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August 18, 2013

Betty asks…

For New Yorkers only!!!!!?

I am moving to New York in a short few months. I will be living on a very tight budget. What kinds of things do I need to know before I move?
I don’t have an apartment yet but hope to soon I need to live as close to Brooklyn as possible. I will use public transportation to and from work but will not have to pay for that as it will be provided.

Administrator answers:

As a native, born and raised, you just need to know two things about living in New York.

1. Know where you going to live: Manhattan is expensive for someone on a budget and renting a studio apartment in Manhattan at $900-1000 + a month is going you drain you wallet. My advice try the outer boroughs of the city. You can trying fining a place in Astoria, and Eastern Queens. Parts of Brooklyn, such as Prospect Heights or Carrol Gardens; and the south and west section of Staten Island. There you will fine apartments that are less expensive than in Manhattan.

2. Communting: Parking and driving in NYC is a nightmare. You have to deal with higher insurance primum, parking and traffic. NYC has a very extesive transit system, consisting of buses (both local and express buses), the subway, and surburban rail. The best thing about it is, it is cheap. The fare on the subway is $2 a trip, but you can buy an unlimited MetroCard, which will gets you unlimited rides on the subway and bus for a set period of days. The unlimited MetroCard is as follow:

1-day pass $7
7-day pass $24
30-day pass $76
30-day express pass (use on both local and express buses, as well as the subway) $ 97

With transportation so cheap, who needs a car to drive in the city. BTW: the subway operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. Trying fining another city with a subway system with those hours.

I hope this information is very helpful. Good luck on your move.

Laura asks…

Tips on moving to NYC?

Hi, I’m moving to NYC soon (the Bronx or Brooklyn can’t really decide but the Bronx more likely), can you give me any tips and things I should know? I’ll be moving there from south Texas. And if this helps, I’m 17 and moving with my best friend. We’re both girls. Thanks :)

*No rude or condescending answers please.
PLEASE do not give me lecture. You do not know me or my circumstances or personal reasons and I shouldn’t have to explain my self.
How come I come here to ask for tips but all you do is tell me not to do it? Please don’t answer if you’re not gonna say something real, I’ll just report you. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

I’ve been in NYC for 10yrs. Lived in Brooklyn for 6. Worked EMS in Bronx for 4yrs.
As far as safety- Bronx and Brooklyn score the same points. Both have neighborhoods where crime is low and some where you need a vest to step out to water your garden.
But Brooklyn- in my opinion- wins when it comes to convenience. Brooklyn has a wide variety of cultures- name them and they are here. So if you are craving some Thai food- chances are you are within 30min drive of a good place. Bronx in the other hand has mostly a hispanic population- so if you crave some Dominican Breakfast w/ fried cheese and Salami- then that is your spot- Some bronx neighborhoods are primarily Italian. Bronx lacks variety/culture.

Brooklyn also wins when it comes to transportation. Easy access to subway/bus in most locations- unlike Bronx where only “ghetto” areas seem to have the best access. So if you live in a nice Bronx neighborhood you better have a car or good pair of walking shoes.

If you decide to move to Brooklyn- look for places in southern part of brooklyn or near Park Slope. As this is the most convenient/safe places. Bedsty is not so safe and so is East Flatbush

Cost of living is expensive everywhere in the city- Brooklyn Rent rates are high- average studio apartment in a decent neighborhood is about $700- 900/month +Utilities. One bedroom- 900/month and up. Bronx might be cheaper but you end up paying for more in terms of transportation.

So when you take these + the reason you are moving here – you should be able to come-up with a good decision. Biggest concern I’d have if I were in your position is convenience and transportation. Don’t plan on owning a car in NYC- not worth it unless you have a home w/ Garage. Not only is parking bad in both boroughs. Insurance is ridiculously high. I’m 22 and I paid 3000/year for one car in Brooklyn. So for 17…forget it. I moved out of Brooklyn to Staten Island 4yrs ago- Lovely place- quiet- very residential- nice parks etc but traveling is a bitch here- car is a must.

I’d pick Brooklyn- besides the info mentioned above- Its a cool thing when you go out of state or back to TX and tell people that you lived in BKLYN. Makes you look bad ass. Good Luck and Enjoy. Welcome to NYC.

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