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February 29, 2012

George asks…

what are some websites that have cheap Studio listings in hawaii?

im going to move to either the big island or oahu maui in the fall and i need some cheap Studio or apartment listings for

Administrator answers:

Just go to google and look up cheap studio apartment listings in the big island or oahu maui

Joseph asks…

Where in the SouthWest is an acceptable place to find a MINIMUM wage job and a cheap studio or apartment?

I am moving out there from Boston. I know many of you will say don’t go but I love the southwest, the desert and the weather(yeah it’s hot but no humidity!)

I am considering New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and West Texas.
Lost what makes you think everyone in Mass is leftwing?

Administrator answers:

The rental prices for cheap apts/studios about the same if you look hard, but the unemployment situation is far worse in Az & NV. Though if you were wanting to work as cleaning staff in Las Vegas at min wage… You could stay for free as many of the hotels there provide housing for their housekeeping staff.

There are some very different laws out here… For one none of the states listed have mandatory health care. Also a couple are “right to work” states which is no more than a right for employers to rip off their already underpaid staff.

Would advise trying to hook up a job before coming.

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