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June 1, 2013

Mary asks…

What are the safest neighborhoods within 15 miles of Cleveland clinic?

What to expect for winter weather; temperatures, snowfall, streets being plowed?
And what about the crime rate?
We lived in the city in St. Louis, MO and I got tired of being approached outside my apartment by a small group of people begging for money, or being followed into a deli by someone begging me to buy them something to eat.
We don’t want to live in an area where we will live in fear of being held at gunpoint or having our home broken into.

Administrator answers:

Highland Heights a few years ago was rated as one of the top 50 small cities in the U.S. By

Beachwood is a relatively exclusive community in northeast Ohio with a massive tax base, which means excellent services and relatively low taxes. Cleveland’s upscale shopping mecca is located there and in adjacent Lyndhurst (Beachwood Place and Legacy Village), another community perhaps to consider.

There are some very nice neighborhoods convenient to the Clinic in nearby Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights, although the cities as a whole are more challenged financially and socially than Beachwood. Cities with major malls often have inflated crime statistics because of thefts associated with the malls. Keep that in mind when considering communities such as Beachwood.

Pepper Pike is another very upscale community that might be on the edge of your 15-mile limit.

Bratenahl is your closest option if you want to live on Lake Erie, although Lakewood is a pleasant community but further from the Clinic.

Check out the Cleveland Magazine “Rating the Suburbs” 2012 edition. It’s not available online. You also can check cities in Wikipedia and


Downtown Cleveland has very convenient transportation to the Clinic (the 24/7 Healthline bus rapid) and a growing residential population (reportedly over 10,000) mostly on East 4th St. And in the Warehouse District. However, there are panhandlers.

Nancy asks…

moving to California need a good list of places that meet my criteria because google just isn’t helping?

So ill be 20 when I move next year and I’m looking for something along the lines of
(beaches, >friendlycountry< side would be great since I'm coming from St.louis Mo. >Im more of a town type of kid than major cityNot looking for the fake tits tourist Jersey shore bullshit< if ya catch my drift.
anyways thanx so much for any advice for whom so ever gives some.

Administrator answers:

The People’s Republic of San Francisco, also known as “Asian Paris”, “Homoland”, “Home of the Mythbusters”, “The City by the Gay” and the “Asian Capital of the Universe” is a communist colony in California. It has one of the highest populations of Gays, Asians, Hippies, and Gay-Asian-Hippies in the world. Located across the bay from the drug dealers in Oakland, San Francisco is a charming city that smells like either hemp, urine or raw sewage depending on where you are.

There are many types of people in San Francisco: butt pirates (Yarrr!), damned dirty hippies, philosophy majors (“would you like fries with that?”), Smug hybrid car drivers who don’t recycle, Fabulous Friends of Dorothy, the Sisters of Perpetual Make-Up, several thousand homeless living in luxury condos smoking crack, and people who enjoy pissing and taking dumps on people’s front door in broad daylight. Famous visitors who managed to escape include The Great and Powerful Oz, Auntie Em, The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion, The Tinwoodsman, Dorothy, and her little dog too! San Franciscans are known for their love of Cher, stupid pointless faires, and
San Francisco has hella gay dudes, but not nearly as many lesbians, since they all went to the East Coast and Oakland; it is hella easy for straight guys to pick up chicks in San Fransisco by mentioning this. Unfortunately, almost all of these straight guys figure out hours later, when it is far too late, that they didn’t actually have sex with a chick, but rather a dude in drag.

George asks…

Is St Louis Missouri a safe place to vacation with a family?

So my wife want to take my son on an adventure away from home and we are both college students so not a lot of money our son is 5. We found train tickets, hotel to and from St Louis within our price range and were very excited. We looked at the activities we wanted to do and the Bus takes you to all of those locations. We Were super excited, but my parents came to visit and told us how unsafe the City was, and how dangerous it is to ride the bus there. The hotel we found was in Cahokia and the bus ride to the musems is about an hour give or take. We also wanted to take him to the zoo. We planned on staying a week. Could someone who is familiar with St Louis give us the 411 on this area? Is St Louis any more dangerous than San Diego, Denver, Chicago ect….. Are the Metro bus lines and stations safe? Any info would be appreciated I was doing some research online and it is rated as number 2 on the city crime list in the country.
Renting a car increases the expense significantly. That is why we were opting for the bus/train method or just beating the pavement. We chose Cahokia because there is a hotel there that is reasonable and in our price range. I’d love to stay down town but the hotels are running closer to 120 per night and this is a week long vacation. 60 per night sounded more doable….also rental car looks like around 200 for the week which also increases the vacation to out of our reach.

Administrator answers:

Cahokia and a lot of parts of East St. Louis in the first place are not good places.To be taking buses back and forth from there St. Louis and around is not also a good idea.
A better idea would to rent a car when you got to where you want to stay for a hotel.
I would stay closer to the South County area than downtown and drive to where you want.
Here are some website to check out prices for hotels/motels:

Robert asks…

Are Louisa products (toasted ravioli, tortellini, etc) sold nationwide or only in the midwest?

I assume they are made in St. Louis given the name and that toasted ravioli is a very St. Louis food.
We have them in NE Oklahoma actually.

Administrator answers:

I haven’t seen them outside of MO and west IL.
I’ve actually been looking for them- I spend 5 years in STL and I moved to Chicago several years ago, but I haven’t been able to find them in Chicago.
I spent almost a year in NYC right after moving from St Louis, and they don’t have them in NYC or anywhere in the East.

Sandra asks…

Going to be driving through Ill & Missouri on I-70 over the next couple days. Any cool landmarks to photograph?

I know about the biggies like the St. Louis Arch and such. Looking for less well known attractions and landmarks. Odd or unusual is especially cool.

The link does not seem to work.

Administrator answers:

Don’t how much of Missouri you are going through. Most of my suggestions are in the central part of the state.

There columns on the Francis Quadrangle at the University of Missouri in Columbia are popular.

There’s some cool towns overlooking the Missouri River like Rocheport (W of Columbia on I-70) and Hermann (a little ways S of I-70 east of Columbia) that have neat vineyards and wine operations.

The Katy Trail crisscrosses I-70 throughout the state and will be lovely with blooms this time of year.

Again, in mid Missouri there is a town called Fulton, Mo. (S of I-70 a little ways) They have chunks of the Berlin Wall there because that is where Winston Churchill coined the term “Iron Curtain” in a speech.

Hope that helps.

Donna asks…

I’m getting married and need to find a nondemonimational chapel or presbyterian church in downtown st louis

My reception will be at Window ON Washington @ 1601 Washington Ave St. Louis, MO. I need something close to there or Union Station (where the guests are staying)

Administrator answers:

Presbyterian Churches near St. Louis
Berea Presbyterian Church
(314) 772-1810 – 2621 Russell Blvd, St Louis, MO

Second Presbyterian Church
(314) 367-0366 – 4501 Westminster Pl, St Louis,MO
Oak Hill Presbyterian Church
(314) 664-5525 – 4111 Connecticut St, St Louis, MO
I typed Presbyterian churches St. Louis Mo. Into the browser, and got this. Then I typed in non-denominational churches in St. Louis and got the following.
First Ship of Zion Non-Denom
(314) 382-1223

5478 Gilmore Ave, St Louis, MO
Get Directions 5.93 mi.
Save for later Send to phone
2. Morning Star
(314) 531-1401

3816 W Florissant Ave, St Louis, MO
Get Directions 3.25 mi.
Save for later Send to phone
3. Temple Non-Denominational Chr
(314) 867-6115

10112 Royal Dr, St Louis, MO
Get Directions 9.13 mi.
Save for later Send to phone
4. Agape Family Christian Center
Merchant verified

(618) 235-8693

2020 W Main St, Belleville, IL
Get Directions – Yellow Page Ad 12.70 mi.
Save for later Send to phone
5. New Visions World Ministries
(618) 337-4444

429 Range Ln, East St Louis, IL
Get Directions 4.47 mi.
Save for later Send to phone
6. St Patricks Church
(314) 231-9991

1000 N 7th St, St Louis, MO
Get Directions 0.77 m
Prince of Peace MB Church
(314) 531-1763

2741 Dayton St, St Louis, MO
Get Directions 1.40 mi.
Save for later Send to phone
8. St Vincents Church
(314) 231-9328

1408 S 10th St, St Louis, MO
Get Directions 0.90 mi.
Save for later Send to phone
9. Central Baptist Church
(314) 533-0747

2842 Washington Ave, St Louis, MO
Get Directions 1.26 mi.
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10. Ministries Ask
(314) 428-9275

Overland, MO
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