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Your Questions About East St Louis Mo Population

September 5, 2012

Daniel asks…

Why do blacks in America have such a lower-threshold for taking another person’s life?

It’s a fact that poor urbanized blacks are MUCH more murderous than whites and other races when in the very same scenario. This is proven by homicide rates. Compare Council Bluffs, a poor white town outside Omaha to East St. Louis, a poor black town outside St. Louis. East St. Louis, even though half the population of Council Bluffs, has many many homicides while Council Bluffs has hardly any. Or Springfield, MO, a poor white city, to Little Rock, Ark, a poor black city, and you’ll see this fact illustrated in that scenario as well.

So, why is it so?

I’ve noticed that even well-to-do, put-together blacks seem to have a lower threshold for “losing it”. Maybe others notice this as well and is why so many people are unsure of blacks.

So why is it that blacks
Richard – what I said seems to be true as evidenced by homicide rates. If it is culture, culture is driven by nature, so why are blacks so easy to murder? I don’t get why they are so violent and take others lives in such numbers.
Jony- it may seem racist, but it is TRUE as evidenced by homicide rates. I want to know why. I’m sure everybody else wants to know why too. It’s puzzling.
Fresh Dominican – sure, others murder, but in MUCH smaller numbers, especially in regard to whites. Council Bluffs is a “white ghetto”, but it has hardly any murders. East. St. Louis, a similar city half its size, is a black ghetto and it has a murder rate off the charts. Same with Springfield. It’s northwest side is a white ghetto, and most of the rest of Springfield is poor white, but it has hardly any homicides. Little Rock, on the other hand, has a black ghetto and despite being a small city has murder off the charts. It’s not strictly a poverty/poor thing. My point and question is why do poor whites in the same impoverished, segregated situation not murder so crazily like blacks do in the same situation. As for poor Hispanics, quite frankly, I think a lot of them who do murder do so because they assimilate into or are otherwise influenced from black ghettos. If black ghettos didn’t already exist, I don’t think there would be as many ghetto/murderous Hispa
Fresh Domincan – I should add that it may be true that serial killers turn out to be white more often than not. But that’s explained. They are sick individuals, mentally ill. As for whites committing more murders, no. By proportion of the population, blacks do FAR more killing. It’s not even comparable. This is what I don’t understand – why blacks can be so murderous. I know for sure blacks kill FAR more by proportion of the population. I hadn’t thought to compare blacks with whites in raw numbers – but it wouldn’t surprise me if blacks committ more murders in raw numbers than whites, even though whites are the majority and blacks are only 12% of the US population.
Here are some telling HARD FACTS straight from the FBI. Blacks committ 52% of murders in the United States, even though they are only 12% of the population. Whites committ 45%, even though they are the MAJORITY (72% of the population)! See? Blacks are more murderous. But WHY?


Administrator answers:

Oops Caite. You were politically incorrect, so intelligent, objective SPECULATION is FORBIDDEN.
These types of topics are only for a small group of your most trusted friends, behind locked doors with an alibi (like playing cards, or discussing an “acceptable” book) – You know, like in the darkest days of Czarist, and then Communist Russia, or European Underground Networks during WW2.

I have wondered the same thing. I live in a city with a HIGH murder rate, the vast majority is black male on black male crime. The African American Groups in the US have been struggling with this issue for so many years now, trying to figure it out and solve it. Many, many programs are in place – fantastic programs – yet the problem is increasing.
In my city, it is COMMON for black men to shoot into crowds, shoot into homes in an attempt to kill one ore two specific people. The issue is usually drug involved, turned personal. LAST WEEK , mid-day, 3 black men shot up a 10 year old’s birthday party! They were after 2 of the birthday boy’s older cousin. Amazingly, only 6 people were wounded, but a 5 year old girl cousin was murdered. Also, a 32 year old woman, mom of 3,happened to be driving by and was murdered by a stray bullit. This type of scenario is always shocking, but never surprising where I live. Watching the grief of the families on TV is excrutiating. These are good people and they cannot understand it, they are eager to fight it (but how?), they are under seige by their own neighbors & relatives…..Sons, cousins, brothers put their families in jeopardy. It is not at all uncommon.
This is not a matter of murdering someone because you WANT to. It’s so much worse. It is a disreguard for any other life you take in the process. It seems to just not matter. I can offer only one small idea of what contributes to this malice. The world feeds the black male a battery of excuses as to why he has no chance to “make it” in life, and because of this (AND other factors) he develops a sense of deep anger and a major sense of entitlement (ie, he can rationalize and forgive himself anything.) African American women have been professional powerhouses for decades, and have seriously earned the country’s admiration. The men have lagged behind. So this issue is so complex, unfathomable, and I’m afraid, far away from being understood and solved.

Charles asks…

why are people considered uneducated and insane for seeking answers about massive natural disasters(end game)?

Madrid fault Mega Quake , Yellowstone Super Volcanoe, Mount Rainier, Pacific Northwest Mega Quake, North American Super Storm, The San Francisco Quake and Oceanic Anoxia, Super Tornado, Super Deep Freeze East Coast Blizzard, Solar Storm, Major Outbreak or Pandemic.

Climate-Changing Ocean Disruption, North Atlantic
Sea Change

Winters in the Northeast begin to bite with a ferocity last seen during the deep freezes of 1936 and 1978, when icebreakers plied the Mississippi and Hudson rivers. Winter temperatures in Washington, D.C., begin to approximate those of Boston. Extreme drought grips the Midwest, sending grain commodity prices soaring; crops fail and farmers spin into bankruptcy. Climate patterns go haywire. London, Paris and the Scandinavian capitals shiver through their coldest winters since 1850. Summer monsoons in India and China weaken, affecting harvests that feed hundreds of millions of people. Fisheries decline when plankton populations collapse. Drought and flood push worldwide agricultural losses to $250 billion.

Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake, Mississippi River Valley
Stress Test…Ten miles beneath Caruthersville, Mo., stress along an ancient rift zone releases in a violent spasm. Shock waves from the magnitude 6.9 earthquake roll 160 miles up the Mississippi River Valley to St. Louis, and 75 miles downriver to Memphis, Tenn. The soils under Memphis ripple like a shook rug. Century-old brick buildings heave, then crumble. Sewer and water lines rupture. Gaslines snap. Downtown, the 14-story federal building, a decade overdue for quakeproofing, rains 3-ton panels.
While all eyes are fixed on California as the site of the next “Big One,” damage from a quake along the New Madrid Fault–which runs for 150 miles between Marked Tree, Ark., and Cairo, Ill.–may be greater. The hot, shattered crust beneath California absorbs seismic energy quickly and focuses it at an epicenter, says Gary Patterson, a geologist at the University of Memphis. But, he says, “the relatively hard, cold slab of rock beneath the central U.S. allows that energy to travel great distances.” A quake’s impact zone is at least 10 times larger on the New Madrid Fault than on the San Andreas

80-Ft.-High Tsunami, Atlantic Coast
Coast Buster…Cumbre Vieja, the most active volcano in the Canary Islands, lurches as a violent earthquake wracks its upper slopes. A third of the mountain breaks away and plunges into the Atlantic Ocean, pushing up a dome of water nearly 3000 ft. high. They don’t yet know it, but tens of millions of Americans from Key West, Fla., to South Lubec, Maine, have just 9 hours to escape with their lives.
The collapse of Cumbre Vieja unleashes a train of enormous waves traveling at jetliner speed. The first slam into nearby islands, then the African mainland. By the time they reach the East Coast of North America, the waves are up to 80 ft. high, and in low-lying areas, sweep several miles inland.

a volcanic mudflow–and a nightmare realized for the approximately 150,000 Washington residents who live and work on the solidified debris of past flows. The mass of roiling mud, rock and trees, traveling at 60 mph, would quickly funnel into the canyons of the Puyallup and Carbon rivers, where it would rise 180 ft. high before spreading into the lowlands as a 15-ft. wave.

Earth is one rough place. Even the most devastating storms of recent years pale in sheer destructive power against outsize natural disasters of the past, such as continent-smothering ice sheets, ocean-raising floods, super volcanoes and the occasional asteroid. Because cataclysms will always be a regular feature of life on Earth. Some will be beyond human control; others could be disasters of our own making. Either way, prepare for a real doozy.

I personally have six months of food, medical supplies, fishing gear, guns and ammo, and a variety of other thing one needs to survive in a disaster. I dont know whats coming but I know something is wether its from god or nature or man something wicked this way comes. Too many people are feeling it and too many people are in denial about it calling everyone like me crazy or mental, is being prepared for anything while living normal make you nuts? No does knowing about all the possible disasters make you a dooms day sayer? i dont think so. G.I.Joe said knowings half the battle so in that case i must be winning. I know, Im prepared, and I am always watching. Call me crazy but Im telling you something is going to happen soon, and it will be devistating. for those who call me insane, see what you say then.

Administrator answers:

There are many things that could end the wolrd TOMORROW
1. Nuclear war
2. Global pandemic
and don’t laugh
4. Alien invasion
i think you’ve got the right idea

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