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Your Questions About Duplex For Rent Austin Tx

February 18, 2012

Carol asks…

We’re moving to Austin,TX soon. What’s the best way for me to get information about cost of living?

Also housing,good/bad areas to live,schooling,etc. My husband needs a job;he can work construction,(his current job is working a front-end loader for an asphalt crushing/recycling business).The company he works for is going out of business but has agreed to pay moving expenses wherever we move(my husband decided on Austin because he has family there). We’re looking to rent for now and we’re not really big on apartment complexes/buildings so what’s it like to rent a single family home? Are they all in housing developments or is it possible to just live on a regular street/neighborhood(for lack of a better way to put it?) Do most/all landlords require credit checks/long-term leases? I ask especially about the leases,because where we’re living now is a duplex and we’re month-to-month. Also,I guess it might depend on each landlord/lady but what’s the best way to find out if the rental is pet-friendly(my daughter has a cat)? Would it be better to go through some sort of rental/management company(the few we’ve dealt with here in Florida are not good)or do it on our own?

Administrator answers:

Austin has a pretty high cost of living relative to other cities in Texas. It has a very high quality of life, and people settle for lower salaries than they could get in Dallas or Houston in order to live here. Rents are very high; as a general rule, Austin has not been affected by the housing slump. To find something affordable for a family, you’ll want to look on the outskirts of town. East Austin has historically been low-income, but there is lots of new development there now and, as a result, it has some high-rent pockets as well. The Westlake area is super high dollar; going as far north to Round Rock or as far south to Buda or northwest to Cedar Park will help you save money, but then you’ll be missing out on what is so special about Austin, the heart of the city.

Good luck.

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