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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

June 14, 2013

Donna asks…

where can i get 15 community service hours by jan 3 in nyc?

Im a high school senior and need 15 community service hours by jan 3rd or i wont graduate, i live in queens, forest hills to be more specific, and i stilll dont know where to volunteer, ive been googling like crazy and calling dozens of places asking them if i can volunteer and their all full for the next month or something im so stressed plz help me find somewhere in nyc that i can start volunteering immediately preferably in queens, ny

Administrator answers:

Community Service and Volunteering by Teens: How to Find Opportunities

Very detailed information that discusses your many, many options – the usual and many activities you probably never thought of. Includes instructions on how to find specific volunteering opportunities (with animals, with children, just for one day, volunteer vacations, etc.).

Volunteering with Seniors.


Many ideas way outside the obvious/the usual.

Finding Online Volunteering / Virtual Volunteering
& Home-Based Volunteering

Sharon asks…

What UK forests would be best for my independent movie?

I am making an independent movie and want to scout some forests for some locations. Ideally the forest should be as untouched as possible. Does anyone have any ideas that I should think about? :)

Administrator answers:

I’ll list you names of nice looking forests within the UK.

Epping Forest in Essex
Horsford Woods (Horsford Forest) in Norfolk

National Forest (check this one out. Beautiful!!)
Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire
Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire

Epping Forest in London

Delamere Forest in Cheshire

Burnham Beeches and Whiteleaf Hill in Buckinghamshire
Brighstone Forest and Parkhurst Forest in Isle of Wight
Wychwood Forest in Oxfordshire

Royal Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire
Savernake Forest in Wiltshire
Morfe Forest in Shropshire
Cannock Chase in Staffordshire

Laurieston Forest in Dumfries and Galloway
Abernethy Forest and Glenmore Forest in Strathspey & Badenoch
Tairlaw Forest in South Ayrshire
Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in Stirling

Gwydir Forest in Conwy
Clocaenog Forest in Conwy/Denbighshire
Hafren Forest in Powys
Newborough Forest in Ynys Mon (Anglesey)

Susan asks…

Does anyone know how to take the bus and train to Queens Center Mall in Queens,NY?

How do you travel from Linden Blvd to the Queens Center Mall by train? and by bus? Also, how do you travel to the mall from Jamaica Ave? The closest train to me is the J train and the bus is Q4.

Administrator answers:

My friend, take the Q4 bus to the Jamaica Center subway station, and transfer there to the Manhattan-bound (westbound) “E” express train (Blue Line on the subway map).

Take the “E” train from Jamaica Center to Forest Hills/71st-Continental. Transfer there to the either the “G”, “R” or “V” local trains (Light Green, Yellow or Orange Lines).

Take either the “G”, “R” or “V” local trains from Forest Hills/71st-Continental to Woodhaven Blvd-Slattery Plaza/Queens Center Mall. When you exit the subway at Woodhaven Blvd, its a short walking distance to the mall.

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Nancy asks…

How do i get to Newcomers High school by subway?(address provided)?

28-01 41avenue, Queens, NY11101
this is the address. i live in Forest hills, 11375. i heard i have to take the E train to Queens plaza, then..?

Administrator answers:

The planner gives the option of E or G. From the look of the map, Queens Plaza is only about 500 feet from the school. You can use the MTA’s trip planner to create a custom trip from & to whatever address you want.

Michael asks…

does anyone know where offers digital camera repair?

i live in forest hills, queens, NY. does anyone know somewhere nearby that offers camera repair? do malls offer those?

Administrator answers:

Most of the time a camera store will actually mail it to a repair center for you. Unless you have a very good camera, most likely the cost of the repair is going to exceed the cost of getting a new camera.

Laura asks…

What is a safe place in queens that is convenient when traveling to nyc?

i’m thinking of moving to queens this summer and was just wondering what areas in queens are safe and is convenient when traveling to the city for work. i’m possibly taking classes in queens college to further my career so a town in between queens and nyc would be convenient

Administrator answers:

Someone beat me already- Forest Hills- Like 20 mins by subway and 10 minutes on the LIRR. Before i moved to Brooklyn, my co worker that lived in Forest Hill tried soo hard to get me to move there.. She loves it. It’s a bit suburban for my taste, but it is very safe and convienent to the city. It is costly though so I don’t know your budget.

John asks…

How would you describe the different atmosphere that Manhattan has vs. a Queens or a Brooklyn?

Does it still feel like NYC? How about transportation to Manhattan from another burough?

Administrator answers:

It really depends on what area in Manhattan. If you are in the middle of Times Square then there is really no comparison. It has alot of tourism. The Upper East Side is more affluent and less busy. Some parts of Brooklyn are just 1 or two stops away from lower Manhattan (ie. Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo). These places are very affluent. Brooklyn Heights has many rowhouses and is historic (clean streets). Queens ie. Forest Hills is very nice, lots of shopping, lounges and restaurants along Queens Boulevard and Austin Street. It’s like it’s own little city. Forest Hills has a train station and subway stops directly to Penn Station around 15 minutes away. NYC is it’s own entity. I feel that it is hard to compare to any other real estate markets in the country. While other markets are declining Manhattan keeps on increasing due to to the high demand a limited supply. Condo’s are around 1k+ per square foot. While outside Manhattan could be anywhere between 500-850 per square foot. The truth is in the numbers.

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