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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartments In Staten Island

January 19, 2013

David asks…

advice for moving to NYC?

what would be your best advice for moving to NYC?
ill be moving in about 3 years, once im done with college
i will have 2 dogs with me
what would be your best advice?


Administrator answers:

The best advice I can give you is to SAVE as much money as you possibly can within those three years. Come visit and look at a few places so you can get an idea at how much you will be paying. I know my NYC and some people think it’s expensive, but my family has never had a problem. But you want to make sure you save a good amount of money…because the average apartment cost about $1200 for a studio and most realtors want a security deposit and first month’s rent. You can find cheaper places but for a decent place it will cost more. Staten Island is much cheaper than the other boroughs, you can find a place out there for like $800. Plus you are bringing dogs and most landlords charge more for animals. Oh yeah and you want to make sure you tour the city if you haven’t already because some people like NYC but they have a difficult time living here because it’s HUGE and busy. It’s awesome though ^_^

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