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March 13, 2012

Ken asks…

changelotzoning (apartmentbase)works to make an apartment but why not a duplex, help please.?

Ive tried it and it works for making apartments. When I go to make a duplex for rent I get an error message telling me to change the lot zoning back to residential and fix the architectural issues. No idea what issues there would be. Has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it… if so, I could really use some help…
Please help me, anyone?

Administrator answers:

Check the doors, you need to put the specials doors.

Michael asks…

Where can I find houses / duplex’s for rent in my area Adrian.MI online?

Administrator answers:

Craigs List is a great way to find rentals either managed by a company or rentals from private owners. When you search for Craigs List make sure you input the name of the city or town you want to live in and any neighboring cities you may also be willing to live in. Good Luck

John asks…

Is $650 rent too expensive? (Duplex)?

I asked a question yesterday but i found out more information about the place that i’d like to rent.
It’s a duplex that looks like a house, the apartment i’d like is a 5 1/2 and it’s $650 a month for rent.
Down stairs (it’s like a basement apartment) it’s a 3 1/2. It’s hard to explain but i am interested in the 5 1/2, it comes with a basement, back yard/front yard, shed, garage. I will be responsible for cutting the grass and snow removal in the summer/winter (I’m from Canada). It is run by ELECTRICITY (not gas/oil) but i do not know how much it would be a month – i am wondering if you’d know the basic amount that a 5 1/2 cost for electricity a month?. I do not have to pay for garbage or sewer water it’s all included in the rent, i also don’t have to pay for ‘renter’s insurance’ and if anything breaks in the place i call the landlord and he will come fix it.

I am just wondering, is $650 rent expensive for that place? my boyfriend & i together make $2,000 a month.

And my basic bills are
TV/Telephone/Internet which all together totals up to $113 a month

And i put $50 a week for Gas for our car, $40 a week for groceries, $50 for car repair (in case something happens to the car) so that all together is $560 + bills $113 = $673
But i am not sure how much the electricity would cost….I don’t know if i should move to that place or just stay where i am (3 1/2 and i pay $362 for rent and it will be going up soon and another $108 for electricity).
I asked the landlord and he said in the last 2 years it was run by Gas/Oil but he is removing it cause it’s too expensive….and the last tenant was his son….so i am not sure how much the electricity would be, he told me to call our electricity company but he said they might only have records for 2007-2008 since it was run by Gas/Oil after that

But here in Canada we don’t have to pay for our medical things (doctor visit, pills)…and even the dentist/eyedoctor (in my case, cause i have glasses). And clothes, we have a lot and wont need any, any time soon and plus we buy our clothes at secondhand stores =P.
Also we don’t go on vacations as we don’t like to travel…we are the type of people who just like to stay home and relax or visit our family (which is just in our town).

Administrator answers:

Yes, stay where you are or look for another place but don’t go over 450. You want some money left for transportation, food, clothing, medical, savings, and those little unexpected things that come up.

Daniel asks…

Rent an old duplex and electric bill is VERY uneven, what can I do?

I rent one side of an old craftsman style duplex. My side is a one bedroom with heat/air window units. I NEVER turn on one of these units. The other I keep at 72-75 degrees. My windows are terribly insulated, but I can’t get the landlord to do much about it. I live by myself, keep lights turned off in rooms I don’t use, and use a portable heater instead of window unit when I can.

The other side of the house is a TWO bedroom, 1.5x the size. Two college boys live there, who constantly have lights on, as well as about 6 musical instruments plugged in and running constantly. They don’t use their heat much, but neither do I. The window insulation problem is the same.

The hot water heater for both sides of the house is on one of my outlets. I believe the washer and dryer is also.

My electric bill for ONE month is $125. Their electric bill for the exact same billing cycle is $50!!!

What could be the HUGE difference in electric costs? Could the house be wired to where I am being billed for their side? Would the hot water heater and washer/dryer add THAT much of a difference? And what can I do to get my landlord to upgrade the insulation, etc? How do I find out if they have some outlets that are being billed on my side of the house?

Thanks for any help.
The landlord has been notified of the insulation issues MULTIPLE times. I’m going to go to home depot and just do it myself.

The electric company will NOT come out to examine the property when you rent. The landlord must request this action, and also has to pay $100 for an energy assessment, which she obviously isn’t willing to do.

Administrator answers:

You seem to have separate electric bills, which leads me to wonder do you have separate water bills? If so then it would seem that the structure is set up for multifamily occupancy. But then I have to wonder about the Electric bill.
Obviously you have determined that the bill you are receiving is for YOUR side and not THEIR side, Yes?

But it could be that the structure is Not set up for multifamily use. If so, then it would be in violation of local building codes. Call the County/City building department and double check.

If you had separate utilities I would think your bill would be about $60 and theirs would be about $115. $125 + $50 =$175. Divide by 3 and you get $58 for you and $116 for them. That sounds more like it.
In my area the power company Will come out at the request off the person Who’s Name is on the bill.
And they will do a Free Energy assessment. Have You called them or are you relying on information from the Landlord?
In any case feel free to verify information yourself. And listen to what the Building department has to say.
Don’t concern yourself with any cost the Landlord might have to incur to comply with code. That’s not your problem.
Don’t worry about the Landlord evicting you. She might threaten to do so, but she would be foolish to try.
Here’s a little secret, a tenant that “knows their rights” can (under certain circumstances) remain in a unit for up 6 months without paying rent. All quite legal. The reverse is that a Landlord who “knows their rights” can (again under certain circumstances) have someone off of their property in as little as 72 hours. A very good friend of mine is a Landlord and I have seen both extremes as a result.
Should the need arise, call your local “Legal Aid Society” for free legal aid.
Good luck.

Sandra asks…

It’s Complicated – Did he agree to rent us his duplex to help us out or was there another reason?

Ok, this is complicated. I’ll try to be as brief as I can. Hubby & I had been struggling to pay our rent / bills since he got laid off almost a year ago. I’ve had some health issues & was working as much as I could, but it was only part time salary so things were very tight. We also have a 3 yr old daughter. Well, hubby wound up getting some temp work at a welding company. We had to move due to his new job. We wound up moving to a town where I used to hang out w/ friends as a teen & also where an old friend lives. This old friend, I’ll call him Alex, I considered to be just a friend, but when I told my hubby stories about us when we were teens, my husband told me it sounded as if Alex had been interested in me. I just brushed it off becuz it’d never really felt that way to me. Well hubby & I we were doing ok, but then hubby’s temp job ended & we were back to square one w/ just me working. We were having a really hard time paying the rent where we were, so I got the idea of asking my friend if he knew of anyone that rented apts for less than where we were. I asked hubby, & hubby agreed that it’d be ok to ask my old friend, as we’d found out thru a mutual friend of ours, that he was now married w/ 2 kids. Ok so I looked him up in the phone book, as it had been almost 12 years since we’d last seen each other & I wasn’t sure if he’d even remember me. Well, turns out he remembered me & when I asked about places for rent, he told me he had a duplex. He & his family lived on one side & he occassionally rented out the other side altho he was renovating it at the moment. But he said it was livable as is, & if we really needed it, he’d rent it out to us cheap. Hubby agreed, so we moved in. Alex, started coming over to finish renovating & hubby didn’t like it at all. We started having fights becuz hubby would accuse me of giving Alex ‘secret smiles or looks’. He’d tell me he would notice that Alex still felt something for me. I’d tell him it was all in his head. After 3 months of being there, hubby still not having found work, told me he’d thought of how to get more money. He told me he had some property he could sell from his home town, where his mother lives & that he was gonna go take care of that. He said, he’d send $$ back to our daughter & I as soon as the sale was done, that he’d be back in less than 2 months. I was hesistant & told him I didn’t think it was a good idea, but hubby told me to trust him, so I did, & he left. Ok, well 3 days after hubby arrived at his mother’s, he called me to say that it was over. This came as a total shock to me. We’d been married since July 2001 & it was Oct 2009 when he left plus we have our daughter. I cried, begged & asked why he was doing this & why he lied to me & he just replied, ‘You’re where you really want to be anyway.’ He, my husband, stopped answering his phone after that. I called Alex becuz my husband had been talking to him up to the day he was going to leave to see what he & my husband had talked about & Alex told me the same thing my husband told me, that he had said he was going to sell property & get back w/in 2 months or less. I didn’t know what to do. Alex told me not to worry about the rent. He told me I could stay as long as I wanted. My Dad & brothers came over after I told them that my husband had left us & they insisted that I leave. I didn’t want to becuz I felt safe & comfortable where I was at Alex’s duplex, but my family insisted & even started moving things out w/out me saying it was ok. Alex was gone, somewhere w/ his family, & so I called Alex on his cellphone to let him know I was moving out. Alex said, in an angry sounding tone, ‘You know I told you not to worry about the rent, plus I promised your husband’. I replied that I was sorry but that I had to go. Well, my daughter & I moved in w/ my Dad, & my husband called me there a few days later. We’re trying to work things out & he wants me to go where he is, which is his mother’s. I’m hesistant because no. 1 my husband lied to me & no 2 when I tell my husband I love him he doesn’t say it back (I think he thinks something happened w/ Alex), & no. 3, we’ll be at my MIL. Hubby & I have been separated now for a little over a year while I save up some money while at my Dad’s & I’m waiting on my income tax refund. Since then I’ve done some meditating & I actually realized, & I know I’m going to get alot of slack & name calling but, that I may actually be in love w/ Alex & I finally realized what my husband was talking about Alex having had feelings for me. I actually asked Alex about what he considered me to be back then & he said I was wild & untameable. He also said he felt he was goofy-looking back then. I never thought so, but I did think he was really shy. So I believe this is the reason Alex never said
Sorry so long ran outta room – So I believe this is the reason Alex never said anything to me back then. He would just sort of hint at things but I didn’t take it as serious. Ok and as I mentioned above, I think I may actually be IN love w/ Alex but don’t know if I’m just feeling this becuz Alex came to the rescue when we needed him most and if I’m feeling this becuz of my husband having abandoned my daughter and I like he did. I do have to admit tho that I’ve realized I’m no longer IN love w/ my husband. I mean, I do still love him for everything we’ve been thru together, for our daughter, but I’m not IN Love w/ him and I don’t think he’s IN love w/ me either becuz when we talk on the phone, I’ll end it w/ saying I love you, but he doesn’t say it back. I asked my husband if he still loves me on one of our last calls and hubby replied, don’t worry about that, just get over here as soon as you can. I take marriage and vows very seriously and would never and have never cheated on
for the lady that said it was not ok to call Alex on his cellphone, Alex gave us, my husband and I, his cellphone number to use when he was not home & the reason I called him on it that day was becuz he was not home and the final decision to move out was sudden so I needed to know if it was ok and where to leave him the key to the apt. (I had already told Alex I might have to move out really soon a few days before and Alex replied not to worry about the rent at all, but my Dad and 2 brothers went over and started moving things out even tho I told them not to)

Administrator answers:

LEAVE ALEX ALONE HE IS MARRIED. You are fantasizing about him to avoid confronting the problems you face in your own life. It is far, far easier to dream of romance with a new partner than to face reality. Do not compound your problems by creating new ones.

You need to decide what you want to do re your marriage and either divorce or reunite. I think your husband should find a job and find his own place before you consider moving back in with him.

Mark asks…

Looking into purchasing duplex, what type of loan should I take, what % should I put down?

I’m looking at purchasing a duplex. I would live in one half and rent the other. I’m wondering what type of fixed rate loan makes the most sense (15yr, 20yr, or 30yr). I’m confident that I could afford the payments for each type loan (although a 15yr could be risky if I lose my job or something). Im also wondering how much do put down for a down payment. I could put up to 40% down.

My initial thought would be to put a lot down and take a 15 year loan so that the property is paid off asap.

However, I wonder if there are financial advantages (tax deductions from interest) that might make me want to consider putting less money down and taking a 30yr loan. If I put less money down and a 30yr loan, I could save money and invest it elsewhere. What are your thoughts?

In about 7 years, I’ll probably be looking into buying a single family house. Should I sell the duplex then, or just rent out the other side?

Administrator answers:

All good questions. And you are on the right track in thinking that having a lower payment and saving the difference might make sense.

For an owner-occupied duplex, you could get attractive financing with as little as 5% down. You’d either need to do an 80/15 or take mortgage insurance, however, so I would expect that the marginal cost of the extra 15% financing becomes more than your likely rate of return elsewhere.

However, there’s also the leverage factor.

I’d just go out and put 20% down, and take a 30 year fixed rate loan. That keeps a good chunk of liquid money in the bank, and gets you the lowest possible cost of financing. A good balance, I’d think.

You could always pay extra on the mortgage, but I’d wait until you’re out of the unit. As long as you don’t mind playing landlord for a home you don’t occupy, this could be a nice investment for your future. After you move out, pump any additional rents towards your mortgage payment, and pay it off. You’ll have decades of stable income to enjoy.

Sandy asks…

If I a have a lease with the current owner of my duplex and he sells the building, does the lease fizzle?

I recently signed a two year lease for half of a duplex which is owned by my landlord. He is now trying to sell the building, but he assures me that my lease will stay in effect and will transfer to the new buyer.
My concern is if the new buyer wants to live in my half of the duplex and not rent it out. Would the new buyer legally be able to kick me out? Or will my two year lease protect me from being forced to move out?
I really don’t want to move, so I hope it’s the latter…

Administrator answers:

You are OK. A lease is an agreement and cannot be broken. You signed a contract and so did the owner.

Richard asks…

when i moved in my duplex i paid first and last months rent. I paid rent for march which is my last month ill?

be living in a new place april first i dont think i had to par march rent if it was my last month should i ask for the money back i have reciept that i paid first and last month whe i moved in.

Administrator answers:

As long as you gave proper notice you are entitled to a full refund of the rent.

Robert asks…

I’m building a duplex I am going to live in 1 unit and rent out the other how do I get more bang for my buck

Should I build 1 bedroom units or 2 bedroom units. Will the extra room pay for itself.

Administrator answers:

One bedroom utnits do not justify the cost of constructing them. If you can’t go 2-3 br’s at lest your wasting your investment.

Although one br untis are popular, they don’t evan come close to justifying the expence. Nevermind the waste of real property.

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