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May 30, 2013

Thomas asks…

WHat is the neighborhood Northern Liberties like.?

It seems like there are cool loft apartments, pretty cheap and good location. Is it safe? Is there stuff to do? What are the people like? Can I walk to Center CIty from there? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Northern Liberties is a dazzlingly diverse community, especially for its size (5,000 people living in about one-third of a square mile). In recent years, Northern Liberties has become a center for local artists and musicians. Large improvement and revitalization projects have also been undertaken recently causing a large jump in property values. The neighborhood has been targeted for revitalization because it is very close to Center City yet contains many vacant lots and abandoned historic properties. Like many Philadelphia neighborhoods, the housing stock is primarily made up of rowhouses.

Northern Liberties contains two privately owned but public parks, both established and owned by non-profits run by the neighbors. One, Orianna Hill Park, is an off-leash dog run; the other, Liberty Lands, is a two-acre park and playground.

Northern Liberties is served by SEPTA’s Market-Frankford El with stops at Spring Garden and Girard. The station at Spring Garden is unique for being in the median of I-95. The elevated line’s tracks then break away from the expressway’s right-of-way to tower over Front Street through the neighborhood as it heads north away from Center City.

There is a lot to do in the area.

700 N. 2nd St.
Mon–Sat: 3:30pm–2am

801 N. 3rd St.
Mon–Fri: 4pm–2am
Sat/Sun: 11–2am
Brunch 11am-3:30pm

901 N. 2nd St. 215.238.0630
Dinner everyday 5pm–1am,
Brunch Sat & Sun 11am–3:30pm

705 N. 2nd St.

931 N. 2nd St.
Lunch: Mon-Fri 11am–4pm
Brunch: Sat/Sun 11am-3pm
Dinner: Mon–Fri 4pm-11pm
Fri/Sat 4-12am

James asks…

A/C runs, but doesn’t cool a darn thing in the place….?

I just moved into a brand new apartment (never been lived in before), with ventilated air conditioning. The thermostat seems to be working just fine, and semi-cold air comes out of the vents when I set it to “cool” but the thing is THE PLACE DOESN”T GET ANY COOLER!! If anything, it just gets hotter and hotter inside, slowly but surely. Like it’s 95* outside, and the thermostat reads 75*, and I want it cooler, so I just leave the ac on all day and night. Guess what happens? 76*, 77*, 78*…and so on…
What in the blazes could the problem be? Could this just be an extremely cheap/weak air conditioning system that doesn’t do crap or am I doing something wrong here?
(And the windows ARE closed)

Administrator answers:

The compressor might not be compressing properly. You should contact your manager!

Jenny asks…

Why are Air conditioning units mounted in windows?

I’m talking about the kind that are the size of large microwaves, that are normally mounted in the windows of cheaper apartment buildings, as opposed to higher-end flats with central A/C.

It seems to me that cooling and recirculating the inside air (like central AC) would be a better idea than bringing hot air in, and cooling that. Why don’t people just cut a hole in an inside wall to mount their A/C units, instead of having one block off a non-conforming window?

Administrator answers:

These are refrigeration units. They take air and cool it….. But, when you remove heat from air, the heat has to go somewhere. So the air conditioning unit has to be outside of a house (partly) because the heat it is removing from the air has to be dumped outside. Obviously if you dump the heat inside the house, then your house wouldn’t be getting any cooler.

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