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June 20, 2013

John asks…

What to do when you are bored with your life?

I am 20 single no kids and all I do is work and sleep. What is there to do in ga. Im n newnan now and trying to move to atlanta before i go to school(gsu). What are some nice safe cheap apartments in atlanta or surrounding areas. What are some good clubs.

Administrator answers:


Michael asks…

My college roommate and I are moving into an apartment, and we are looking for housewares?

We need a place to find cool housewares for cheap. We are both sophomores in college and are on a somewhat tight budget. We like interesting things from Urban Outfitters and Crate & Barrel. I have already looked at Target, and Ikea, Overstock, just looking to see if anyone knows of any ‘different’ sites. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I realize you want “cool”, but if money is tight, you should consider “practical”. Expand your search to dollar stores–Dollar General and Dollar Tree if you have any in your area. Scour yard sales and flea markets, too.

Lizzie asks…

How is it like living in a dorm?

Is it better or worse than an apartment? What about the studying? I heard that some neighbors are noisy, and they have orgy everyday. What about the rent? Does the dorms are cheaper than apartments? Thank a lots in advance.

Administrator answers:

I lived in the dorms my first year of college. Dorm life can be lots of fun and lots of not so fun. I had a total of 4 roommates (our dormatories were giant 4 bedroom apartments… Very nice… Some colleges are not so lucky). The rent was basically $6000 for a whole year (ran from aug-july and included all utilities/cable/internet/washer/dryer… But no phone, most ppl just had cell phones). My college was in Atlanta and I loved being in the city. My roommates were pretty cool. We occasionally disagreed on air conditioning, cleaning, laundry, etc, but for the most part we all got along. My roommates did like to throw lots of parties (and you definitely have to be careful with alcohol on campus!) and it affected my grades (so be careful). To avoid fights over parties, utilities, etc. You definitely need to set grounds rules when everyone moves in. Find a common ground on air temp, laundry routines, study hours, food storage, etc. When we first movied in, our RA (resident assistant) made us all sign a contract that agreed us to our own set house rules. We all had to sign it and basically if a problem arose we would refer back to the rules. This may seem kinda silly, but it makes things official and gets things out in the open. For the most part, I liked living in the dorms. Its a good experience. You are really on your own and you learn to manage a house. It can be frustrating at times (especially when everyone was raised differently and do things differently), but its really awesome when you share classes with your roommates. My roommate and I shared American Gov class, but I never went to class (no attendance policy). It was great, I got the notes and assignments without going to class (made a B in the class).

I hope that was useful. Let me know if you have anymore questions!

Carol asks…

Can a 16 year old live by herself and make it?

My parents are kicking me out. I know they can’t do that but I want to be out too because I’m going insane living there. If I work two jobs like a waitress and a hairstylist and live in a crappy cheap apartment and get a cheap used car and all that. Just like get all the cheapest crappiest stuff. And go to school online. Do you think I’d be okay?

Administrator answers:

It’s going to be very hard. I will never say “can’t” to a determined person but your causing yourself a lot of strife prematurely. Ultimately, if you’ve decided you will move out and you will make it -then you will …but don’t burn bridges with your parents, either way. Seriously though …why let “stubborn and stupid” get you a crappy, cheap existence when you can let “calm, cool and collected” buy you a stronger foundation for life? [I only ask because I WAS the stubborn and stupid one that moved out at 15] Think about it and whatever you do -make sure you’ve thought everything through.

Charles asks…

How do we entice cool air to come into our apartment?

It’s cool and fresh outside after a fragrant June rain. But inside, it’s ten degrees less! The air won’t come in, whatever we do. We try to entice it in with the fine promises of the rest on our sofa, with little tasty snacks and the complete control of the TV remote, but it refuses and stays outside! What should we do?

Administrator answers:

One window is next to useless. More important to create a through draught by opening a door or windown and either side of the building. This is the situation that normally causes one or both the doors or windows to slam shut as the wind pulls through your house. You can add fans if the air is not moving. You can buy really big industrial ones quite cheap at DIY stores these days.

If that does not work you will need to remove the roof and walls!


Sandra asks…

What are some cheap interior design ideas?

Moving into my new apartment and would like some ideas on how to paint, create furniture, anything really. I’m really into DIY so those ideas will get preference. I also would like it to look very modern, minimalist, and simple. Any links to websites or blogs that deal with DIY indie modern interior design would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Get OOPS! Paint at Home Depot or Lowe’s, it’s the paint that someone didn’t like the color and they are selling it very cheaply. Use tape to create square geometric shapes on your walls. Paint the shapes and remove the tape to create cool contemporary wall art.

Steven asks…

What are the reasonable capabilities of an apartment air conditioner?

The air conditioner in my apartment is running all day long, racking up a huge electric bill every month. The temp has been getting up to about 100 every day, the AC is set at 70, but it never gets below 80 for most of the time the sun is up. We have been requesting that maintenance replace this old freon spewing AC with a new unit, but the maintenance guy said that it’s unreasonable to expect a unit to function better than this, which sounds like BS to me.

Administrator answers:

You might be better off investing in a window unit. They are reasonably priced ($100 and up) and will cool the air to less than 80 degrees. Using a cheap fan would help to blow the cold air into other rooms of the house. Then you could turn off the crappy one that the lazy maintenance guy won’t fix.

Donna asks…

Is South Kensignton in Victoria a good suburb to buy an apartment to live?

We have just moved to Australia. Me and my wife are planning to buy an apartment in South Kensington (one of the suburbs in Melbourne).We have already decided the property we like, but we are not sure about the location – which I believe the most important thing. If anyone lives in this area, can you please give us some tips whether is it a good suburb to live? Is it a safe suburb to live? How is the property market? Any tips greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:


any area close to the CBD is an excellent investment. There is a housing shortage in Melbourne and people prefer to live close to the city.

South Kensingotn is west of the city, the last area to become trendy and expensive. Closer to the city is North Melbourne, and to the north, Carlton, Carlton North, Brunswick, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Northcote. These are all cool areas – and no longer cheap.

To the east of the city you get into the more conservative areas of Melbourne – much more expensive than the west. I think South Kensington is still a good option, although it has already been in the process of being discoved. Melbourne Real estage is certainly a good investment and has been very stable compared to US or UK real estate.

Daniel asks…

What kind of dogs are good for apartment life?

I’m going to be gettin an apartment w/my sprouse that allows animals and we’d like to know what type of dogs are best for apartment life and are friendly with children?

Administrator answers:

We have a Miniature Schnauzer. He got a little jealous when our daughter was born (she’s 2 now), but he’s cool with her and VERY protective now.

He was easy to potty-train, too. And he’s a little cuddle-bug. He’s friendly, semi-rambunctious when we get home, cheap to feed (they’ve got picky bellies, so they can only eat treats without coloring…so we get the cheap stuff!), easy to clean up after (they don’t shed!), and easy to keep their hair maintained (you can even find sites online that teach you to do it yourself! Much cheaper!)

I would suggest a smaller dog like ours, he’s a terrier breed, so you’ll have to watch his nail length, as they’re prone to digging, but I wouldn’t go with a big dog in an apartment if I were you. Not only do most of them shed (EVERYWHERE), but they get bored and have to be outside to have room to run, whereas a smaller dog can run around the house, OR outside, and be comfortable either way. And while bigger dogs are good with children too, I’d find a smaller dog that IS good with children so that you don’t have to worry about the constant shedding and the size.

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