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Your Questions About East St Louis Mo

July 23, 2013

Thomas asks…

Where should a young,single professional live in Dallas. I work at the UT Southwestern medical campus.?

I am moving down from St Louis and I really hope the social scene in Dallas is better. I heard that Uptown is a great place to live but the traffic sucks. ANd also I guess it’s really expensive. How much do you guys think that a 2 bedroom condo in that area cost? Thanks a ton in advance for your help.

Administrator answers:

There is a new Cityville complex that is going in at the Southwestern Medical Complex that just recently opened within blocks of SMC. Ohterwise, I would recommend areas east of there. Oak Lawn would be close and little traffic. Downtown is booming and very cool, but pricey. Avoid the suburbs, you’ll have major traffic. Look around in the Inwood / Lemmon area. You could get a nice condo for around $1,100./mo and be within a 15 minute drive (no freeways) to work. Good luck and enjoy Dallas.

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know of some good places to ride 4-wheelers around the Springfield, MO area?

It doesn’t have to be super close, but nothing more that about 4 hours away. Anyplace other than Chadwick?

Administrator answers:

I live in MO. And enjoy riding ATV’s. Finger Lakes 10 miles north of Columbia on 63 is a nice area.

And any of the Mark Twain national forest areas are also good places. ATV trails are marked.

St. Joe state park is a good area. Has several thousand acres just for off road riding.
It is south of St. Louis about 70 miles. And is the only state park in the state specifically for off road riding.

I live about 50 miles east of Columbia and not familiar with off riding areas close to Springfield.-sorry.

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