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April 6, 2012

Steven asks…

Can tenants be evicted based on paying utilities and rent late?

A little background. I live in my brothers house (it’s a duplex) so he is the technical landlord. My husband and I live on the lower level, my husband’s cousin and his wife live upstairs. We have to split certain utilities such as gas because there is only one meter. I have been the one who has been in charge of making sure those bills get paid which means I need to collect money from them and then mail it out. For the past 6 months they have continually paid late, to the point where I have been paying the bill in it’s entirety and then I have to wait for them to pay me. I have spoken to the landlord about this and he investigated and has discovered they have also been paying rent late. Rent is due at the first of the month and they have been paying 1/2 to 3/4 through the month. We have asked them to start paying bills on time, they paid one month on time and then back to old habits. Is this substanial enough to have them evicted? They do not have a lease.
The utilities are in my brothers name. I just take care of those things because he is military and is currently out of country. He has suggested evicting them. I just want to make sure that I am being fair. Being related to both the tenants and the landlord just puts a little twist on it.

Administrator answers:

Without a written lease they can be evicted without any reason at all so the answer to your question would be
YES they can be evicted for paying rent or utilities late.
Will your brother evict them? Who knows?
Are the bills in your name? That is your first problem. Never put bills that are not 100% yours in your name. Try to get your brother to put the bills in his name and then you can each pay your share directly to your brother. This should be a landlord’s problem, not yours. If the bill is in your name and this tenant or any future tenant moves out without paying their share you will be left holding the bag. You are not getting any compensation for this. Your brother the landlord is collecting the rent he should be responsible for any utilities that his tenants do not pay.

Mandy asks…

What are my rights as a renter in Utah?

I signed a lease to rent out this duplex yesterday in Utah county. As we signed it we noticed some cockroaches & the landlord said that they were going to fog the house before we moved in. I have been tossing & turning all night & decided I do NOT want to live in this house regardless if they fog it & kill them or not. Is there anything I can do to get out of the contract? She also had us sign it & we asked for a copy & she said she would give it to us later. So I don’t know the specifics on early termination fees, etc. I know I sound stupid for signing something before reading it in FULL, but does anyone know a website I can get information about rental laws in the state of Utah, breaking leases, etc?

Administrator answers:

I doubt your contract has some sort of three-day think-about-it clause. I don’t believe utah has that as part of their tenant laws. But your landlord may be understanding about you changing your mind. You might also be able to sublease the house, but your landlord may just prefer to find a new renter.

When you break a lease, you’re typically still responsible for the full rent for the entire length of the lease until the landlord finds a new tenant. You’re not in a position of power here. If your attempts to get the lease ripped up don’t go over well, you might want to talk about have a professional extermination service come out there for both sides of the property on a continuous basis. Good luck.

Daniel asks…

Need help finding a two level home to rent?

I am looking for a 2 level home to rent. wetherit be a ownhouse a duplex 1/2 a duplex or even an apartment thats two levels looking in the boston metrowest area needs to be 3 bedrooms with an extra room for an ofice or a bedroom if utilities are included then 1300 is my highest if not 1100 is my highest anyone know where to look i tried criagslist but no luck, help! :)
i just noticed this was posted twice and wasnt suppose to be first they posted it on the wrong board even though i said this one then they posted it twice.. sorry bout that!
i dont want to buy a house.. i want to rent and ialready tried that. thats why im asking about any sites people know that list things like that because i didnt find any thing on google.

Administrator answers:

Go to google.
And type in 3 br house for sale in boston.
Silly. :)

Sandy asks…

can a landlord continue to rent a house with no water?

I live in a duplex, and recently the downstairs neighbors moved out, sticking the landlord with their share of the water bill. I understand that he is now in a difficult position, but I am stuck with no water and have had several friends (people working in this field) that tell me that what he is doing is illegal, and that there is no circumstance in which he is allowed to rent a house with no water. Can anyone tell me, yes or no, whether this is true for a house in Ohio?

Administrator answers:

It depends on why there is no water.

If there is no water because you have not called the service company to establish the service then he can rent it.

If something has happened to the pipes and water can not get to the house then no, he can not.

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