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May 28, 2012

Charles asks…

I can’t pick an apartment!!! Help me choose out of these 6!?

Ok, so all are located in this great apartment complex, a little older, but its supposed to be a really fun place to live. I’m in college so fun and cheap definitely rank a little higher on my list than new. They are 6 girl apartments, except the single which has 2 single rooms and a double for 4 grls total. Just a little about me, I’m pretty outgoing, like to work out, play my guitar, watch movies, hang out with friends, like to have fun (but still trying to get good grades so partying like 24-7 either). Ok here are the six choices, they’re all pretty comparable in price, except for the last one which is a single room and would be 60 extra dollars a month.
1) Track roommate who seems kind of tom-boyish (didn’t meet her, just saw the room we would share), ok on the furniture/decorations, met 2 of the other grls, they seemed pretty cool.
2) Only met my roommate at this apartment, she could have walked out of a fashion magazine, but they when I saw her room she had disney princess bedspread and random stuff on the walls? She seemed nice enough, and said other girls in apt were pretty cool. Ok on furniture/decorations.
3) Super nice living room, really cute decorations and stuff, met 2 girls one seemed ok one kinda weird. They said my roommate was “smart” and a “sweet heart” so i’m guessing nerdy and kinda weird. The other 2 girls who I didn’t meet evidently were the ones who decorated the apt and play guitar and sounded really cool.
4)Apartment full of girls from South America, I think they all have Spanish as their first language, but they’re all going to college and stuff so not trashy. Really cute apartment, nice furniture, the one girl I met was really fun, welcoming, friendly… Not my roommate tho, evidently my roommate has a boyfriends so gone a lot. Like we got along great, she was the only one I met from the apt though so I don’t know if it would be weird or not even though they all speak english too, I don’t speak any spanish and am definitely not hispanic looking so I don’t know if I’d fit it.
5) One of my friends from high school is in this apartment, she already has a roommate though. One girl in the apartment is kinda homey, one is engaged so would be gone alot, and then one weird girl who eats everbodys food, won’t do dishes, etc etc. Not sure who my rm would be because there’s 2 open spots in the apt, and I’m kinda worried because some times my friend can be moody and I’ve heard that living with close friends can be a bad idea.
6) Last but not least single apartment. Ok on the furniture/decorations, 2 girls I met seemed nice enough, would have my own closet, own desk, lots more room, but i’m wondering if it would be as much fun plus the 60 bucks more a month… And the one girl seemed kinda like a neat freak a little bit idk hard to tell.
Anyway thats it, sorry its not a lot to go on but I have to pick asap and thats all the info I have, any advice would be great!

Administrator answers:

You provide info long on the roomies but short on the terms of any arrangement. What if you don’t like the roomies and want to move out? Can you do this without penalty, or will you be stuck with your rental for a year? No matter which apt you choose, this wanting-to-move situation may arise and you need to know your “out” before making any commitments. Secondly, i’ve found from experience, the more people living in a property, the more likely conflicts will arise, not necessarily involving you, but maybe involving two of three of your roomies with other roomies. No matter, when conflict arises, it affects everybody in the place. So i’d narrow your choice to anything with just one roomie, but keep in mind, that’s MY preference, and you may think differently. Having my own room has always been a preference, since trying to keep a bedroom clean and neat is difficult with a “sloppy” roommate. Finally, you should go back again and look at these places and review your options, keeping in mind things often don’t work out the way we plan, and having an escape option could be key in any decision you make. Good luck.

Daniel asks…

Should I feel ripped off?

Ok, I’ll try to make a long story as short as possible.

I used to live in the north east in a soho college town. I had a cool apartment and a kick ass computer system. On night I’m on ICQ and start chatting with this young woman. She tells me she’s going through a divorce and is chatting online because she’s bored and lonely. After a few nights we end up really hitting it off.

Fast forward 6 months.

We’ve started calling each other and often talk up to 5 hours a day. I have to switch phone plans to avoid massive charges. We seem to have some great chemistry.

Fast forward 3 months.

We’ve decided to see each other. She lives in the midwest. She plans to come see me but we decide I will to go to see her for a week and we’ll fly back together. A 23 hour bus ride brings me to her and we finally meet. I’m officialy in love. We fly back together and spend a romantic week together. I hate flying.

Christmas time.

What do I want?; A plane ticket to see my beloved. I get it. I get there and her soon to be ex husband decides to take the asshole route with the divorce. I suppose seeing her happy struck a chord. She is very upset but i assure her that i will support her. I get a warning……
“I push people away because I put up walls. One day you will leave me too.” This is what she says to me.
I’m a bit taken aback, but I assure her that I will accept her and that
I won’t bail. She’ so terrific, I couldn’t imagine hurting her…….

Time goes by……..

Several bus rides later, back and fourth, and she’s ready to move out her house finally. We plan to start our life together and I spend a good portion of my trips hunkered in cheap filthy motels looking for work and a new place for us both. ….That and waiting for her…..What is she doing? I assumed taking space, but she’s not communicating much. These must be those walls she mentioned. Sometimes i spend several days alone in the motels and never see her. But hey, trust has to be earned and i said i wouldn’t bail. Time to do right for once in my life. Right?…….

I move my stuff out of my house and into storage. Relocating sucks. But I think it’ll be worth it. Every time i look at her I feel lost in her. And every time I wait for her to show up, which is getting less frequent, gets a bit painful. The mid west sucks and i don’t come for the flat land or the pollution. I’m doing all the footwork

Back in the east…..

I’m saying with relatives and saving money for my next trip. I get an idea. I’ll be romantic and show up unexpectedly. I get a room at a windham for 1 week. Ouch! my wallet! I get to the room and call her. She’s pissed. She wont take my calls for 5 days. She shows up on the 5th day drunk from partying with her friends, and says she’ll show up the next day. she does. I go all out. dinner , massage, and things heat up…… this is the day she gets pregnant.

I go home and she informs me that we are to have a child. I’m elated. I go to PA where i stay with my pops who assures me that i can get a job and save money. maybe get an apartment. It all seems good. 3 month go by and the situation is garbage. I miss my girl. She wont talk much to me. after 3 weeks of bringing it up she agrees to a visit. Not too enthusiasticly…….

She has since moved out of her house. She’s become so weird that she won’t tell me where she’s moved, only the town. I’m freaking out a little because, i love her and she’s about to have my child. The stress is mounting…

I take a train….

I get to her town and rent yet another motel. Not too shabby this time. All i can think of if is seeing her….i really missed her. A lot. She said she would meet me after work. the time comes and the phone rings.
She’s not coming.
As to the why, i dont get a straight answer. She just says “go home” “get a clue”. and changes her number.

I return east, distrought and heartbroken

3 months later. The thought of having a kid out in the world and never seeing it was too much. I hitch hike (on account of being poor) to the midwest to find my ex with child. No luck

6 months later.

I know my kid has been born. I have no idea if it’s a boy or girl.I work for daylabor agency and they have been sending me to a recycling plant. A **** job for sure. I have really bad day and I’m thinking of my kid and her. So I wind up leaving a message on her aunts machine “**** you.”….. That’s all i say.

An hour later the phone rings. I don’t pick up. She calls again that night and I answer. She tells me all about our child and after a few weeks, she agrees i should come to visit.

I get there and i hold my baby for the first time. Awesome! My ex and i kiss and make up (ahem!). One morning the three of us are lying on the bed, the baby is between us and it all seems so perfect. I relish the idea of living with them both.”we’ll see” she says. the woman my ex lives with doesn’t like me and criticizes me on my new father awkwardness. Sue me I’m new to t

Administrator answers:

All I can tell you is to make sure she doesn’t take your baby away from you again..

Linda asks…

Cool down external harddrive?

I have a total of 3tb of stuff spread out over 500gig external hdds that are all hooked up to my apartment server.

They all work great, except for the cheapest one I bought. It was made by some low-budget company that I’d never heard of, but I thought it’d work well.

When it’s running, and you touch it, it’s almost so hot that you can’t keep your hand on it (it’s been like this over it’s whole lifetime). I’ve had no problems at all with its performance. It has a built in fan, but it doesn’t seem to do much good (yes, it works). Also, it’s not stacked, but kept alone on a table to facilitate its ventilation.

I depend on it to store many of my images, and I’d lose a lot of it’d eventually break. So, is there a way to cool it down (and not pay too much, or anything at all), or should I just throw it away and get a replacement and assume it’ll break soon? Or is it OK for an external hdd to get really hot?
As I said, so hot you almost have to take your hand off it to not burn yourself..

Administrator answers:

Turn it off, wait for it to cool down, then take it out of its existing case (if it has one), and buy an Enermax external HDD case to put your disk in. The 3.5 inch can be bought for about £30, and if your HDD gets that hot, it’s definitely worth the money.

George asks…

A month ago I moved and my roomates are very different from me. Any suggestions? 10 p for best answer?

About a month ago I moved to another country to make more money. I found a cheap apartment which I share with 4 girls and 3 other guys. You know I expected it to be a blast. Like a lot of partying, laughs and just hanging out.

But they are the total opposite of me. I like to go out hitting on girls with the boys, playing pool and have an occasional beer. Just hanging out, laughing and doing stuff. When friday comes to our apartment they sit down and play role-playing-games. They talk about computers, games and stuff like that. They never go out and the oldest of them is 26 and never kissed a girl.

I just want to say. I don’t think I’m cooler then them. They have their hobbies, which is ok. But for a month now I’ve been playing games and I haven’t been out a single time. I have started to look for another place to live but it can take some time. I would still like to get closer to them. They are good people. How can I get them to go out with me, shoot some pool and have a beer? I have now experienced their world, I think they should experience my world as well. And I would seriously love to get the virgin guy laid. 26 and never kissed a girl! It’s time dude. Any suggestions for that?

Administrator answers:

Just invite them out one night. If Friday is their role-playing night, make it another night. They might not all go, but take the ones who will. And don’t stay out too late or take them to a place that is too trendy, where they might feel out-of-place. Take them somewhere they’ll feel comfortable and don’t stay too long the first time.

When you’re inviting them, just say what you said here–that you like hanging out with them and they should experience your world, since you’ve experienced theirs.

Just don’t be surprised if some of them don’t want to do it. Maybe they’ve been picked on by people before and they don’t feel comfortable in bars.

In the meantime, just enjoy your experience. It’s probably good for you to hang out with some people who are different.

Don’t concern yourself with the virgin. Maybe when you know him really well you can start introducing girls to him. But you’re likely to scare him off if you jump right in with pressuring him to meet girls. Good luck.

Thomas asks…

Lighting options for my bedroom?

So I live in an apartment and I have a simple ceiling light fixture with a ugly glass cover hanging underneath it (typical very cheap hotel type stuff) I was thinking of just replacing the glass but I could go with a new fixture too, something hanging would be pretty cool, I was just wondering whats out there and looking for ideas.

Ex: On a cruise ship I saw a giant light fixture which had many small lights with flexible stems hanging off it, something like this would be awesome.

Thanks for the help and I’m not a millionare btw.

Administrator answers:

Choose light some artistic in design it will look nice and buy as per your taste and remember Beauty can not be buy with money so you can beautify you home with the beauty of your beautiful taste of decoration even with the less money. Tip think for less bulbs it may reduce the cost of your electricity bill every month.

Steven asks…

Sims 2 Cheat!! Help….?

Okay so, I always get involved with the family I’m playing, but sometimes I want to move to different neighborhoods. Like im planning on getting apartment life. And I want to move to that neighborhood. My question is can I type in a cheat, that will allow me to switch neighborhoods. So I will appear in another neighborhoods Sim Bin. Oh ya, I just got an emil from Sims 3 and you can pre-order Sims 3 for 69.95 or something. And you get other cool stuff with it. Is it better to get it now, will it be cheaper. Or wait til it comes out and buy it in Target or from… Thanx

Administrator answers:

No, you cannot move people from neighborhood to neighborhood, but you can move them to a different house/apartment in the same neighborhood.

Sharon asks…

furniture help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

i just got a new apartment. its a 2 bdroom 1 bath with a small kitchen and one bedroom is just a computer room. i live with my boyfriend and we have 2 flat screens and lots of video game stuff ect ect. we also have 2 cats that like to scratch our couches. but they never seem to get any more torn up then they already are.

whats a site that has cool furniture that is cheap (money wise) and isnt ikea?

what fabrics hold up well with 2 clawing kitties?

and what would be good for more storage in the kitchen???

Administrator answers:

Ebay’s great for cheap furniture :-)

Robert asks…

Ideas for my 11th birthday party?

Ok on April 16,2011 I am having my birthday party!I am only inviting 4 girls who are tomboy-girlygirl
It’s going to be a sleepover so the girls who can’t sleep over will be leaving at 10:00 it starts at 4:30 anyways I was thinking of telling the girls to bring their favorite movies and I would rent 2 and we could vote on which one to watch later.I was thinking of playing spoons,a couple of board games,charades,make-overs and hair stuff,and some other things
I don’t know what to do for dinner though should me and my friends make dinner together or is that to weird
Can you help me find some cool games to play at my party and what movie should I rent(my mom will only allow G PG and PG-13)
Also what about cheap decorations?
P.S.I live in a apartment

Administrator answers:

It sounds like a lot of fun, here are some good movie suggestions…
Baby’s day out
Home alone
troop beverly hills
Mr. Deeds
Father of the bride

As for dinner, pizza is always a safe way to go, but if you want to have a lot of fun you should buy a a few frozen pizzas and have some already sliced peppers, peperonies, sausages, onions, tomatoes and cheeses. This way each girl can costumize their very own peice of pizza. It’s fun and not too much work.

*you could have a cupcake decorating contest, after all it is your birthday, there has to be cake :)
*a scavenger hunt could be a fun way to get the party started and you could have a small prize at the end.

Happy Birthday!

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