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April 9, 2012

Ken asks…

Is there any way to rent a nice house/duplex in Singapore for less than $3000?

We are looking for a place that has amenities, such as pool, work out room, play ground ect…….
We really dont want any thing that is chinsy or has that cheap look/feel. We like the more traditioning/colonial feeling.
No apartments if possible. We want to be as close to nature as we can.
If this is possible, please send all links or any info you have on such….
Thank you very much!!

Administrator answers:

Dear Sirs/Madam,

Based on the current rental market in singapore, it would not be easy to get a dream home in singapore with that buget,a
4+1 inter terrace within the Singapore American School Neighbourhood is renting with a $9000 to $10000 per month now

Can i know do you have any perfer area which you are looking for?

Please furnish me with more info so that i can try to get you something around your buget.

May you can drop by my website to read up on the real estate review and update so you will have a better picture of the market now.


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