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May 28, 2012

Helen asks…

I live in corona(queens, new york) and I ant to take swimming lessons but i don’t no were to go?

any were thats around elmhurst,corona,or flushing would be great!!!!!!
thanx for any comments!!!=)

Administrator answers:

You could probably go to your local YMCA and they have people who can teach you there. Or if you know someone who can swim and has a basic understanding of swimming they can help you out as well!

Mark asks…

traveling from Long Island Freeport to corona queens?

whats the easiest way to travel from freeport, long island NY to queens NY through public transportation
i shouldve added, ive been taking the n4 but it takes over 90 mins and the lirr is too expensive to take to work everyday

Administrator answers:

Long Island Rail Road

In Queens you can get off at Forest Hills and catch the bus up 108th Street into Corona.

Carol asks…

i Live in queens corona ny and i want to go to six flags what bus i need to take and where i need to take?

i live in new york queens corona and i wanna know where i need to go to take a bus that can go to six flags in new jersey pliss guys help me

Administrator answers:

Take the 7 train to Times Square and use the passageway to the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT).

[Note: If the 7 is only going as far as Queensboro Plaza the take the N from there to 42nd St-Times Square and walk to the PABT at 8th Avenue). You can also take the E at 74th St (Roosevelt Avenue) to 42nd St-Port Authority Bus Terminal].

From the PABT you have to take the NJ Transit 308 bus to Six Flags.

The per person “NJ Transit package” cost of the bus (including admission) is:

Bus (round trip) + admission to Theme Park/Safari $62.00 or
Bus (round trip) + admission to Water Park $59.50

NJ Transit Bus only (round trip) $35.00 Note: The Park admission price when purchased at the park is $59.99. The package price offered by NJ Transit (as indicated above )saves you at least $33.00… (click on New York/Newark for details).

Six Flags page showing basic park admission (when not purchased at the same time as the bus ticket at PABT)…

Bus timetable:…

*****IMPORTANT – There is only 1 bus going from PABT to Six Flags (9:30 AM) and one bus coming back from Six Flags (9:30 PM).

Donald asks…

what is metal sturcture in flushing medow corona park in queens ?

Administrator answers:

The metal globe you see is the Unisphere. The Unisphere made it’s debut for the 1939 Worlds Fair, and it was used again for the 1964 World’s fair. When the globe was in its best condition, it had lights, and the lights are places where all the large cities are located all over the world.

The reason why its not in top condition is due to that moron Robert Moses. He first promised to keep all the stuff from he 1964 Worlds Fair in top condition, but then he was his idiot self and decided to remove almost everything from the World’s fair, and the globe and other sturctures left have not been maintained since the 1964 Worlds Fair ended.

The only structure that is still in use is Terrace on the Park.

Sandy asks…

moving into queens corona nyc.?

so recently me and my family moved into corona in queens located in nyc. we live around 57th ave and 99th street and we were wondering if this neighborhood is generally safe? is there a lot of gang activities going on? ty for answering

Administrator answers:

Its not that good of an area. Lots of hispanic gang activity.
Latin kings,Trinitarios, DDP, and familia are the main gangs.

Mary asks…

Flushing Meadows/Corona Park-QUeens?

I will be flying in to LaGuardia and staying in Manhattan. The bulk of our siteseeing will be in Manhattan. However, on our last day there, we will have alot of time between hotel check out and when our flight is. We would like to go to Corona Park in Queens since it isn’t too far from the airport. But we will have all our luggage with us. If we get a cab to take us to Corona Park, are there plenty available in the Queens area to take us to the airport? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

There are plenty of cabs, watch your luggage, and yourself, not so nice area……

Jenny asks…

What is Corona, Queens like?

Would you walk there at night if you had to?

Administrator answers:

Corona is a mostly hispanic neighborhood.
Mostly Central ans South American with a mix of old Italian (they still play Bocce ball in some places) and a sprinkling of everything else.
It is mostly apartments in private houses or apartment buildings.
Parking is usually on the street and can be a bear of a problem.
It is well served by bus and subway service.
In the summer, I wouldn’t miss a trip to Lemon Ice King of Corona for all the pizza in Chicago.
(It’s in the opening credits of King of Queens)
The end of Men in Black in Flushing Meadows Park is the neighboring area to Corona and the new
Citi Field is right there too.
Its a little crowded for my taste,but Im not scared to walk there day or night.

Laura asks…

Is there any nail salon that does calgel manicures in Queens , N.Y ?

I just got my first calgel manicure n I love it but I don’t want to travel so far from home ( corona, queens ny) … So if anyone knows any nail salon anywhere in queens please let me know. Thank you

Administrator answers:

Yes, they’re all listed here:

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