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Your Questions About East St Louis Mo

September 6, 2012

Michael asks…

State Federal Parks w/ Hiking trails near Metro East Illinois / St. Louis MO?

Anyone know any good ones? I looked at the one in Grafton (it’s name escapes me right now) but it had some relatively short trails… longest listed was 2.5 miles… and honestly it didn’t look that nice in their own shots of it.

Are there any other good ones for a couple to go hiking in near St. Louis MO or the Metro East across the river in Illinois? Something in Southern Illinois or Eastern Missouri maybe?

Stuff within 2 hours drive prefered.

Administrator answers:

I second the recommendation of Hahn State Park. Its about 1-1/2 hours south of St.Louis close to St. Genevieve. Has good trails and nice campground. After you get done treat yourself to some wine tasting at some of the wineries close to St. Genevieve. One actually has a limestone cave and you can buy wine and walk down to the cave and sit in there and have a picnic.
Pere Marquette in Grafton is nice for kids but not what I would call a real hiking trail. Jefferson Barracks has walking trails that my husband and I often use but its not what I would call hiking. However JB does have a frisbee golf course which is fun to do. We lived in Colorado for a while so Missouri hiking is a little tame from what we enjoyed there but if you get into some of the hilly areas you can still have fun. Check out for state parks or and you can search for federal parks by state.

Nancy asks…

how far will i have to swim between st loius,mo and east st louis,il?

Administrator answers:

The river is about 2000 ft in width or 0.4 miles. Although I definitely wouldn’t recommend swimming to East St. Louis, much less driving there!

Joseph asks…

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Administrator answers:


Susan asks…

Is there any gentlemens club in saint charles mo w/o going to east st. louis?

Administrator answers:

No there isn’t, only 35 minute drive if you love big tities

Sandy asks…

what is the best route to drive through St. Louis MO?

I’m going to be driving through St. Louis. comming in on I-44 and leaving out on I-70 going east. what is the best way to get through all the interchanges and avoid the most amount of traffic

Administrator answers:

I lived in St Louis for 30 years and driving there is easy. When you come in on 44, you need to stay on it and follow it to the city where you will see signs for 70 East, right at the Poplar Street Bridge, don’t hit this bridge at rush hour time tho, or you will not be a happy camper. Just follow the 70 East signs, clearly marked on the bridge. Be sure you have water with you at this hot time of the year especially when you go over that bridge that handles alot of traffic, I was stuck on it once in 95 degree hot so I know how bad that can be. Good luck in your travel

Ruth asks…

Looking for pictures:Shapleigh Hardware Co Warehouses-St Louis, Mo circa1960?

I am looking for pictures of the Shapleigh Hardward Company Warehouses that were located in St. Louis Mo, bounded by 6th and 7th Street to the East and West, and Spruce and Poplar to the North and South. The buildings were there many years, but I’m particulary interested in any views from 1940′s through late 1960s.I am interested in locating photos of the view if you were looking at South & West Sides of buildings facing the TRRA railroad tracks. But any leads on views of the buildings, regardless of the “side of view” would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

A couple of ideas that might be of help.
1). Try the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park.
2). The City Library
3). A publishing house called Arcadia Publishing at They do local neighborhood history books and might be of some help. They might even have one on the topic you seek.


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