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May 21, 2012

Betty asks…

Rent costs-in different regions of USA?

for a 3 bedroom 1 bath walk up duplex with no yard and on street parking-nice neighboorhood and decent public school district.

Administrator answers:

You are looking at about $900 a month.. BUT.. In San Francisco or in New York City.. That cost would be much more

Mary asks…

questions about ferrets?

I am having to move to Alaska soon, and I need to know some things:
1)Are ferrets legal in AK?
2)Can you take them on the plane with you? I heard Delta airlines were the only airline that allowed this.
3)Are there any specific medical things I need to do, such as shots be updated within a certain time period before arriving there?
4)I will be moving to Anchorage, or Eagle River, do apartments/duplexes/homes for rent generally accept ferrets?

Any answers would be a HUGE help thanks. :)

Administrator answers:

1. Not sure. I’m pretty sure they are since i’ve never read or heard of them not being allowed there. Contact an Animal Control place near where you will be moving, they probably have a website. They would be able to tell you.
2. Yes, Delta use to allow this, not sure if they still do. I’d contact their customer service before buying the ticket. Also call other airlines and see, sometimes rules change. With Delta the pet carrier use to count as your one carry on item (so that’s all you can have with you, nothing else) . If you don’t mind them being in cargo a couple other airlines will allow them there. Not the best place for your ferret to be though, its better to have them in the cabin.
3. YES. Many airlines will want a shot record from no more than 10 days before boarding the plane. As strange as this rule is, it means you must have shots no more than 10 days before boarding a plane.
4. I’m not sure about up there, but when i was looking for a place where i live only 1 out of the 10 places I looked at would allow my ferrets, but they were gonna charge me a lot to have them.

There use to be a great video on this but i can’t find it xP

Richard asks…

Is the landlord accountable for spraying?

I rent an apartment in a duplex. In the past 3 weeks I have found 3 brown widows around my place. If I notify my landlord is he suppose to get the place sprayed??? What can I do to make sure he gets this done as soon as possible if he is indeed responsible to spray the apartment and surrounding yard?

Administrator answers:

I’m a property manager – a standard agreement is usually the tenant is responsible for inside pest control and apartment managers are responsible for the outside. Check out landlord/tenant laws in your state. I’d probably just call them and ask, though, first. The worst that could happen is they’ll say no, right?

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