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May 15, 2012

Sandy asks…

Pet friendly affordable apartments in kansas city Do you know of any?

I have a 4 pound pomeranian and i REFUSE to move without her. I live in Kansas city Missouri and i dont make much money so preferably something around 300-400$ a month for rent? I know there are some duplexes downtown for 350$ a month but no pets at all not even fish!

Any sites , ideas or even phone numbers?
Try and only answer when you know of some okay?

Administrator answers:

With Yahoo! Search I found this site, which sent me to this site:

Tanglewood Apartments ($450 Studio Apt.; Allows small dogs).
409 NW 66th Terrace, KANSAS CITY, MO 64118
(866) 224-7363

Look through all the listings. Some are expensive, but as you can see, there are some reasonable ones, too. I wouldn’t move without my pets either!

Maria asks…

Finding a duplex when we have pets?

My family has 5 dogs, 2 hamsters a beta fish and a chinchilla. We are looking for a duplex around the area of 49428 to rent. We would like to not have to give up any of our dogs since they were abused by their previous owners and have been with our family for over 2 years now. Our rent payments must be between $500 to $600 a month. They can be up to $700 if utilities are included. Our current home goes into foreclosure in August but we have had no luck finding a place to stay as of yet. We would be willing to move as far away as Coopersville but no further. We are currently searching for a place in the areas of Hudsonville, Jenison, or Grandville. Any sites or addresses of rental duplexes would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I think you should move out in a farm where you dont have to worry about anyone but you and your pets

Steven asks…

I need to find a nice family home to rent for my husband,two children,and myself; in the azusa-san dimas area.

An affordable safe enviorment when my kids can have a yard and food on their table. Anybody renting? Know where i can start looking. A leasing office or anything? I’m having a hard time finding a place-preferably a house, duplex, triplex. A place to call home? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Administrator answers:

Call any real estate office in those cities.
I used to live next door to azusa.

[if you need more help, get back to me]

Sandra asks…

how much would you pay for rent?

for a one bed and one bath duplex that is fully furnished. No working stove. No washer and dryer or hook ups. No control of thermostat. refrigerator doesn’t work right. its in a rough neighborhood. there is some water damage. place has a mildew smell to it. some mold here and there, and the neighbors are loud.

Administrator answers:

Location matters. I would guess somewhere around 500 a month, but in some areas it would be more.

Lizzie asks…

MOVIING!!!NORTH CAROLINA CHARLOTTE AREA need help finding family place to raise our family?

my husband and i are looking to move to the charlotte area looking for good place to raise my our kids 2 to 3 bed rooms 1 bath to 1.5 to 2 bath,house,appartment,duplex, etc..reasonable rent or buy….want to be with in 1 hour from ocean. we want to be out of the city but close to it..were looking ourselves but need help never been there before..

Administrator answers:

I went to college in Rock Hill, SC…it is a couple miles outside of Charlotte. It is such a beautiful area that you will LOVE it no matter where you live. Charlotte is a very clean city with lots to do! You may have trouble getting close to Charlotte and being an hour away from the ocean…Charlotte is still a couple hours away from a beach. Again I would suggest the Rock Hill area, I was able to find a fabulous townhouse on a college students salary :- ) and it is a great place to raise children…also a huge park in town to take them to. Winthrop University is also a beautiful campus where you can take your children to the lake, etc.

John asks…

Where is a safe/affordable place to live in Little Rock, AR area?

I will be relocating there and I would like to hear it straight from the previous/current residents of the city! I used to live there back in 2000 only for a year, but i know A LOT has changed since then, even the population has ballooned (according to stats). So I would like to live somewhere that I don’t have to worry about getting my head blown off when I walk out of my front door or worry that my place is being robbed or “cased” while Im at work or school. There were areas of town that were KNOWN for being low-key back then. Any such places now? Just looking for apartment complexes, areas that are good to rent homes/duplexes in, etc. Any and ALL feedback that you all provide to me is worth your weight in GOLD! Thanks a million!

Administrator answers:

Hi Lady Bee

I have found that the best way to get this kind of information is to:

1. Call several realtors – they are really the best source of this kind of information. Be upfront with them – if you are buying a house fine, if not, just tell them your situation and I know most people will be glad to help, especially someone who is honest and upfront.

2. Call the LR Police Department and talk to someone in their community relations department

3. Call the Chamber of Commerce in LR.

Here’s a good website that also gives information:

Good luck.

Robert asks…

Does paying this months rent on time validate my lease (in ohio)?

My first month living in a duplex, I was late with rent, and paid a fifty dollar fee. The rent was in by the final deadline specified in the lease, but I didn’t get the late fee in until afterwards, around the 11th of that month.
The next rent payment was made on time, and this month’s will be as well. However, when I called the landlord to complain about a wall he had torn up to do repairs a month ago, he threatened me with eviction based on the first month’s rent.
This all seems very shaky to me. He’s threatening me with eviction because I complained about living conditions, and he’s accepted subsequent rent payments. Does he have a case for eviction, or do the rent payments I made nullify the first late payment?
Age of reason, you’re righteous indignation, impressive as it is, does not really have anything to do with anything, except maybe making yourself feel better. Would you mind not masturbating all over my question?
I could have elaborated on the landlords own indiscretions and lease violations, but I thought I’d stick to the facts, since that’s what I’m after. To clarify: is he, in accordance with the information I’ve provided and nothing else, legally justified if he decides to evict?

Administrator answers:

He CANNOT evict you over a late payment that has long since been taken care of. Once you paid the rent and the late payment for that month the slate is wiped clean and there is nothing more he can do about it. He has no legal grounds to evict you until you are late again. The only time a landlord can hold old late payments against you is if you are consistently late. Some states allow a landlord to evict if you are consistently late but just once does not count.

He has to fix that weather he likes it or not. The following is legal in most states, I am not 100% sure if it is in Ohio: Send him a certified letter stating the needed repair. He then has x # of days to fix it. This # varies by state. If he still does not get it fixed then you can have a licensed contractor fix it and take only that amount of the next months rent. Do not just not pay rent. That is illegal and will get you evicted.

Moronic landlords that do not know the laws give the rest of us a bad name!

Carol asks…

room deodorizer?

I currently rent in a duplex, and the air is shared among my rental unit and the other unit. Because the air is shared, the smell of food is very apparent in my unit. To counteract the smell I would like to get a deodorizer that is effective in removing the food odour. I have tried many deodorizers that have either been too strong or too weak, and I am still looking for a deodorizer that meets my needs.

So my question is:

What is the best plug-in deodorizer available in common household stores? (e.g. zehrs, iga, home hardware, etc)

- My needs in a deodorizer is:
1) Must be a plug-in deodorizer
2) Lasts for quite a while
3) Must be commonly available (in common stores)
4) Must be able to cover the scent of food.

- Thanks,

Administrator answers:

I would make a filter to fit over or under the vents in my duplex I Used old small coffee cans and put holes around the top for wires and hung them inside from the bottom of the register covers I fill the with liquid potpourri so every time the heat kicks on the air gets a nice smell , When I cook with Garlic which is almost every day I light scented candles or a potpourri burner while I’m cleaning up.I gave up on electric plug ins and had to get creative I love cooking but I don’t want to smell it after the meal.

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