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July 30, 2012

Paul asks…

what is your opinion on this?

ok so my friend is 19 and her boyfriend is 21 and she is pregnant. they met at my boyfriends party where they had sex on the floor in front of everyone right after she had sex with her boyfriend brother. this was only 9 months ago. he didnt have a job and neither did she. about 7 months ago she got off of birth controll. and now they are getting married next month and im the maid of honnor and my boyfriend is best man. now he has a job making $10 an hour and she still has no job. they rent a duplex. she is always wanting him to buy her something and is always using the “Im pregnant” card. hes always wanting sex and they do it at least 2 times a day. sometimes she doesnt even want to but does it. he works all week on night shift and only gets one night to be with friends and drink and have fun. she is mean to all his friends yelling at them and telling them to shut up and calling them retarded from the time they are over to their house to the time they leave. he only has about $1000 in the bank and he just bought her a laptop and is paying for her to go to college online. they plan to go to hawaii for their honeymoon and they are gonna use $400 worth of food stamps to pay for the reception. they just plan on spending so much money on this wedding but he barely has any. me and my boyfriend are afraid that they are getting in over their head and dont realize what they are getting into just yet. and now ever since they have asked us to be the best man and maid of honnor they have been complete as*holes. like i said earlier she is constantly yelling and being mean to everyone. especially my boyfriend. he is always making jokes about my boyfriend and stuff. and whats worse is that the jokes are stupid because none of them are true. they are those stupid no meaning kind of jokes that a 10 year old would come up with. at first my boyfriend would laugh and joke back but he has been doing this for about 4 weeks and now their stuff is making him really mad. and when they get drunk they have a drinking game they play and when my friend boyfriend is losing he likes to cheat and get mad and take a metal rod and hit things and tear them up and pretend to hit other people. last night we was at their house and they kept doing what i said they do and he got to the point where he just got up asked me im leaving are you comming? then on the way home last night he told me he wants out of the wedding and hes done with them. hes been complaining about her for a few weeks but said he will just ignore it. i guess last night was the last straw cuz he hasnt talked about it since. and to tell you the truth their sh*t has been making mad as well. she thinks she knows it all and told me that i should get pregnant but i told her im going to college and i dont wanna ruin my life. i want kids but i want to go to college and get a house and settle down and make sure we will be able to support ourselves before that. i thik that offended them but i dont care. in my eyes they are stupid for getting married and having kids this young. what is your opinion on all this and what do you think we should do to handle the situation or if we handled it fine?

Administrator answers:

This sounds like a bunch of 10 year olds playing grown up.

Betty asks…

Should I use a Realtor?

My fiance and I are looking to rent a duplex or small house starting in early August. It’s been a little difficult trying to find a place close to the area we want to be in and also for a reasonable price per month. Do you think it would be easier to use a Realtor or just to go on foot patrol and search neighborhoods close to our area? We’ve only ever lived in apartments, so this is kind of a big step for the two of us together, and I would like the area to be nice and not full of sketch-balls. Any help or advice will be GREATLY appreciated. (:
And, also, I’ve been told that we would have to pay the realtor for their time, but I’ve also been told that the seller/renter is the one that pays the realtor… Which one is correct?

Administrator answers:

Why not do both? You’re not obligated to rent from a realtor if you find a house listed by the owner but realtors might have a better selection and save you time once they know what your likes are.

Michael asks…

Locks for window screens?

I rent a duplex that has newer double hung windows. I love to keep my windows open at night but I am concerned that they are not very secure! When I was cleaning my windows outside yesterday I noticed that all I have to do is push up on the screen and it slides right up! So if the window is unlocked or open, you have easy access right into my house! I know I should keep my windows closed and locked, but there has to be a way to secure my screens! Do they make a lock or some device to install to prevent them from sliding upwards? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Locks on your screens won’t do much good since someone could easily just cut them or pull the screen out. Another option would be to put deadbolt locks on your windows. The locks are similar to small deadbolts that you just screw into the window frame. The ones I’ve bought in the past came with one lock (the bolt part) that you attached to the window and two plates that you attached to the inside of your window frame. The idea is that one is for when the window is closed and the other is set for when the window is partially open. That way you could “lock” your window open enough to have airflow but not so open as to let someone break in. The locks are keyed so you don’t have to worry about someone just reaching in and unlocking them.

Mandy asks…

Question about mom’s old landlord and age discrimination?

Okay, so my mom used to rent a duplex about a year ago. It was two bedrooms, which would usually mean one room for the parents and one for the kid(s). Then, months later, my brother (who was 17 at the time) moved in with her. He had a crazy (literally) girlfriend who put out a restraining order against him and that ended up in the local paper, along with listing his address. The land lord found out that he was living there and had a fit! Also he found out that I stayed there on weekends (I was 12/13). He soon evicted my mom because, apparently, kids weren’t allowed to live there. Besides that being wrong and possibly illegal (I’m not sure), it said nothing about that in the contract, or else my mom would have never signed it. My family already got screwed over by this guy, but I want to know if there’s anything I can do to make sure this guy doesn’t do this again to somebody else? And is that really illegal? If not, then I really think it should and needs to be to prevent this from happening again.

Administrator answers:

You can’t discriminate on age but you can on how many people per unit and nobody on the lease can live in an apartment. If your mother rented as one person then starts moving other people in she can be evicted. She has no right to move in people the landlord doesn’t know about. Having you on weekends shouldn’t be an issue since most leases allow overnight guest but limits so they aren’t living there.

Ruth asks…

How should I get over the loss of my two cats and pet dog?

Well, about three years ago, we got four free kittens from the gym I was going to. There was a black and white tuxedo female (We named her Phoebe), a brown, white, and black female (We named her Piper), a brown, black and white tabby tom (We gave him to my sister and her husband and they named him Olaf), and a brown tabby tom (We gave him to my other sister and her husband and they named him Siby), and we kept Phoebe and Piper. We had them for almost two years when a personal family situation happened, and we had to let my sisters take care of them for a while. When they arrived at their houses, they both ran away after six months of being under their care. Me and my little sister cried our eyes out because we were so close to them, and I’m still having trouble getting over them. I have dreams of finding them and being so happy, and I wake up and find out it was only a dream, and then I just cry myself back to sleep. (I’m extremely dramatic).
Then, me and my mom and my brother and younger sister moved into a new place. (Before, we lived with two Jack Russell Terriers named Maddie and Amos who we’ve had since I was four), and we had to rent a duplex. My mom couldn’t afford to keep two dogs, and my sisters already had enough animals (one sister had fifteen cats and a dog, and my other sister had two dogs and three cats, and all cats that they owned were related to Siby, Olaf and Phoebe and Piper)–so, anyways, we had to give Amos to the Humane Society. I cried my eyes out once again. This was only two months ago. Now I’m completely heartbroken. I’m thirteen, and I need help. How can I help of this ridiculous mourning of animals?

Administrator answers:

Thats sad.. Maybe if you dontated your time at animal shelters.. You can help animals and play with them.. Maybe that would give you some joy and help animals at the same time. But at 13 there is not much you could have done about any of the animals.

Carol asks…

Agent Wants Me To Pay For Lock?

I changed agents to rent my duplex for me & the other agent took the lock off the door and layed it on the ground by the door to put his own lock on. Now the lock is gone and it was there for almost a week and the first agent wants me to pay for the lock. I don’t feel this is my responsibility to keep up with his lock when he should have picked it up right away. He said the other agent should have put it on a water faucet or a door knob so it didn’t get lost.
The lock was from Home Depot.

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you are talking about a lock box, not an actual lock for the door.

This is NOT your problem at all. He can deal with the other agent if he wants, but should not be bothering you at all.

Complain to his broker if he continues to be a d%^*^ about it.

Daniel asks…

Renting question?

I rent a duplex. My landlord is LAZY and all he cares about is his check coming every month. I have lived here for 2 years and EVERY spring and fall I have a roach problem! I had never even seen a living roach until I moved here! Everytime I tell my landlord about it, he gets some “friend” of his to come spray around the baseboards and then, they are back a few months later. He has no contract with professionals. I can’t take it anymore and have taken matters into my own hands. Orkin is coming on Monday and getting rid of the suckers for good! Should my landlord care? The cost is coming out of my pocket, not his! Since I don’t own the house, Orkin wants me to get a paper with his signature stating that it is OK for them to treat the house. I’m tired of telling him about it and waiting around for him to “cover up” the problem. I’d rather be proactive instead of reactive.

Administrator answers:

Every state has landlord and tenant laws. Usually you must advise him of the problem you are having and give him 5 days to remedy the situation. Then you can hire the correction out and take it out of the rent you pay. Check with the local Board of Realtors and they can tell you who has jurisdiction and authority over this. File a complaint with them and find out what your rights and responsibilities are.

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