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June 9, 2012

Mandy asks…

WHat are the best Italian restaurants in New York/Long Island ?

So far I think Piccola Venezia (astoria, Queens, La Mela, Buona Notte (Little Italy, Manhattan) la Grotta (Little neck, Queens) Trattoria L’incontro (astoria) Parkside (corona, Queens) are some of my fav.

What are the best?

Administrator answers:

Il Cortile in Little Italy has great food

William asks…

Which is faster bus or train?

Um am planning to go to the bronx zoo today, from corona queens. Which is faster to get there? Train or Bus?

Administrator answers:

In this case, the Q44 (available at Main St, Flushing) from Queens to West Farms Square/Bronx Zoo will be faster as it is more direct (Queens to the Bronx).

To take the train you’d have to go into Manhattan first (via the #7 train to Grand Central) and then get the train to the Bronx (West Farms Square station). The 5 train is running from Grand Central to the Bronx but on reduced schedules due to construction at E 180th St.

Enjoy the zoo.

Betty asks…

What stores sells the Holy Koran in the Queens, NY area, preferably in or close by Jamaica.?

I want do not want to travel all the way to Forest Hills, Astoria, Corona, etc. I want to know a place within the Jamaica area, that I can pick up a copy. It doesn’t have to be an exclusive version, a simple and plain one will do.
I need to know where to get it, and there is no ramadan section in Queens, NY.

Administrator answers:

Maybe you should ask in ramadan section, there are more muslims there

Nancy asks…

How crowded will it be skating on Monday?

In the World Ice Arena in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, New York. Around 1:50..or 2pm? Is it going to be super crowded?

Administrator answers:

Most likely. I live in Southern California, but if the ice rinks in New York are like California’s it WILL be crowded. Especially on this holiday, all students are off of school and everyone wants to hang out. So, prepare. Typically, on ANY any holiday where people get a day off of school/work, the rinks are always pretty crowded. Haha, I hope this helped!

Thomas asks…

how do i get from ft hamilton to 47th st via subway?

i am staying at ft hamilton in brooklyn and i need to get to 102-29 47th st in corona queens. can someone help me find my way on the subway sys? can’t find anything online that helps.

Administrator answers:

To routes in NYC I always use

Here’s what it says (in brief):

Take the R train from 95 Street – Bay Ridge station

Get off at Grand Avenue – Newtown

Take the Q58 Bus from Grand Av and Queens Bl station heading to Flushing

Get off at Corona Av and 102 St

Walk North on 102nd St towards Nicolls Ave
Turn right onto 47th Ave

Laura asks…


I’m looking for a Zumba class in Forest Hills, Rego Park, Corona, Elmhust, or Woodside Queens in New York. Don’t want to join a gym. A drop-in class is perfect. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I lost about 20 pounds last month at my Washington gym. Try joining a New York for exercise, weight loss, and stamina. Http://

Chris asks…

do you believe in the war in iraq?

well im a New Yorker and many have died, especially spanish people because of this so called ‘war” which i dont believe in. i live in a community full of hispanics (Corona Queens, N.Y.) and every week i hear stories that a new soldier has died and who is it that died? a HISPANIC! why is that? they even named a street after a soldier that has died in iraq. street name is Bustamante..colombian guy.

Administrator answers:

More than hispanics are dieing in this fight. You are just tunnel visioned because of where you live.


@dded : Every Service Member who has lost their life has done so freely, They joined a Voluntary Military, all of us should be Proud they Wanted to Serve Our Great Country!

Ken asks…

is it true that earth is heaven and hell?

someone told me that the life everybody is living right now is a stage of afterlife and if you were good in the previous life you have a good life on earth like heaven but if you were had you have a bad life like hell and its a trial from god if you succeed you get to go onto the next trial but if you fail you have to go back or do it again thats what i was told by a man named tobias jennings from corona queens

Administrator answers:

No, this is not the truth. Heaven and hell are very real places. Check out

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