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August 3, 2012

William asks…

houses for sale in america cheap places?

i want to buy a house in america and have a green card already, i want to know some areas of america where i can buy hopefully a realy nice house for about 1million dollars, is that enough if i want to buy a nie house? ty xx

Administrator answers:

Detroit Michigan

Steven asks…

i want to know the price of house for sale in america?

can you tell me some information about the housing in US, in some cities as new york, san franscisco, and washinton and so on
i found some very cheap in yahoo real estate, is it real or what?
just 3000 dollars for a big fabulous house.
if it is, what a amazing thing compared to thoese in japan even in china.

thank you

i am now studying in japan, chinese, i want to go to america someday, not just for buying house, for my ideal

Administrator answers:

$3000 is true. No matter what anyone else says, you can buy a house for even less than that.

Example: In Detroit, Michigan, you can find 814 houses listed for sale between $3000 and $5000.
And this is SALE price, not the rent or lease.
Why is this?

It might be the condition of the house, sure, and you buy it “as is” and pay for repairs yourself.
But there are other factors. No jobs, crime are some. But chiefly the current housing situation and foreclosures in some parts of the country. In some cases the loan on a house was much more than the actual value of the house, before it was foreclosed.

Also a factor is if the house is a foreclosure and the new owner (bank, etc) is only interested in getting the property off the books.

There have always been cheap houses in the US if you were prepared to look. Some can be picked up for the price of outstanding property taxes, less than $1000 sometimes, if you can wait a year and the owner doesn’t reclaim.

But today, the whole housing market is, as they say “in a state of flux”.
Anyone with enough cash can easily buy a house for much less than it was on sale for a year ago. If you need a loan, think hard.

So you might be able to buy a house at that price, for cash. But would you want to?

For other areas than Detroit, you could check There are any number of other websites, but searching specific realtors might be unrealistic, because some only specialize in particular types of property and even particular price ranges.

David asks…

How come the pay is so good yet houses are still cheap in Maine? America’s best kept secret?

We are looking into relocating & I have been comparing job pay on monster & local papers to homes for sale in the surrounding areas. I have found land on a pond in New Gloucester 10.5 acres for just 99K & Huge homes on giant peices of land for next to nothing yet good paying jobs in Portland just 30 mins away. Is it worth flying out to learn more??? xoxo Misty

Administrator answers:

Most people would think the opposite….but you made a good point–you looked 30 minutes away from portland–if you looked in portland the prices are through the roof–the catch is that everyone wants to be in portland or nearby–inland maine can get very redneck really quick-the coast is the most desirable place….to answer your question it may be the best kept ssecret but the word is out—-i meet people in portland who are from somewhere else all the time–i’ve been here only 2 years myself and its become a very popular relocation place especially among northeasteners who are sick of boston and nyc’s price tag

Chris asks…

Where is the best state to live in the usa?

Hey, I know this is crazy but I’m 15 years old and live in England. I have an obsession with America. I would do ANYTHING To live there. I’ve got huge American flags in my bedroom and I’m not afraid to tell anyone about my obsession (although my Parents do get VERY Annoyed with me talking about America all the time) And I’ve started thinking in advance, I want to know what state to visit when I’m 18 whilst considering where to buy a house and have a job and family. I know about the whole Visa thing and everything which I will be applying for when I turn 20 (And have more than enough money)
I’m looking for a state That hopefully is nice and spread out with things like ranches and Cornfields Like in the country not too near big city’s But as I’ve always lived by the sea preferably somewhere that’s no more than a 2 hour drive each way to a beach (BUT I don’t mind if it’s not near the sea)
But i want somewhere generally warmer than England in the summer but snows in the winter (It doesn’t snow much in England).
I have family in Florida but i don’t care if i don’t live near them. Because I’ll drive as long as it takes to see them.
Sorry I’m so picky, But i’d prefer to live somewhere on the east coast because it’s a shorter flight to and from england. but still wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t.
ALSO, Do Americans like English people, or do they hate us?
Anyway, i’d be grateful if you answered like a town or city because i always search for holidays and houses for sale in that area. (I KNOW IT’S IN ADVANCE) But I’m saving up all my paper route money for this because it’s my life dream. And houses are really cheap in America compared to England.

Administrator answers:

I live in North Carolina and i think lower North or south Carolina are your best bets. And idk why you want to move here! I’m moving to Scotland as soon as i can! I’m 15 and i have family in France and England. What part of England are you in?? Not to be creepy

Maria asks…

Are foreclosed houses a good buy for someone wanting to purchase a home?

I notice there are always many houses available for sale that have been foreclosed. The houses in many cases are practically being given away at cheap prices. I have seen them as low as $9,000 in some areas. Are foreclosed houses good buys for those really wanting to purchase a home. But, aren’t the richest people in america?

Administrator answers:

A really cheap foreclosed home is probably not in liveable condition and while you may be able to pick one up for little money it would probably take a lot of money to make it livable again.

Be careful and make sure that you have a chance to inspect the property and also have a professional home inspector give you a report about the problems that need to be fixed. This way you will get an idea of how many thousands of dollars it would take to get the house back in shape.

I would rather check into Real Estate Owned (REO) properties.
You will have plenty of time to inspect the property and can be sure that there are no “surprises” waiting like back taxes that are due or second and third liens that have to be paid off.

James asks…

Real estate in El Salvador? Central America or Caribbean??

My husband and I are thinking of leaving Florida and moving to another country. We always watch House Hunters International and see Americans moving to other countries and we were inspired. We’ve researched a lot of countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, etc but have found that a lot of Americans have moved there as well and the prices are not as cheap as we thought. We’re now looking into El Salvador but I can’t seem to find any information regarding real estate and properties for sale over there.

We have a total of $150,000 that we want to relocate with (which is not a lot) and are looking for a home on or really close to the beach any where in either Central America or the Caribbean. I’m cuban and my husband is african american so we’re also looking for a place that is friendly and open to americans. Also we have 2 daughters that are in elementary school (who barely speak spanish) so we need a place that’s safe. Any suggestions on where to move and look?

Administrator answers:

I know a few places in Costa Rica that you might like, send me a message so I can send you more info.

Jenny asks…

Do I/how much tax will I have to pay on a scottevest to import from America to UK (if any)?

Hi There,

I have been looking online and I am interested in purchasing a Windbreaker Scottevest from Purely for cheaper prices and discount codes
Now I live in the UK, and this website is American and uses the Dollars $ currency.

I am confused now as to whether or not I will have to pay any taxes or extra VAT Charges for getting it delivered to my house. Would someone please be able to explain to me if I will be liable for such extra charges on a item of clothing?
My overall bill from the websites end would be $74 roughly £45, this includes shipping from UPS, but in the terms of sale, depending on the country and circumstances, duties, taxes or VAT may also be applicable.
I am 19 and do not pay any taxes other than the standard rate of VAT on goods from the UK (17.5%) I have no income etc.
If someone can tell me if I have to pay extra importing taxes and so on it would be extremely useful and greatly appreciated. I have looked on HMRC but it is rather confusing.

Many thanks for your time!


Administrator answers:

Yes you will pay 20% tax on this import. This charge will be levied by HMRC and collected by your shipper who may charge you an administrative fee on top. Once you factor in the poor exchange rate that your bank gives on small amounts and the costs, it is never worth shipping from America.

Best is to ask someone going over to pick it up for you and bring it back as part of their tax free allowance.

Sandy asks…

Old horses are cheap. Is it legal for me to buy one, slaughter it, and turn it into sausage/food?

Right now, all my horse sausage comes from Quebec, because it’s just damn near impossible to find it for sale in America. In Belgium I had a wonderful horse steak at a restaurant, but American restaurants never seem to serve horse.

But when you look at Craigslist or local horse listings, there are farmers desperate to get rid of thier old horses. The prices are minimal, between $10 – $50, sometimes even free if you transport the horse yourself.

If I rent a horse trailer and hook it up to my truck, I could easily take a horse to my house. My house has a little bit of land, but it also has a detatched garage. I could take the horse in there and slaughter it, then process it into cuts of meat and meat products.

I really want to do this, because it would be cheaper than getting horse meat from Quebec, but what is the legality? Am I going to have to keep this all on the downlow because of the law? I live in Cali.
The meat would be for myself and my friends, not for resale.

Old horses may taste a bit worse, but I can’t afford a foal or younger horse. Too expensive. Like I said, older horses are basically free.

Administrator answers:

Provided you’re enticed by eating horse meat, wouldn’t elderly horse meat not taste as good as young horse meat?

I don’t know how legal slaughtering animals is–it probably falls under animal cruelty.

You could make glue to off-set your costs. Just saying.

Really, this is quite an odd question.

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