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Your Questions About East St Louis Mo

February 1, 2013

Donald asks…

need help finding Yuengling beer!!!?

I am from Florida, live in IL now, right outside St. Louis, MO. I know Yuengling is an East Coast beer, but someone somewhere up here has to sell it. Anybody know where the honey hole is??? Please help!!

Administrator answers:

E-mail the brewery and ask them if anyone distributes in your area.

James asks…

Where should I go to college to become a doctor?

I currently live about 30 minutes away from St. Louis, MO. I am going to enroll at East Central College (which is about 20 minutes away from my house. It is a community college) for this fall to get my associates, or just until I can get in GPA in a decent standing. The reason I am doing that is because my grades were not that good in high school and all colleges around STL rejected me (I applied to 7 colleges, all rejected me) I want to become a doctor. I don’t exactly know what field I want to get into yet. I just really love to help people, and becoming a doctor would let me do that. And I have always loved science. I know Washington University, University of Missouri – St. Louis, and Webster are all good. But I would really like to know what would be the best for med school. Please! Any help is needed. I would like to get answers from people who went to any of those universities or actually in the medical field of any sort. Thank You!

Administrator answers:

Well the first step if to declare a Pre-Med major at whatever school you are at. Becoming a doctor takes about 10 years or longer because you have to go through med school which is after you get your bachelors. So i wouldn’t worry about becoming a doctor just yet. You’ll need to go through a 4 year program first and then you’ll have to study for MCAT’s and apply to med school.

Laura asks…

Where is Glendia Manka?

She used to live in North East Georgia. Before that in Florida. Grew up in St. Louis, MO. Last known location was Rodondo Beach, CA in the 80s

Administrator answers:

Try and a search for her name. Or if you know when/where she graduated from. Good luck.

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