looked at the one person that loved me, the one person that cared, the one person who was ready to kill me in the blink of an eye .

Chapter 1

God I hate my life I thought as I hopped out of my dads brand new Mercedes Benz. He could afford this car but yet he can’t afford to pay the mortgage. I’d confronted my father about this issue many times before but all I got out of him was “Sweetie you don’t need to worry about money that’s my job and we are doing fine.” Gee thanks Dad that’s a real help! So apparently doing fine in his words means ”I think a car is more important then a house so we are going to move to a 200 year old major fixer-upper that I got cheap , which oh by the way is in a totally different state!” Way to go Mark I mean Dad. (It took me a while to grasp the concept that he was my father) Your scoring major points with me! Well we are here for good I thought as I turned around and saw the place my dad and I now called home.
This was my first look at the new house. Oh my god! This was the worst house I have ever seen in my whole stinking life! Old way old , I can tell why my father got this place cheap, it looked like something straight out of a horror movie! All the windows were cracked and the outside of the house used to be a shade of white. Maybe. I couldn’t tell because nearly all of it was chipped off. I could tell this might have been on the market for a while, correction maybe like a hundred years. Ivory had grown over the whole front of the house and as I walked around to the back I was thinking “Wait what is that? NO NO NO NO NO WAY !!!” There was a freaking graveyard in the back yard. I am going to kill my dad.
He came around to where I was and gave me the biggest grin, like he thought that this place was the best thing ever. What the heck is wrong with this man? “This place has got some real character don’t it” he said with his scratchy voice. “Don’t look so happy Brigitte” sarcasm hinting in his tone. “I know you miss New York City but, here in Montana there’s fresh country air and mountains!” he tried to make this place sound good when in reality it was my personal hell. He had taken me away from our NYC apartment for this and it sucks, badly. I’d left the bright lights, my friends in my performing arts school, and the music, the wonderful music. You could almost find it everywhere you walked here the only thing close was the chirping of the crickets. Shoot me I muttered to myself as I walked inside.
It was bad now. Serious haunted mansion look . A giant chandelier hung from the ceiling when you first walked in. There was a huge staircase to the left and stone columns around it. Plus, everything was covered in cobwebs. I know that some people were into the old houses and antiques but me I am not that person.
The only thing I own that I would consider an antique would be the shirt I bought last month from Aeropostale. I am your trend setter kind of girl. In my old school, it took talent even to get considered . Getting in took something way more. I am a 14 year old girl that even celebrities look up to. I was my schools most prized student. I have a voice so good that I had over 10 recording studios inviting me to make a record with them. Not to mention I always had the latest clothes . If it was something that was in style I owned it or even started it! I may seem like sort of a snob right now but it’s true! My name is Brigitte Lambert and I just went from teen icon in NYC to an outcast a nobody in a town that doesn’t even no my name, invisible.
“Well what do you think?” “Well Dad I do have to say I like the inside better than the outside.” The more I looked at the place the more I saw the potential instead of the horror movie I once saw. It still did not beat my NYC crib but I mean there’s no going back now. “I know you made a sacrifice coming here” he said. “So I think the least I can do is let you pick your room first.” he said in an uncomfortable tone. My dad had always spoken this way to me, and we had never been really close. He didn’t even no I existed until my mother had tracked him down. And he really didn’t want anything to do with me. My mom had been killed in a car accident 2 years ago. We had lived in Philadelphia and suddenly I was on my dads doorstep that I had only visited once every 2 months.
He wasn’t very thrilled about this but he loved me enough to take me in. Not trying to sound heartless , but that was one of the best things to ever
Awww my whole book didnt show up! I have 32 pages done so far…..if u want to hear the rest give me your email and ill send it to you!

Administrator answers:

I definitely think you have LOADS of potential :D I started writing when I was 4, and by the time I was 12, I think we were both at the same writing level. I think you’re book is good–I think it would need work before it could be published, and you have a lot of grammar mistakes, but your writing style is descriptive and you definitely can write. You just need to read more. That’s the one thing that helps EVERY writer monumentally. Lemme guess–you like reading, right? All writers do :) Well, the best advice you’ll ever get it to read more. Read classics, read a book that seems a few levels above your reading level and make yourself finish it. A ton of hard books are really slow in the beginning, but once you get into them, they’re great. And I promise you if you do this, you could be a bestselling author someday. Not that it’s about the money, it’s really only about making a difference and doing what you love.
But you have potential. So keep it up! :) And no matter what anyone tells you, if writing is your passion, never give it up. If you ever need any encouragement just message me(:

Daniel asks…

SUNY Oswego or SUNY New Paltz?

these are my top 2 options to schools ive been accepted to as a transfer student. my major is communications (tv production/broadcasting) and i live in lower NY an hour north of NYC. my main focus is to one day be a sports anchor. here are some details on the schools and hopefully you can lend me some advice as to what i should do.

SUNY Oswego:
-would major in broadcasting mass communications, and there program is a very popular major there. they also have a good sports scene with one of the best college hockey teams in NY.
- projected to receive around 10,300 in financial aid, so id pay 7,700 per year.
- 4 hours and 40 min away from where i live

SUNY New Paltz
would major in communications & media. there program focuses more on the tv production aspect and editing videos and doing field and studio production (not sure if its exactly the right fit, its similar but not as specific as oswego’s program)
- not sure how much i’d get from them, have never applied before this
- cant live on campus, would have to get an off campus apartment on my own (but could be cheaper compared to on-campus housing)
- have a friend of mine who would live with me off-campus, have a friend from high school attending there and also my girlfriend and her friend will most likely live on campus.
- about an hour from home

so my main concern is whether i go to new paltz, where ill have some friends already, and major in something i already kind of know,and be close to home.

or go to oswego and major in broadcasting which is more of what i want, pay 7,700/per yr , but be far from home and my girlfriend of 2 years.

right now i think im leaning towards oswego and ive already been away from my girlfriend for a year already, but that school was much closer to home. i think i could do the distance its just that i hear different things about how couples who go to college never pan out, or the distance will be too much.

so im trying to decide between social life and a more specified major.

Administrator answers:

The other answer is very good. I only add that a financial aid package with lots of loans can be deceptive. You have to pay those loans back – I know too many graduates who have decent jobs but live in near poverty due to school debt. Ignoring the loans, which is cheaper? That is a huge issue in deciding between more or less equal schools.

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