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March 26, 2012

Donna asks…

Will renting a country house save me money if I have to haul water and use propane?

I live in a modern duplex that I rent for $665 per month. Each month I pay approximately 200 for gas, elec, and water combined. I am thinking of renting a house in the country for $495 per month. BUT the water is trucked in and pumped from a cistern at $40 per load. And the main energy source is propane. I’m trying to figure out if I will actually be worse off if I move.

Administrator answers:

First of all it’s really just simple math, though the situation may not seem simple.

I suspect you have the ability to estimate and calculate,,, no offense meant at all.

RENTING, by its very nature cannot be equated to SAVING however.

Immediate figuring shows 885. From that,,,in thinking of the alternative, you need to know what constitutes A LOAD and your useage. PLUS here in Central FL a Propane refill for a 75 gal tank averages about 130. Certainly that is determined by use among other things.

You need to know what gallons A LOAD is, and your use per month no matter. Then you need to know if HEAT and cooking are the ways you have to use Propane, then calculate what the differences are in comparing current costs.

It may be that you’ll be at even? It may be that the new digs cost more,,,, or less, but also factor in WHY you want the NEW and equate non tangible benefits, or detractors, in the mix.

Rev. Steven

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