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December 2, 2012

Susan asks…

Fiber-Optic Internet in my area?

I live in a rural area where DSL and Cable is not even an option at this time… We use a Point to Point ISP, Wisper.

I live in southern Illinois, about 35mi east of St. Louis, MO.

basically in the – Edwardsville, Collinsville, Belleville, Fairview Heights, O’Fallon, Troy – area

I am 21yrs old and I’m moving out of my parents house next year. I was very curious on where Fiber-Optic Internet is available. Internet is a big deal to me, and i am now starting college for networking, ironically. lol

So that was my question, where in my area is Fiber-Optic Internet available?

Administrator answers:

Belleville && O’Fallon, MO.
St. Louis, MO.

Donald asks…

Sports fans question?

I lived across the water from St. Louis, MO so I grew up a Cardinals baseball fan but normally people go with the team of there state I would assume. Chicago being 5 hours away put me out of the fan zone as far as going to games like White Sox, cubs, Bears, Chicago bulls. But I was once a bulls fan but it had nothing to do with me being from Illinois. Chicagoians I don’t think even consider themselves from Illinois since its like a little nation. I even used to go through explaining to people that Im not from St. Louis, MO but East St. Louis, IL. Out of towners would always ask whats the difference and my reply would be “its in another state” So here we are today I live between to teams. One in my state which is the Baltimore Ravens and the other would be The Washington Redskins. Im trying to pick my team because I have not followed football since I was a kid and loved the Cowboys of the late 80′s-90′s. So the delima is I live about 15 minutes from the Redskins who are officially a Washington DC team but Play at FedEX field in Maryland but the Ravens in Baltimore, MD are Further away but officially are in my state. Can’t decided but one thing Im confused of is the love for the Cowboys in D.C LOL. Can’t decide, any thoughts
NB, the Ravens are a solid team but I kinda like RG3, I was in Texas close to Baylor prior to living here and I like the Texas football so I might go with the Skins. I see you are a Panthers fan, Cam Newton is decent as well.

Administrator answers:

Redskins seem best for you!

William asks…

choosing a long-range tv antenna?

hello everyone! i live in a very rural area in southern illinois (approx. 125 miles east of st. louis, mo). since i work about 60 hours/week i don’t really see the point in paying for cable, but i would like to be able to watch a little tv when i’m home. my tv currently picks up only 3 digital channels (pbs, pbs world, and pbs create) with a set-top antenna and no channels without. i’m thinking about purchasing an attic or roof-mount antenna, but i’m not really sure what would be the best option for me. most of the digital channels are 75(+) miles from where i live. i also should mention that i live in town, and while there are no building taller than two stories, there are some rather large trees. any advise on this subject would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

Administrator answers:

A great place to get info. Is denny’s antenna service. They are an online business that will advise you on what channels are available and what antenna is best to receive the channels. Check out their digital TV antenna selector.

Mary asks…

Why would a Pakistani national want to take 40 watches back to his homeland?

He told his wife that they were gifts for relatives. Is there something more sinister here or am I as naive as his wife? He was gone for about a month after not having been home for 20 years. He has also lived in Saudi Arabia, France, Canada, the east and west coast of America and now resides in St. Louis, Mo.

Administrator answers:

He’s going to sell them. Watches are a status symbol in Pakistan.

Richard asks…

Is America a melting pot or a tossed salad?

Little China, East LA, Harrison Arkansas, St. Louis MO, Nobodys blending here! A divided country is a weak country…oh and those bent wrist liberal hippies in San Francisco. Multicultralism is bringing America to its knees being fueled by the ACLU!

Administrator answers:

You been listening to too much O’Reily…..LOL

He’s fried your brain….Those are his exact words, I hear him the radio from time to time, just for shits and giggles….Whats wrong with having different cultures? This country is only divided because people just can’t learn to live with differences. And both minorities and non minorities are guilty.

You know the most educated first world country, which is Switzerland, has three cultures and three official languages…..THEY are a true democracy….

Why do you fear differences or variety? You really don’t want everyone to be the same? That would be so boring…

Why do you watch George Lopez Show? Because its funny and they are not your typical white American family, right? Get over it dude….

Betty asks…

Where do you think I’m from?

The 1st correct answer will get the “Best Answer”

- Philly
-St. Louis
-East St. Louis
-Kansas City, MO
Lisa – Said Belleville, That’s where I am now but not where I’m from. You’re very close though.

Administrator answers:

East St. Louis?

Well that around where I’m from XD

Helen asks…

What star did I see in the east on the night of 11/06/2012?

I saw a star (which is what I’ll call it for now since I’m not sure it was a star- it could have been a planet for all I know) a few years ago, and if anyone has any idea how to find it, I would be immensely grateful. My coordinates at the time were exactly Latitude: 38.625429, Longitude: -90.320822 (St. Louis, MO) and it was near midnight 11/06/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY) in the east. It was by far the brightest thing in the sky, and I could even see it with all the city lights on. It was also slightly blue in color I think. I’m sorry that I can’t provide any more information than that, but if anyone knows of a bright star that was in the east around that time of year, I would be incredibly thankful.

Administrator answers:

That’s definitely the star Rigel (magnitude minus 7)

Sharon asks…

I want to drive to montreal from the midwest, but I don’t want to simply go east through IL, OH, NY alternate?

I am going to drive up to montreal from st. louis, mo, but I do not want to simply take the recommended route of driving east through illinois, ohio blah blah blah…how much longer would it take to go north, and then cut across east once I get to canada, that way I get to experience parts of Canada I have not seen before….how much longer would that take? Thanks!!!

Administrator answers:

You can go Detriot and across the border , 401 all the way to Montreal, same distance from US side, but remember gas price in Canada is 20% higher than US side.

Laura asks…

Can someone please help me figure out transit plans?

Here’s what I want to do:
Travel from St. Louis, MO in the evening/night (or, if it has to be, in the afternoon) on Friday, June 29 to Mishawaka, IN (near South Bend, IN, about 90 miles east of Chicago), arriving in Mishawaka by 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 30. Then I need to travel from Mishawaka, leaving no earlier than 4:30 p.m., to get to Kansas City, MO by 5:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 1.
I’ve looked at schedules on Greyhound and Amtrak, and I’ve done Google searches for other bus and train lines, but none of them have times that work. (Some have times that work for getting me to South Bend, but then the bus or train doesn’t leave until much later after 4:30 p.m. and wouldn’t get me to Kansas City in time.)
Please, can someone tell me a bus line or train line that has a schedule that works with this or give me tips on how to search for one? Also, I need to know how to get between South Bend and Mishawaka (I don’t think major lines go to Mishawaka.)
I need an answer a.s.a.p.! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you drive? If you don’t have a car, rent one. Then you can go where and when you want plus not to have to worry on how to get around when you get where you are going.

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