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July 28, 2012

Steven asks…

Mediation/Divorce Question?

I am headed to Mediation for a Divorce matter, No Children just fighting over money owed and Property.

She moved out in November of 07 and left me with All Bills and Utilities along with a few other Bill’s such as Cell Phone (Plan signed together) and some other Things…I have had to do house repair’s to either sell or rent the house as it was a fixer–upper and my realator suggested I fix a few Things in order to sell it or in order to rent it (Duplex)….

So what should she be responsiable for or What IS she reponsiable for in the state of Michigan, Kent County…Where can I find some rules? or who can advise me besides my Lawyer who is not being of any help :(

Thank you

Administrator answers:


This page explains property distribution in Michigan. Neither party is entitled to more than the other and neither party is to assume more debt than the other. She is legally responsible for one half of the debts and the expenses spent fixing up the duplex. Make sure your lawyer does his job and if he isn’t doing his job get another lawyer is right.

Good Luck

William asks…

Does anyone know of a house for rent in Reidsville NC.?

I have been serching online for about 2 weeks. My friend wants to move to Reidsville NC. She doesn’t want to be in town. She wants a two bedroom – 1 bathroom home. No duplex or apartments . If it has a oven and fridge it would be great. She needs rent to be no more than 500 a month.
Thanks Jeffery, but this site didn’t have any homes in Reidsville or around Reidsville. You are the only one that tried to help and I appreciate it very much!

Administrator answers:

Try Craigslist. Start here…


Find the city you live in, or live closest to, or are
planning to visit.

This is a large community site with free ads for housing
and rentals, finding new friends or lovers, pen pals,
various items for sale, want ads, personals,
services,volunteers, job openings, local events and
classes, andglobal discussion forums, …

Best of luck,

Sharon asks…

I need advice about my marriage and living situation from someone who isn’t going to just tell me to leave.?

Quick summary (hopefully lol). My husband is an addict (heroin). He has struggled with this his entire adult life and I married him knowing this. He constantly tells me tomorrow, tomorrow will be the last. He works full time and makes great money. He uses enough to not be sick, not enough to get high. He tried the methadone clinic, but it interfered with his getting to work on time. He is at a loss for what to do and I do not know what to do to help him. He is quite literally “obsessed” with dope. It is what he thinks of constantly. How to maneuver bills to have money for his drugs. What time he gets out of work to make it to the dealers house in time. It consumes his thoughts above all else, including me and his children (they don’t live with us). I am and always will be second to dope. Now, that being said. We both have nice, new cars. We rent a duplex which is gorgeous, big screen HDTV’s in every room, bills paid (usually late but paid nonetheless). We have a good life from the outside looking in but I get absolutely nothing as far as companionship, friendship and intimacy. What do you think? Please don’t say run get out now. I do think about getting my own place, but I don’t think I can afford it on my own. I feel like if I just live my life (friends, family, gym, shopping etc) on my own sort of parallel to his life then I can continue living this way. But sometimes I feel so deeply lonely for love and affection I just don’t think I can take it another day. He loves me body and soul, and gives as much of himself as he can. Please give me some honest advice, I really need it.

Administrator answers:

Divorce. Your husband is addicted to heroin. Not only is it disgusting, trashy, embarrassing and classless its dangerous.


And I have to add. Who cares what you have in your home, who cares what you drive. You can dress a pig up in all the high end clothes but its still a pig. You can have the nice house and cars but your man is still a junky.

Donald asks…

Is its legal to kick my roomates out according to the tenant board act of ontario?

I rent a duplex home that is owned by my mother, i am a new mom and asked friends of mine to move in with me to help me out with bills, things are not working out they have never cleaned the house and recently found out there hiding groceries on me while still eating mine. I sent them an e-mail stating we should probably part ways if we wanna salvage whats left of our friendship but they wont go.We do not have a lease , am i able to make them leave i cant handle this not talking anymore there never home unless its time for bed i never get the chance to talk to them about it. now they stomp around trhe house swear at me in front of my 6 month old and slam doors is there any legal ways i can deal with this?

Administrator answers:

Just call the cops. Couple times. Every time you feel threatened by them. There is no lease, just tell the cops you didnt offer them to stay.
I would personally take all their shit out of MY house, and change the locks, and when they come back knocking on the doors, i would call the cops and tell them i am not sure whats wrong with those people and why they are trying to break in.
Other than that you might just go to court and get an eviction note. And remember FRIENDS wouldnt act like that. So, dont feel bad, just get them the hell out of your house!!!


Richard asks…

Should I move to Florida or stay in Texas?

I grew up in Sarasota and loved it. I moved to Austin 3 years ago with an ex-husband to be near his family. Now that he’s gone, I’m remarried to the man who truly makes me happy. I really want to move back, but my current husband is really concerned with the job market. He works in manufacturing (sawing, welding, making parts, etc). It’s the only thing keeping us here, as we have no family here, and rent a duplex. I know we’d like the area better but I can’t shake his doubt since I’m not finding much for machine shops in or around Sarasota. Of course, it doesn’t help that Texas is such an industrial place! Can anyone please help me to find REAL MANUFACTURING JOBS in the Sarasota area? I’d really love to make Florida our home… and my husband really wants to move too… as long as he can find work. HELP!!!
Thank you for your answers… I really appreciate it! ;.)

Administrator answers:

I think you may want to consider the surrounding areas too, so driving a little further may open new opportunities. I’d check with the State Employment Agency also. Don’t forget to call the machine shops you may have found and ask them if they know of anyone else hiring as it’s good to network a little. Many people also set up small businesses with your husbands skills, maybe he could supplement his income by having a “we come to you” welding business. Just an idea. ALSO, I used to be in the Sign Business and they do a lot of welding and fabrication, so have him check with Sign Companies too, it’s a great job and they pay well if you got the credentials.

Betty asks…

I got in a house scam. Paid much more than what it was worth…How do I get out of it. I’ve tried selling an

I’ve tried renting and selling…No luck…Been paying the mortgage for years. How do I get out from under this horrible mess I’m in…It’s costing me a little over $500 a month and I can’t get anything out of it.. Should I consider foreclosure and if so..would they be able to go after anything I own or have in savings…I only own a car and rent a duplex…How ironic is that. I don’t even own what I live in and I live 30 miles from this house I am trying to get rid of it. Desperate

Administrator answers:

Yes, they can go after all of your assets, up to the limit of bankruptcy.

George asks…

“High Water Alarm” on septic been going off for 8 MONTHS!?

I rent a duplex and the High Water Alarm on our septic tank has been going off pretty continuously for about 8 months now. The only time it goes off is for 30 seconds when it shoots water 15 feet in the air (over the telephone poles when its rained alot) or when it hasn’t rained in weeks. It’s driving me INSANE! I’ve called the property manager about 3-4x a week for the last 6 months and even called the property owner. They say they will send someone out and never have. I’m getting ready to shoot the dang thing. Is there anything legally I can do to get them to come out or to get this to stop???
I keep going out to push the reset button (or off or whatever it is) but it turns back on in about 5 minutes… I know nothing about these things so I can’t fiddle with the wiring or anything.
If it helps I live in Missouri

Administrator answers:

Call the town or even better call the insurance company that they owner uses and let them know that the alarm keeps going off and the owner won’t even investigate it to fix it and that way if he has an insurance claim he won’t get a pay out. Is there an ombudsman in your area?

Joseph asks…

What happens if the Landlord didn’t send me the Lease Renewal Agreement and I would like to stay?

My lease terminates this coming April, and my Landlord didn’t send me the Lease Renewal Agreement, yet. I believe the Landlord wouldn’t send me one.
If I want to stay at the current rent premise (Duplex house – Condominium) with the same Lease terms, do I need to sign the renewal agreement? Not sure how state of New Jersey laws play in this renewal of lease situation. I don’t mind month-to-month agreement, if that is possible. The below is the actual term in my lease:

Renewal of Lease: The Tenant must be offered a renewal of this Lease by the Landlord, unless the Landlord has good cause not to do so under applicable law. Reasonable changes may be included in the renewal Lease. Not less than 60 days before the expiration of the Term of this Lease, the Landlord shall notify the Tenant of the proposed terms for the renewal Lease. Within 30 days after the Tenant receives the Landlord’s renewal notice, Tenant shall notify Landlord whether Tenant accepts or rejects the proposed renewal Lease. If the Tenant does not notify the Landlord of Tenant’s acceptance, then the Landlord’s proposal shall be considered to have been rejected. If the Tenant does not accept the renewal Lease, the Tenant must vacate the Property at the end of the term.

Administrator answers:

Most leases revert to month to month after the time period. If you would like to sign a lease, I am sure your landlord will be happy to comply. Please look at your copy of the existing lease to see what the terms of the lease are.

Ruth asks…

How do you clean your carpets?

We rent a duplex. We’ve been there for almost 2 & 1/2 years now. The lease is up again in October. When we moved in the carpets weren’t brand new, but they were descent. After only a few weeks of living there, & we weren’t even home 1/2 the time (due to out of state school), we noticed small dark stains. Nothing was ever spilled. We didn’t allow people to wear shoes in the house for a long time & still don’t MOST of the time.

In time those spots got larger. About a year or so into living there, we used a friend’s carpet cleaner w/carpet cleaning soap. It made a difference, but not enough that it was really worth moving all the furniture.

So, a week later, I tried it again, w/another friend’s shampooer. Hers was a nice one! Tried carpet shampoo – not much good. Trying a little bleach & viniger worked best, but still w/in a week, the same stains were back!

Is it in the pad? Besides asking the landlord to change it, I heard she wouldn’t, would it be worth it to pay a professional?
Wow… so many good opinions in just a few hours. Even when I choose the best answer, I promise to return some of the rest w/at least a thumbs up for your time & consideration. Thank you Eileen, Ezia, Sham, Dipzee, FrenchCountry, ShortStuff, Imsety, WolfWisdom & DotInSpaces.

As for you fools who say to vacuum it, do you honestly think I’d waste my time to ask advice online for something I could fix so easily? And for the other no-thought advice, do you think I should pay to replace carpets that were ruined only a couple weeks after I moved in when I wasn’t even around? Thanks, but no thanks.

As for renting a shampooer, sorry I didn’t mention it, but we’ve done that too w/hardly any difference.

I also thought I’d add the fact, the carpets are berber (hate it) & the spots are very large. They’re very hard to scrub even for spot treatments that I generally use Resolve foam spray which I’ve always loved previously.

Administrator answers:

Let a pro clean the carpeting. They should have all been pro cleaned before you moved in. That tells me a lot about your landlady. Nevertheless, a pro will use a pre treatment on the spots, then steam clean your carpeting. The reoccuring spots may lie deep within the carpeting or are in the padding. It just may be black mold spots you’re seeing. If, after a pro cleaning, they appear again, have your landlady look at your carpeting & show her the bill from the pro, so she knows you had a pro cleaner & still have spots. If it’s black mold, the carpeting must all be removed. If she refuses to do so, her butt will be in trouble.

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