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August 2, 2012

James asks…

Orange stains in shower and dishwasher?

Our dishwasher has orange deposits on the inside, often staining white plastics that are washed in it. I read that it could be from tomato-based foods in the washer, but have been paying attention to when it happens and find that this is not the case in my situation. The same deposits show up in the shower – on tub itself, the slip mat, and in the baby bathtub so that they need to be washed often. Orange also shows up in the toilet and drain ring in the bathroom sink.

We have a brita filter for the faucet we drink out of, but the idea of washing our dishes and our child in the water is bothering me.

So, I’ve read all the tips on how to clean these stains, which are helpful, but how to I fix the underlying problem? We rent a duplex and are not using well water. Thanks for any ideas.

Administrator answers:

Talk to the other people in your building and find out if they are experiencing this too. If they are then I’d most likely say it was rust in the water. Sometimes tap water comes from a mixture of city and well water.

Rust won’t harm you or your child. You can get your water tested to see if that is what the problem is. There is no way you can fix it. You can see if your landlord will install a water softener.

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