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Your Questions About East St Louis Mo

December 21, 2012

Carol asks…

which city is the furthest east?

1. des moines,ia
2. st louis,mo
3. st. Paul,mn

Administrator answers:

St. Louis
Latitude: 38° 40′ North
Longitude: 90° 15′ West

St. Paul

Des Moines
Latitude: 41° 36′ North
Longitude: 93° 38′ West

There for St. Louis is furthest east

Betty asks…

How do I get on Forest Park Parkway in Clayton?

Anyone in the St. Louis area know this one? If you are at Clayton and Brentwood Blvd in Clayton, MO (St. Louis area), how do catch a ramp to get onto Forest Park Parkway going east?

I became thoroughly confused trying to do that this morning.
Thanks, Joe

Administrator answers:

Make sure you are going north on S. Brentwood Blvd.
Go Under I-170.
The 8th right is the ramp to Forest Park Pkwy. Going East.

Mapquest link is given below:

Lisa asks…

Suggestions for East USA Roadtrip?

Me and some friends are planning a roadtrip, with the goal of going to NYC and visiting places in between. But one of my friends lives in St. Louis, MO, while the rest of us are in Houston, TX.
What kind of route would you suggest, with cities in between?
We’re thinking Chicago, Pittsburgh, NYC, Philledelphia, DC, Virginia Beach, New Orleans, but we don’t know how to drop the one guy off in St Louis and go back to Texas efficiently.

Help? And feel free to suggest more cities.
We are leaving from Houston, and need to pick up our friend in St. Louis first. (and drop him off before going home)

Administrator answers:

Here is my suggested trip:
St. Louis
Myrtle Beach
Washington D.C.
Atlantic City
New York City
(If you want to go to New Orleans but I can’t think of any other stops along the way)
St. Louis

I hope this is helpful and I hope you guys have a great time.

George asks…

help with good vacation spots?!?

anywhere 12-15 hours away from st. louis, mo

particualrly on the east coast or in florida.
just share thoughts about what you thought of the place and good places to stay~

Administrator answers:

In the Chatanooga area there were a few caves worth touring plus there is Occoee(sp?) nearby with white water rafting. Head to Ashville and get on the Blue Ridge Parkway and just enjoy the scenery. You will not run out of stuff to see and do in the DC area. I recommend the Smithsonian and Arlington.
Just a few suggestions.

Mary asks…

are these the top 25 colleges before going to law school?

1 Arizona State University – Main Campus Tempe AZ
2 Michigan State University East Lansing MI
3 Webster University St. Louis MO
4 Alabama, The University of Tuscaloosa AL
5 Alaska Southeast, University of, Juneau Campus Juneau AK
6 Alberta, University of Edmonton, Alberta CN
7 American University Washington DC
8 Amherst College Amherst MA
9 Anna Maria College Paxton MA
10 Arkansas State University Jonesboro AR
11 Arkansas, University of, Fayetteville Fayetteville AR
12 Arkansas, University of, Little Rock Little Rock AR
13 Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah GA
14 Babson College Babson Park MA
15 Baltimore, University of Baltimore MD
16 Barry University Miami Shores FL
17 Barton College Wilson NC
18 Baylor University Waco TX
19 Biola University La Mirada CA
20 Boston College Chestnut Hill MA
21 Boston University Boston MA
22 Bowling Green State University Bowling Green OH
23 Bradford College Haverhill MA
24 Brewton-Parker College Mt. Vernon GA
25 Brigham Young University Provo UT

Administrator answers:

They are the top 25 alphabetically of all 3000 colleges in the USA.

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