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October 30, 2012

George asks…

I own a half acre of undeveloped land in a bad part of town. I no longer want this land. What are my options?

This land is in Centreville, IL and is just east of St. Louis, MO. The town is very poor. I am interested in donating the land to a charity, or to the government, but do not know who might be interested or where to begin. I attempted to donate to Habitat for Humanity, but was informed that they were not interested because the land is wooded.

What are my options?

Administrator answers:

Talk to local conservation groups. Woodland may fall under desirable land for woodland easements. (conservation easements) (talk to county zoning)

If not, stop paying taxes and let the county foreclose and sell it.

(habitat is NOT set up to clear forest land and deal with zoning. They work in urban settings.)

David asks…

I am looking for a used good running car or truck for my brother for under 2 grand.?

I have looked at dealerships, carsoup, the local papers, and e-bay. He is using my second vehicle since he just moved closer to me and I need it, but he also needs to get back and forth to work. I don’t want the run around(I get that alot being a woman). I can work on my own car and truck and can fix some problems if needed. I am 15 miles east of St. louis Mo if you can help.

Administrator answers:

Check with CarFax to make sure it has not been wrecked plus you know the Cars / Trucks have been going all over the U.S.A. From floods of the Hurricanes (1). Florida (2). Alabama (3). Mississippi (4). Louisiana (5). Texas.*
VIN# Number

James asks…

Why dose saint louis mo have a light rail but not a heavy rail ?

Chicago, new york along with all the cities on the east coast, los angelas, even clevland ohio. All have a heavy rail rapid transit. But saint louis is stuck with 2 light rail lines the red line and the blue line st. Louis is more than big enough for a heavy rail line or two. I mean we have light rail under ground subway station and elevated for our light rail but come on now heavy rail rapid transit please?

Administrator answers:

The main an$wer to your que$tion i$ that heavy rail co$t$ more.

Lisa asks…

How can I get 12 – 24 month private financing on a home loan with 45% LTV?

I need to get out of a hard money rehab loan and I am considering holding it and renting it out for now. The property is a 5+2 brownstone in the Tower Grove East district of St. Louis, MO.

Administrator answers:

Currently most people that would loan on a 45% loan value would be a credit union. If you have been with them for some time and you have ample income.
If you are trying to rent it out the commercial rate is very high.

Ken asks…

POLL: What do these cities have in common?

Detroit, MI
Flint, MI
Newark/East Orange/Orange/Irvington, NJ
Camden, NJ
Crenshaw, CA
Oakland, CA
South Central/South Los Angeles, CA
East Buffalo, NY
Bronx, NYC, NY
Harlem, NYC, NY
Brooklyn, NYC, NY
Roosevelt/Freeport/Hempstead, NY
East St. Louis, MO
Southside Chicago, IL
Overton, Miami, FL
Liberty City, Miami, FL
Little Haiti, Miami, FL
East Tampa, FL
Southeast Washington D.C./Inner Beltway P.G. County, MD
Baltimore, MD
9th Ward, New Orleans, LA
West Philadelphia, PA
Galveston, TX
Southside Houston, TX
Atlanta, GA (in actual city)
Mattapan/Roxbury, Boston, MA
Jackson, MI
besides being in america obviously

Administrator answers:

They’re all in America.

Daniel asks…

Which way is east on a map?

I know that this sounds REALLY stupid, but if I am in O’Fallon, Illinois and I am facing St, Louis, Mo, which way is east from there?

I have always been terrible with maps and where I am right now I have no access to a map or atlas so you can see my predicament.

Administrator answers:

If facing St.Louis from O’Fallon, East is behind you. However, since you are entering a question here on YA!, then you actually do have access to maps. Just go to Yahoo! Maps, or Google Maps. Either load very quickly and both can give you directions and satellite photos.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

Donna asks…

Certified Nursing Assistant Scholarship or Grant?

I’m a 17 year old high school student. Over the summer break I want to take a c.n.a. class. I was wondering are there any scholarship or grants I can put towards this class instead of paying full tuition at the community college I intend on going to? I live the the St. Louis, MO metro east area. I am a straight A student and I am involved with various extra-curricular activities and community service projects.

Please don’t put any negative comments about C.N.A.’s and what they do, I am fully aware of the job description.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately you have to have a high school diploma & be 18. However, you might want to check employment opportunities that are similar in nursing homes, and hospitals in your area. Some places hire people to help feed patients, and make beds. There are also transporters. Let them know your interested in becoming a CNA once your graduate, and ask if they have a training course in it. Make sure it’s a Certified Nursing Assistant course, instead of a similar uncertified one. It differs in various states. Some hospitals/nursing homes will put you though the course for free as long as you work for them afterwords.

Best of Luck!

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