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February 25, 2012

Carol asks…

If a duplex for rent ad says “references required”?

We need to move ASAP. We have credit issues from the past. We paid our son’s medical bills and had to let the credit cards slide. Mostly store cards that we couldn’t pay. Husband lost his job for a while also. Now we both are working (me over a yr and a half and him over 2 yrs) and have paid our rent on time for 1 1/2 yrs in our rental. The ads I am looking at say “references required”. Do you think they just want landlord and personal/work reference and do not do credit check? Other ads do say credit and background check. Just wondering what opinion is?

Administrator answers:

You should not assume they will not also want a credit check and a criminal back ground check.

This really only means they will not take first time renters, they want you to have previous landlords.

Daniel asks…

WhaWhere can I find an affordable flat or duplex in metro Atlanta?t would you like to ask?

I am looking to relocate to Metro Atlanta and I was looking on craigslist for a flat or duplex to rent. I want something that I can rent by myself, and not have roomates. Any sites or rentable homes that anyone knows about? Would be much appreciated. Thanks

Affordable=$450 and lower in rent

Administrator answers:

You will definately have to be outside the atlanta area, Im from Cartersville, its 40mles north of downtown straight up i-75 and that is about how much rent is here and this is a very nice area, lots of restaurants and things to do

Jenny asks…

I have a duplex that I rent out and use this truck as my main transportation for this rental. Can I use ?

the truck repairs as a write off on my taxes?

Administrator answers:

YES… would need to keep a log of all uses of the vehicle, and the mileage involved. Such as the beginning and ending mileage of each and every trip in the vehicle. Then at the end of tax year, you would calculate the % used for your rental.

As you would have also kept gasoline receipts, repair receipts, etc….then you could write off the % of the total figure used for your rental.

This same approach can also be used if you used a portion of your residence for the ” business ” of your rental. Such as for files, a desk for doing paperwork, etc. Calculate the % of the total house that you use. Then you can deduct utilities, mortgage payment and upkeep as a business expense.

I have used both approaches successfully with the tax people and have had no problems. I am fair in my deductions and have ample receipts, and have never been denied.

James asks…

Need help here. Landlord puts sign in our yard saying the duplex we rent is for sale without notice legal??

We moved in to the duplex in May and have a year lease and the landlord said that they would honor the lease and that she “forgot” to tell us. Neighbors were notified but we however were not. If you have any advice, any answers please post I feel almost taken advantage of. It is in De Pere,WI if that can help at all. Searched and searched but all i can find is lame pages that have links to go to another page with links just very misleading please help.

Administrator answers:

Well, basically the owner can sell the unit at any time, even without notice to you. BUT…she should have told you as a courtesy, without you looking outside and suddenly seeing a sign outside on your lawn…VERY TACKY! If someone purchases the unit, the lease you have with the current owner will get signed over to the new owner. The new owner has to honor it. The only problem is, if their is a clause in your lease that states that landlord can break your lease at any time with notice, then you are out. For instance, in Pennsylvania, we sold one of our 3 units. We had a tenant in the first floor that was with us for over 5 years…LOVED HER!!! But the new owner gave her a 30 day notice to vacate, because he wanted to move in to her unit. Unfortunately, it was all legal in PA, she had to move. Check your lease for such a clause.

Lizzie asks…

OK, so we found an ad in the paper about a duplex for rent.?

It said that place was a couple years old. We drove by and were interested in it. We called the number, and a lady offered to show the place in a few days after she notified the current tenants. We went to go see it, looked very nice, it was everything we were looking for. So what she said is that she would take a security deposit, we would sign the back of the lease, but that we would need to fill out pre made applications for her. She said that she would use the information from the applications to fill out the rest of the lease. We complied, gave her the deposit check, we all three signed the lease. She then told us, as long as the application goes through that we would be fine.

A few days later we got the applications to her. And she told us that she would call us very soon. A few days passed and we hadn’t heard from her, so I decided to call and check on our status. She said that everything was fine with our applications, but there was a problem. In the week it took to get this all done, she said she already signed the place with somebody else that also gave her a security deposit before us. She has not cashed the check, and that she owns the building next door, in which is exactly the same floor plan as the other. Well I was irritated, but I said we’d have to look at it first. She dodged that issue for a bit, then complied. She stated that we already signed the lease, and all she has to do is make copies, then deposit the check. The main guy who wanted to really look at it is out of town for a week, so we have to wait till Monday to view the property.

I checked the place on google earth, and sure enough the floor plan was the same. But I noticed one difference. There was no basement door to the outside. I called her on that, and she said she forgot, and that was the only difference. She agreed to reduce the rent 50 dollars for that omission.

My real question is, is this legal? I know now we shouldn’t have signed a blank lease. But she did end up taking our check after already taking another persons check. And who knows it could have been the other way around. Another thing is too, that the ad stated the place was a couple years old. After researching, the place was constructed in 1999. So 11 years old, not a couple. Is this legal? Any advice at all is very appreciated.
I forgot to say too that after looking a lot on the internet and found out that the place she is suggesting is up for sale. The place we looked at first is not.

Administrator answers:

I would back away from this one. Get your cheque back from her.
She may have taken the 2 deposits in case the first person didn’t come back.
I don’t know if it’s illegal, but there are too many discrepancies about this for me to be comfortable.

George asks…

does anyone know were to find a house or duplex for rent in tacoma or parkland area a1 bedroom as low as 400 a

Administrator answers:

Craigslist might have some options for you.

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