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April 26, 2012

Susan asks…

Question for Landlord’s only?

I have a 3 bedroom duplex for rent. The problem is I am having a hard time finding someone who is able to afford it. Its $1500.00 per month with all utilities included, also, cable and wirless internet. It has 2 full baths, washer/dryer, frig, microwave, private parking, yard, walk in closets and walk in attic for storage. Its located in a very quiet country setting. Do you think im asking to much? What advise can you give me. Thanks
Location: Harleysville, Pennsylvania

Administrator answers:

Find real estate in your area that is comparable to yours and see how much they are charging….it all depends on the area you are in…where i live its normal to charge $1200 for a two bedroom one bath trailor…but that is because the pay is higher so the cost of living went up also…that is one bad thing about having the oil fields in your backyard…i have no clue where this place is, so another suggestion would be talk to your local real estate agents….that is how we rent our houses out…they manage them and get a ten percent cut….you don’t have to worry about late payments because they want their money just as much as you do…they will come out and take a look at the place and pretty much appraise it for how much you can rent it out…and when you go through the real estate agency they will list it with their company also and in the paper….hope this helps….good luck!!!

Laura asks…

Apartment notice?

My husband and I found a cute duplex to rent, well we want to leave our apartment hopefully by June 30, well thats not 30 days from the first of the month. But the thing is…..we have been at our apartment 2 years and a month. The landlord hasn’ t made us sign a new contract…..Since we have no lease right now…is there anyway if we are out at July 1st that she can make us pay that months rent (for July), since we are basically a month to month tenate? I will give her notice, just not the full 30 days. I dont care about getting the Deposit, I just dont want to pay for the month of July! Thanks Melissa

Administrator answers:

In most states all notice requirements are one full month , 30 days, such as from the 1st to the 30th is a full month.
As far as leases, you need to look at yours again. Somewhere in the lease, it may state that if no contract is signed it will automatically go month to month.
You may have to pay for July, but since this is the busy season for renting, they may find someone who will take it.
I know I;m busy right now and don’t have enough apartments to fill the demand.

I wish you luck.

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