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Your Questions About East St. Louis Mo Crime

September 7, 2012

Steven asks…

Where are the Baby boomers ready to retire and open their own business?

The economy needs you and so does our big city neighborhood. I live in St. Louis, MO, Forest Park South East Neighborhood. Our community is undergoing a renovation and has been for the last 10+years. Our neighborhood is assuming a new identity, The Grove. Our City Leaders are hailing the success of the development as the newest Entertainment District to evolve for the Alternate Lifestyle Community so they will have ‘a place to call their own’, says the Alderman. What about the 2000+ residents who already ‘have this place to call their own’? Back in the 70′s before City politics brought the Blight to the 17TH Ward, The Grove boasted 116 active businesses. The City, the Universities, and Barnes Hospital began to look into the future. What they saw was the development of the Central Corridor (Wash U at the rear and the Arch at the head) with the Central West End and Grand Center to be Crown Jewels for pedestrian traffic . Money poured in from an abundance of sources. Very little money crossed the bridge into our neighborhood and what did was not for commercial development. The Blight was responsible for our businesses to close and the buildings to be abandoned. Over time, our only alternative was to leave the neighborhood for the basic needs. For 20 years we’ve been forced to go elsewhere and spend our money. Now come the developers and their liquor licenses. We have 13 in a four block stretch, some serve food. There are some store fronts left to be occupied by businesses that are here to serve the residents and all visitors. Our neighborhood needs new businesses to locate here and restore our shopping district to the way it was. Businesses will flourish because the residents won’t have to get in their car and go elsewhere. Everything they have to leave for will be here. We need an independent pharmacy, grocery store, laundromat, 24 hour restaurant, pet groomer/supplies, appliance/furniture store, electronics, jewelry, cleaners, bakery and boutiques. Everything and anything. There are limitations on kinds of businesses and sizes of property available. Three of the 5 store fronts unoccupied at the moment have had bars installed with the intention of receiving more liquor licenses as they extend the Entertainment District. The Residents are entitled to have their Shopping District restored and once again become the pedestrian neighborhood it was. We had no crime. People lived and worked in their neighborhood and this increased foot traffic and crime was a non issue. We are a Historical Neighborhood as well. If people who have the money to come here and buy or lease property and open a business for the residents they will be on a ground floor opportunity as the residents increase in number due to the services offered in a neighborhood that is going green by having shopping and entertainment within walking distance. The neighborhood as a whole is making a recovery, one house at a time. Washington University has a substantial vested interest in the community as does several developers. The developers, but one, have their interest in alcohol and food. There is one who perfers retail space and has been successful in placing tenants in his properties. If you or someone you know has the money to open a retail business here, you will be rewarded with long term success. Please come and drive through what once was a thriving small business community and see if you would like to live here and/or open a business here. Now is the time. Maybe you have enough money to buy some of the ‘trash’ buildings that are still standing and give them a makeover. You would not regret your decision to come. Manchester between Kingshighway and Sarah, between I-44 and I-64, great location. Our neighborhood was left to die since the 70′s and we have the scars to prove it. It’s only right that our community is restored, not just redeveloped to serve liquor. Come quick, we only have a few spots left. Please help our community to become the best it can be for everyone, not just an entertainment district.

Administrator answers:

There are plenty of them.

I entered an article about it in my new blog here:
See December 28th entrey at 9:02 am

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There are videos at

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