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March 6, 2012

Sandy asks…

Question for those who rent apartments, townhomes, duplexes etc.?

I am wondering how much you pay for the monthly rent in the area you live in. I am curious about the average rent for apartments and the like in different cities and states in America. I don’t need to know the exact details unless you wish to disclose such information.

FYI, I rent a 1 bedroom apartment in a twin city MN suburb and I pay a little over $700/month. I earn a “slightly above average” wage, so I live well. Do you think the place I rent is too costly? A bargain? About Average? Let me know people!

Administrator answers:

I live just outside Kansas City, Missouri. My rent for a 2 bd/2 bath apartment is $600 + $25 pet rent.

David asks…

Looking for a House to rent?

I am looking for a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath House or Duplex to rent in Somerset Kentucky and I have looked at listings in the commonwealth journal with little luck finding what I am looking for? Anyone know where I might locate one ?

Administrator answers:


Just type in your city and state and the words for rent into google. There you go.


George asks…

Duplexes vs renting a home?

Okay, So I live in a apt right now and I hate it. My lease is up in July and me and my friend decided to move in with each other. It’s her first time ever moving out from home. Well I been looking more towards Duplexes and rent a home than a apt. Do you have any advise for me? And what is the best way to look for them besides goggling every possible search.

Thanks so much

Administrator answers:

You can call a local realtor, they often show rentals. You also need think about it before deciding to rent a house rather than live in a complex. You need to find out about, mowing the lawn, trash, septic, what to do if something breaks, (a complex usually has a manager on site). Also see who your neighbor is, are they loud, have a lot of parties in the back yard? Or are they elderly and would expect you to be quiet, not late nights? Personallly, I rented both at one point in my life, I prefer a house to an apt. Be sure to do you homework, good luck house hunting.

William asks…

help to Find a house or duplex for rent?

hey guys… i am looking for a new apartment for me and my girlfriend, we dont want to move in to an apartment complet, and are looking for something with a yard and stuff, like a house duplex or townhouse.

i just want to rent because i am graduating in a year and not sure if im going to stay in the area. so dont want the commitment of owning.

I have tired and stuff, but all those sites just return complexes.

is there anyplace i can csearch for just house and duplexes and stuff?

i live in South Eastern CT area if that helps
Sorry, i shoudl of said that: i buy the papers every day, but theres never more than 1-3 of the same house in the paper for rent… so im stuck to the sunday paper

Administrator answers:

Go buy a paper. Browse the For Rent Section. Call the listed numbers for your price range. Tour the places. Decide on the one that works best for you. Easy.

James asks…

Where is the best place for a young professional to live in San Diego?

I will be relocating to San Diego and am curious where the best areas for a single guy in their mid-twenties are to live. I keep seeing stuff about Pacific Beach, but reviews for several of the apartment complexes make them seem disgusting. Any specific complexes or areas in or outside of Pacific Beach that would be worthwhile to look into? Is there someplace I can look for duplexes for rent to avoid a huge party complex? I have a roommate moving with me and would like to find something reasonably affordable by comparison.

Administrator answers:

If you want to be near the beach, consider Pt. Loma or the Crown Point area near Mission Bay. Apartments are more expensive near the beach, but it is a fun experience to be near the beach. Coronado, La Jolla, and Del Mar are great, upscale areas.

Mission Valley does have some nice apartments with some being more affordable than others. It is a nice area because it is centrally located.

Linda asks…

Anyone know of Apartments in Orlando Florida that rent to people who have filed bankruptcy?

My husband and I are looking for a place to rent, preferably a duplex or townhouse that has no problem with people who have had to file bankruptcy and lost their home in the process. We also have a 60 pound Border Collie. I am also looking for maybe a website that would list such rentals as being willing to work with bad credit.

Administrator answers:

You are asking a lot from a landlord. Try craigslist to find a complex that does not do credit checks.

Richard asks…

I have an idea and want to run it past you? Want to help me?

My inlaws are in their 80′s and don’t need a house and property to maintain. The expense and the physical and mental stress is too much for them, but they are active and in good health. The apartment is very confining and a bit depressing. My Mother was in the same boat before she pasted at 90. They can’t do anything outside but sit and look over a parking lot.

I want to approach a developer in my town with an idea. A housing development with small houses designed for older people. Two bedroom and one bedroom w/a small den. All ground level entry with wide hallways, or no halls. Carport or one car garage. Shower and fixtures made for easy reach.
The houses or duplexes would rent for an amount that is within easy reach for persons on ssi.

Do you need something like this or do you have family that would want to live in this kind of community.
This would be different from retirement or eldercare places. I see a neighborhood where people can live normal active lives, come and go as they please, no medical help on property, just small houses with small lawns where one can plant a garden or flowers and are in a safe area. Perhaps gated or hired security service periodically patrolling.

Administrator answers:

That actually sounds like a good idea. Elderly people still want their independence but they do need help from time to time and by having a house designed around them, it would be a good fit. Good luck with that and let us know if it happens!

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