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July 15, 2012

Nancy asks…

Does my roommate seem odd or what?

So I’m a second year student at UPEI (I’m 21), and I’m currently at home with my mother, 20 year old brother and younger sister for the Holiday break, but I do rent a duplex. Anyway, I have this very odd roommate I share the Duplex with, he moved in last March. His name is Chester, I can’t even say his last name, it’s like Vaggo, or Veagio and he’s a little “off his rocker”. (He’s a third year student, but I don’t see him around the campus often) Okay first off, I’ll come back to the house, and often he is doing these weird dances to Indian music (He’s not Hindu of Muslim BTW). Another thing he does, which is VERY annoying is that he sometimes gets up to use the bathroom around 5 am and starts singing scat! One time we were watching TV, then an infomercial would come on, he would start preforming his own ads! Like “Buy your ‘golden toilet seats’ now!” Sometimes he even sings to himself in his sleep. Two weeks ago, I bought pizza, and he started having playing with his pizza slices like they were action figures. He talks to random objects, and draws squid type creatures. Yeah, squids. He once even made a blog about squid jigging! The worst is when he goes on YouTube and starts blasting random music, like: “I like Big Butts”, which of course we once got a “visit” from our neighbor. But overall, the worst thing he did was when I had a girl over, and later that night we were ‘in the bedroom’ and he told me he was doing some studying, but nope. He went on the computer and started blasting that goddamn “Angry German Kid”. Yeah, try having your bong half way into a girls coochie, listening to that racket! Later she remarked: “Is he retarded?” So these are some of the very, very odd things this guy does. To be honest, he’s a good guy, very smart, but I think he’s not all there. Once we start the new semester after the holidays, I go back to classes and my duplex with Chester. But what do you think? Do you think he needs help, or does he have some mental disorder? I don’t want to say anything to hurt his feelings. But is this guy odd or what?

Administrator answers:

Yes he is odd but most people have something odd about them. He just happens to be overflowing with oddness.

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