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Your Questions About Corona Queens

June 4, 2012

George asks…

I live in jamaica queens and i wanted to know how i could get to corona by taking the F train – correct idk?

Administrator answers:

You can take the f train to roosevelt avenue and then take the 7 train towards Flushing to your destination. Corona is pretty big so I’m not sure which stop would be the closest. But Junction Blvd and Willets Pt. Shea Stadium (and all the stops between) are in Corona.

Thomas asks…

Where can i buy MAC EYESHADOW in queens n.y?

I live in the corona queens n.y area. Where can I buy MAC makeup/eyeshadow????

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you go to the MAC website?

That’s what I do

Paul asks…

where in NYC would they sell Argentina food products and clothing?

In corona queens? if so what part? I am trying to find a tank top soccer jersey. I know they sell it somewhere but, where.

Administrator answers:

There are over 2000 argentina soccer jerseys listed on ebay! I just checked. Good luck. If you buy it now, no auction and get priority mail you can get it in about 3 days.

William asks…

where can i get a free prostate test in nyc?

I’m almost 40 and i’m starting to worry about my prostate, and i would like to get tested, buy since i don”t have insurance because i do not have documents i would like to know if there are places where i could get this exam for free or for a low cost. I live in 97 and roosevelt avenue, Corona Queens, NY 11368. PLease let me know. Any anwers will be hightly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Hola Fernando! – Prostate cancer occurs in older men with the average age of 72 years. You are much younger. Prostate tumors are often slow-growing. Prostate cancer screening consists mainly of the doctor doing a digital rectal examination as part of a regular physical examination. To do this, the doctor will insert his gloved finger in your rectum and move it over the back wall of the prostate gland to check for any tumor lumps that might be cancer. At your young age, the doctor often will not bother to check so you need to ask. There is a lab chemistry test available called a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) which is a good screening test BUT it costs and no-one does it for free or reduced prices, especially at your age without other signs of possible prostate cancer. It seems that you will have to wait for your next general physical exam or fully pay to have any exam or test done. But if you want to worry, that is your choice.

Sandra asks…

Is my Queens/I-95 commute too much?

I currently commute from New Rochelle to Corona, Queens for work. The commute isn’t bad; it’s about 25 minutes, and I don’t encounter much traffic because I work 7-3 when it’s not rush hour in either direction. However, we’re considering moving to Stamford, CT, which is about 20 minutes north. Google maps suggests the commute for me will be 45 minutes long, but I’m worried about I-95 — right now, I just take the Hutch to exit 5 and have no issues. Anyone else take 95 around 3/4 pm northbound? Is there a lot of traffic?

Administrator answers:

I have taken bus along I-95, but traffic is not very bad except near Throgs Neck or Bronx Whitestone Bridge. I-95, you must have Easy Pass because toll booth at I-95 in New Rochelle does not accept CASH FARE.
To avoid toll booth, you must go around.

Driving could be frustrated, so best bet is to take train and subway.

Step 1: At Stamford Station, buy Metro-North Railroad ticket from Stamford to Grand Central on New Haven Line. $12.25 peak and $9.25 off-peak.
Step 2: Take New Haven Line straight to Grand Central.
Step 3: Make sure to get on Flushing (7) local illustrating Green Circle that takes you to 103rd, 111th St. During PM Rush Hour, you could take express illustrating Red Diamond to Junction Blvd for local train.

Sandy asks…

If Paul Simon’s “Me & Julio” is about a homosexual relationship, who is Rosie (The Queen of Corona) ?

I’m of course not positive if it is even about a homosexual relationship, that’s just the interpretation I’ve heard most often.

Administrator answers:

I’ve heard the homosexual thing alot
but I always thought that the song was about two kids getting high

and Rosie is just some girl, from Corona, that Paul is friends with

Ken asks…

Why do the neighborhoods of Queens, NY get special mention while the other boro’s are simply BK, BX, NY, or SI?

Why does Queens get Richmond Hill, NY or Corona, NY or Jamaica, NY while the other 4 are just Brooklyn, NY, Bronx, NY , New York, NY or Staten Island, NY?

I, for one, wouldn’t mind a Gerritsen Beach, NY.

Administrator answers:

Its because the original QUEENS county (which was founded in 1683) couldn’t decide whether to join NYC as part of a huge city in 1875. The voting in queens county was split, some of the towns said yes to joining nyc, others seceeded and decided to became nassau county. The post office had to deliver the mail somewhere, and because queens as a whole couldn’t make up its mind, the post office instead relied on the town name instead of the county name.


In 1894 a vote was taken in New York, Westchester, Kings, Queens and Richmond counties on a proposal to combine New York City with Brooklyn, the eastern Bronx, part of Queens County, and all of Richmond County, to form the second largest city in the world (after London). There was a large majority for the proposal, but only because of the vote in New York County. Only 50.1% of Kings County voters were in favor, and some towns, such as Flushing in Queens County, were solidly opposed.

Nevertheless, the overall majority ruled, and consolidation went ahead. In 1895 New York City annexed the eastern Bronx. On January 1, 1898, the City of Brooklyn, Long Island City, and the towns and villages of western Queens and all of Richmond were replaced by the Boroughs of Brooklyn (Kings County), Queens (Queens County), and Richmond (Richmond County). With the Boroughs of Manhattan and The Bronx (New York County) they formed a new City of New York, briefly called “Greater New York.”

The western-quarter of Queens County (the City of Long Island City, the Towns of Newtown, Flushing and Jamaica and the Rockaway peninsula of the Town of Hempstead) are annexed by the new New York City. The eastern three-quarters (the Towns of North Hempstead, Hempstead and Oyster Bay) remained part of Queens County, but is not part of New York City. Thus, for one year, part of Queens County is in New York City and part is not in New York City.


Mary asks…

An affordable area in Queens to choose?

im planning to move out when im 18 and there are so many neighborhoods in queens i want to move to but i cant decide. For example i want to go to Corona or Jackson Heights or maybe Cambria Heights i have no idea on which one to choose. What are in Queens is the cheapest for a teenager to afford? HELP ME PLEASE lol??

Administrator answers:

Truthfully, I don’t know which one is the cheapest but I find Bayside/Flushing to be a nice area and so is Forest Hills and Kew Gardens. Maybe you can get a roommate???

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