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July 21, 2012

Paul asks…

is it unlikely that i’ll get subsidized loans?

I’m thinking about attending grad school and wondering what my odds are for being approved for a subsidized loan. I have around 17k in savings (will that affect it?) and i make ~ 25k a year. I’m not married/no children and I rent a duplex from my mom and she only charges me $300.

Yes- I do plan on paying for my degree as I go along, but a subsidized loan would still be nice.

Administrator answers:

There are no subsidized loans or Pell grants available to grad students anymore. All you can get are unsubsidized Stafford loans and PLUS loans (which have a higher interest rate).

Chris asks…

Where can i rent an apartment/duplex for $300-$450 a month in Austin, Tx?

Got ditched in a roommate situation, have til May 15th to move out, and
can only afford $300-$450. Please do not respond with suggestions i pay more a month,
if i could, i would, but i do not have the money. This is what i have. $300-$450. I’ll be staying at a homeless shelter if i don’t find a place by the 15th.
I’ve already been googling. Posting insulting answers towards me will get you reported for abuse. Even if you are not in my situation, understand I am, so don’t egg me on. If you want to help, please post a suggestion, if you see a for lease sign in ATX or know of an online database. I already did austinrentals and craigslist there is nada. I won’t roommate. I’m messed up because of a roommate right now

Administrator answers:

I’m not insulting you. There just aren’t places that cheap in town by yourself. You may be able to find a room to yourself from a private landlord, but there just isn’t one bedroom/studio apartments in town at those prices.

Here is a list of places for $500

This site has a map of all the apartments in Austin. You can search it by price

James asks…

I am moving out, gave my 30 day notice. do i have to pay rent for the last 16 days?

Hello! I have been living in my apartment for almost 3 years and am moving out. I have always been a great renter and have always paid on time. Anyways i am moving out but the house im moving to isnt available until july 16th 2012 so i gave my 30 day notice on june 16th. Also neen having alot of issues and problems with the neighbors, they have their trash piled up in the garage, so its filthy and been having bug problems for the past few days plus we had to kill a mouse that got in our apartment. It was disgusting!! We live in a duplex. Do i have to pay rent for the last 2 weeks we will be here?

Administrator answers:

You did not give a location.

In CA you pay rent until the 16th.

In all of hte other states you pay full rent for the entire month of July.

Donald asks…

Can you get qualified for a higher amount when you are expecting to use rental income to help pay the mortgage?

For instance – let’s say you wanted to purchase an entire duplex, you live in one unit and rent the other. You expect to use this rental income to pay your entire mortgage, or maybe even only half. Would this help you qualify for a loan that may be considered more than what you can afford?

What if you were young and wanted to purchase a house and expected to take on room mates (and of course reporting the rent you charged your room mates as income).

Administrator answers:

Just the opposite. The lender requires a much larger down payment on rental income property and the interest rate is also going to be higher.

Nancy asks…

Help…Neighbor Driving Us Nuts?

I rent a duplex with my husband and 2 children. My neighbor is driving us nuts and I don’t know if I have any recourse to get her to stop. We moved in about 2 and a half years ago. The first conversation I had with her she told me in explicit detail about her sex life. I decided that this was not someone I wanted to be associated with too closely and kept our relationship to “hi, how are you?”. When we moved in it was only her and her daughter who lived there and we suspect she is on Section 8. Our landlord has a lot of section 8 housing around town. The first incident was when she decided to go drunk driving. She took out a parked car 5 house away and slammed into a tree. She left the scene of the accident and tried to hide her car in my back yard. But she left her bumper at the scene with her front license plate attached. My family and I awoke to 5 cop cars surrounding our house. About a year ago she met a man who I assume has become a boyfriend. One night I see things flying into my driveway. She is throwing things out of her second floor window and screaming at him outside. This goes on until 2:30 in the morning. He would speed away in his very loud HEMI truck and come back…and leave and come back. The next morning I woke up at 7:30 and yelled down the stairs to the kids and asked if they were ready for breakfast. My neighbor starts banging on the wall we share and told me “to shut the f**k up, I am trying to sleep”. I lost it. I was up until 2:30 listening to her and her boyfriend fight and now she is telling me to shut up. She called the landlord and said I threatened her (which I didn’t) and he called and told me if I can’t get along with her he was going to kick us both out. Her and I share a driveway. We each have 2 spots and there is one visitor spot. If 5 cars are parked it is a tight sqeeze. For the last week she has had her car, her boyfriends HEMI truck and his SUV parked in the driveway. My husband and I have to sqeeze our 2 Sebrings in and out of the driveway everyday. When we moved in we made sure it was ok to have our 10 lb. dog in the duplex. The landlord told us small dogs and cats are ok. NO BIG DOGS. He was real clear about this. Well it seems that the boyfriend has moved in his 150 black lab into the house too. I have to listen to this dog run up and down the stairs. And he takes the dog for walks not on a leash and does not pick up after it after it goes to the bathroom in the yard. My dog is on a leash each and every time she leaves this house and we have doggy bags attached to the leash so we never forget to pick up after her. My children play in the yard every single day and I have to warn them to watch out for dog messes. The lack of sleep from the noise of his truck that he revs on purpose, the dog and their fighting is killing me. My children start their summer activities at 6:30 in the morning and I really can not afford to lose much sleep. Is there a way I can find out if she is in fact on section 8 so I can report the boyfriend moving in, and if she isn’t what are my other options? My landlord seems less than helpful. I love living in this dulpex. It is 3 floors which is the perfect size for my family. It is affortable in this sucky ecomony and it is in the perfect neighborhood right across the street from my younger sons school. I don’t want to move until we save enough for a house, so what can I do??
I have in fact been keep written detail of the goings on over there. I have picture of the cars parked all over the driveway and of him walking the dog without a leash. My husband, who is usually a very laid back guy is starting to lose it too. I think we are going to go to the landlord with all of the pictures and the log we have. I just don’t think he will care much because he is getting his Section 8 money for he apartment.

Administrator answers:

I feel your pain. Chris is right in that you can call the cops or move.
But the hassle will not cease, the landlord is useless.
So I have an question for you: do you love your place more than you hate her?
If you do, you have to (gulp) make friends with her. I know iknow
But , she proably will be more consdierate iof you were her friend.
She may be doing the things without a care for you, because you decided early on to ignore her. You don’t care about her and she obviously doesn’t care about you.
It will bol down to that or hiring a lawyer and calling teh cops everynight. Which might just make her madder .
Three floor duplexes are hard to find anywhere. Just think about it ; after the idea quits making you gag. Alittle “sisterly” sympathy (towards her troubles) might go a long way.

Linda asks…

What kind of commercial proprty generates the highest yield on average?

Apartment buildings, wharehouses, medical buildings, duplexes?
What buildings are considered the safest investment? What are the riskiest? What ones have the highest rent income normally? What ones have the highest appreciation normally? What would be the best type of building for a person starting off in commercial real estate?

Administrator answers:

Keep in mind the yield can vary from one deal to the next and from one geographic area to the next. However, as a gross generalization, yields by declining order of returns are:

1) Warehouses
2) Medical buildings
3) Apartment buildings (the larger, the better)
4) Single Family (defined as 1 to 4 units)

Safest: Warehouses with a national credit tenant on a long-term lease.

Riskiest: Long term leases with small bumps (low scheduled future rent increases)

Highest Appreciation: Single Family

Best to start out: get your feet wet on a duplex or triplex close to home.

David asks…

Help for about to be homeless family in Oregon?

Does anyone know what I can do if I am bout to be homeless here in Oregon? We ( My Fiance, and 2 girls (age 3 and also a 6 month old) rent a duplex. His hours got cut in half and now we can’t make rent and only have $65 to our name. We just got a 72 hr notice on our door. Does anyone know what we can do or if there are any resources we can use?
I don’t want to hear about how you think of how shitty of a mother I am. Believe me I feel like SHIT and feel HORRIBLE. When I got pregnant both times both of us had great jobs but I lost my job due to having to be in the hospital for a complicated pregnancy, and the economy is shit right now so my fiance’s hours got cut.
and yes, I did talk to my landlord yesterday and he said he will wait until next week if I can bring him anything… and then this morning I woke up and the notice was on my door
I have applied at several places and haven’t had a call back

Administrator answers:

First, you are NOT a horrible person or bad mother. You are just in a horrible situation.

Make contact with the Salvation Army as soon as possible:

They may be able to directly assist you, and can certainly help with advice and referrals.

You may also want to make contact with a domestic violence shelter nearby. I know DV doesn’t apply to your situation, but they usually can help with advice & referrals, and may be able to send you to an attorney who will help with the eviction notice Pro Bono.

I don’t know the law in Oregon, but there is usually a legal process required for any eviction. At worst, using the legal process will buy you some time.

If the “72 hour notice” was from a government agency (ex. Sheriff”s Office) then the contact information regarding how to challenge it will be on the notice. However, check with the Salvation Army or a shelter before doing anything.

Good luck!

George asks…

help in el paso texas!!!?

My husban and I are looking to either rent to own or rent a duplex or small house in el paso texas. However my credit is slim to none and his is just so bad we dont even know where to start! Any suggestions? I do have bills from a previous apartment where I rented from as well as electric bills and phone bills….but for some reason it’s taking 6-12 moths for them to appear on my credit. Can these bills help me in anyway or prove that I have made payments to someone and/or companies? Any suggestions!?

Administrator answers:

Well, I don’t know if your current residence will help you at all. Credit history usually looks at several years back. It may be tough for you to get a banks approval on a loan unless you come up with a big down payment. My suggestion to you would be to save up enough for a down payment and get a very reasonable house, somewhere priced around 80K to 100K.


Robert asks…

Does my landlord have the right to tell me I can’t keep my garage door open?

I rent a duplex. The garage door opener was broke when I move in. So, I simply leave the garage door open. When the landlord comes he always closes it. I asked him why and he said because having it open invites theft and it is not only my garage. I asked him to fix the opener and he said no because a garage door was a luxury and not required. My mom usually parks in the garage she is 68 and can’t lift the door and I am pregnant and can’t lift it. He said well I guess you can’t use the garage or you will have to wait for your husband to do it. I pay my rent on time every month, does he have a right to tell me to keep the garage door closed?

Administrator answers:

When you say garage door opener, do you mean the remote control that opens it? If so, you can buy a new remote at home depot and reset the code on the back of the motor. Its very easy to do.
Then when you move, take it with you or let the landlord buy it back from you.

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