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January 7, 2013

Donna asks…

wheres the best place to find cheap unique holiday orniments?

me and my gf have an empty tree since its our first year together in our own apartment and were looking for unique orniments for cheap to put on our tree where can we get cool orniments?

Administrator answers:

-99 Cents Store

-Party Store, buy large bags of party favors for next to nothing. (little figurines, glasses, whistles…) dip them in glue and glitter, this works well.

-Origami, check youtube for lots of ways to fold paper. Music sheets are nice for Xmas.

-My favorite: big bag of army men,(about $3.00 for 300) dip ‘em in glue and glitter them. Easy to hang, easy to give away and people love to see them attacking your tree in formation…

Happy holidays

Betty asks…

how can i keep my apartment cool?

the problem we are having, is that our walls are more window than anything. we have huge windows, 12 of them. about 42 x 80 or so. what is a cheap and easy way to cover these or something, so our air conditioner won’t freeze up trying to fight the outside heat?

we’ve done black out curtains in the bedroom, and the way we did that cost us $60 a window to cover. (also, preferably something that looks half way decent and will match darker colored furniture)

please give suggestions. thank you

Administrator answers:

Have the windows tinted.

William asks…

What is the average cost PER week for a appartment in sydney?

i want an average , lets say cheap kind of appartment in sydney near to george street. Since i am wid frens, i ned a 3 bedroom aprtment. Can you telll me how much does it costs per week for a three bedroom apartment. I am not talking about cool apartment rather i am talking about some average apartment for students. And what is the easiest way to find an cheapapartment in sydney?
Its a long term stay

Administrator answers:

Go to

Select ‘Sydney’ as the suburb. Thats just for places right in the city. And then select the number of rooms or the amount you want to spend. It will show all the places listed for rent.

Good Luck

Linda asks…

I need help cooling down my apartment?

I just moved into this apartment and it is really hot in here, no matter what it is like 30 degrees in here. I have one fan and I can’t afford an air conditioner. Can someone suggest a cheap easy way to cool down m apartment.

Administrator answers:

Open windows and doors on both sides of your apartment to generate a breeze going through the building.

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find cheap blinds that instead of coming from the top of the window, come from the bottom?

I am on the first floor of an apartment building, and I want to have my blinds open to get sunlight, but I don’t want people looking in my window. If you can think of other solutions that is also cool.

Administrator answers:

The type of shades you want are called “top down/bottom up” also known as duofold. These are usually available in the cellular (honeycombed) type blinds. The first site listed has some good examples although the pricing is a bit much. It at least gives you a starting point for Google / Yahoo searches.

A second alternative would be to use shutters on the lower halves of your windows. These can be painted or stained to match your decor. Most home improvement centers carry shutters in varying widths and heights.

Option 3 would be some type of window film applied to the glass. It can be decorative (see 2nd link) or frosted (link 3)

If you are a creative person, you could use gallery glass which is a thick liquid used to make “stained glass” designs on windows, mirrows, etc. (link 4)

Check out your local home improvement store. Most have knowledgeable staff to assist you. Good luck with whichever you choose.

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